24 April 2017

Should Spiritual People Be Poor? Hate Money Even?

As we go down the spiritual path a funny thing can happen, we can develop a bit of hatred for money, thinking it is the root of all evil. Ideally we could do without it for sure, however, where does the negativity really come from? Are we doing ourselves a disservice by thinking this way while we are still part of the system?

How To Know Yourself

I have been asked, how can I know myself better. Why would you want to know yourself better? Well how can you make important life decisions that will produce the happiest outcomes if you don't really know what the inner self feels, wants and needs? We often take on the ideals of society and think we want what everybody else wants, but how can you really know?

ORBS: What Are They? Have You Seen One?

What are orbs? They are often seen in photographs, sometimes on video and occasionally we see them with our own eyes. I've seen one in real life, and I recount this story. I also look at what they might be, dust on the lens perhaps? or something more?

6 Ways To Communicate With Your Subconscious Mind

Here are 6 ways to communicate with the subconscious mind. You are in two minds; the subconscious mind and the conscious mind. The subconscious mind gives you those emotions that pop up here and there, those memories that appear in your mind's eye, those instincts that cause you to behave the way you do, and much much more. But how can we make friends with our subconscious mind so that we work together with that amazing part of us? We can  create a more harmonious life, where the conscious and subconscious minds are working together in harmony.

18 April 2017

15 Ways To STOP Aging and Look Younger Right Away

How to stop aging (ageing) and look younger. It doesn't actually matter how old you look of course, but youth and vitality are your right to behold. Therefore, here are 15 ways to stop aging that you can use right away.

17 April 2017

How To Manifest Love

How to manifest love. Tips on manifesting love and using the law of attraction to your advantage rather than blindly fighting it throughout life. A partner is often a mirror of our subconscious beliefs. Creation in it's own cruel way will provide us a partner who teaches us lessons - sometimes positive, sometimes negative. Here's a little bit of inspirational listening on how to manifest love that's lasting and wonderful.

16 April 2017

The Quest For Perfection (As A Cardboard Cutout). Free Your Consciousness Now.

We have to fit a mould don't we? We have to be a certain way, in order to be accepted and validated as a 'good' human being. We feel we are falling short, like a failure, if we don't meet societal standards. These are varied and cover all aspects of life. Thing is, these standards are set by others and our self worth should not be judged in accordance with them.

15 April 2017

A Timeline Without The Illuminati

Over wondered what the Earth would be like without the Illuminati? Here I receive clairvoyance and claircognizance from another timeline in which another version of me is present, and that I have been sensing. It's a view of an alternate reality.

6 April 2017

How To MANIFEST Quickly and Easily

How to manifest quick and easy. Easy steps for manifestion. Plus the blockers to effective manifesting.

4 April 2017

Do We Live In a VIRTUAL REALITY? (Is Life An Illusion or Simulation?)

Are we living in a virtual reality? Science seems to be slowly moving toward the idea that our reality is a virtual one, that we are living in a vast and intelligent, information based reality. Lets explore this subject and what it means for us.