21 February 2017

6 Signs You're a STARSEED On A MISSION Here On Earth

How to tell you are a starseed with a mission on this planet. Many of us have always felt like we have a job to do here on Earth, but this is only one sign that you are a star seed here on a mission. There are various ways to tell that you have incarnated here from some distant location with the subconscious intention of raising the vibration in some way. There are other ways to tell, so here we go.

Physical Ascension SYMPTOMS As We Move Into 5D (4th Density). (This is not medical advice).

Many are experiencing ascension symptoms as we make this vibrational shift into the next stage of existence. Visit your preferred health professional to be safe. These are some possible reasons why symptoms are occurring. Here I list some of the symptoms being experienced by people I talk to, why they might be occurring and some suggested ways to alleviate them. I do not claim to be a health professional. Visit your preferred health professional if you have physical problems of any kind.

How To PROTECT Against Psychic & Empathic INTERFERENCE. Plus A Grounding Exercise.

Sometime we feel like we are under psychic attack. But what about the general background psychic 'interference' we pick up on a daily basis from people in general. Those who are sensitives such as psychics and empaths can pick up psychic interference from strangers, neighbors, workmates or anybody. How does this affect our thoughts and attitudes? Here are some ways to protect against psychic interference.

Reasons Why You Are An Infinite Being.

You are an infinite being, immortal even. If you call everyone who has ever had a 'paranormal' experience a liar, a kook, or mistaken, then you'll be saying that to millions of people. Can they all be wrong? What would it mean if just one was true? What would that mean about our reality, or for us?

20 February 2017

How to Manifest MONEY Quickly. It has WORKED for me.

How to manifest money, right now, and fast. I explain how the process works in the simplest terms, how to manifest money and remove the blockers that are stopping you from manifesting money right now. As spiritual people we know that materialistic desires are somewhat pointless and ultimately unfulfilling. Happiness is found within. However, it's nice to be able to manifest amounts of money you need fast, so that you can have more possibilities for experience in life. Here's how to do it.

19 February 2017

FREE Guided Past Life Regression Hypnosis (from a Past Life Regressionist)

This is 'The Doors' Past Life Regression with Nicky Sutton. Enjoy a guided past life regression meditation from a qualified past life regressionist. Listen to soothing music and follow the guided meditation into gentle hypnosis. Let images, impressions and sensations flow into the mind, don't sensor or judge them, just accept what you see and feel. Experience what are potentially past life memories as they flow into your mind, you might be surprised how vivid this process can be!

18 February 2017

5 Things To Know About Your DREAMS. You Could Be Out Of Body. Are There Entities There?

Here are a few things about your dreams that are good to know! How about, what your consciousness is getting up to? Are you out of body? Or, why you can't remember too much upon waking? Is there any chance of finding out more about the self and the parts that need healing during your dreams? Let see.

17 February 2017

Synchronicity And You. The Pattern In The Coincidences.

How paying attention to synchronicity helps your spiritual progression. Creation is trying to get your attention, but why? Why do synchronicities occur? How can you use synchronicity to your advantage?

5 Ways To Activate KUNDALINI

How to activate Kundalini you might ask. Here are 5 ways to increase the chances of a Kundalini experience happening to you. You don't NEED a Kundalini experience to happen to you on your spiritual path, you are not necessarily missing out if you never have one. But I explain in this video how Kundalini is linked to the mind, to your level of consciousness and your stage of spiritual development. No physical exercise or special meditation will bring it on. Everything is thought, everything is of the mind - the same is true of Kundalini, your energetic upgrade.

16 February 2017

Can I Communicate With My Dead Pet? Contact My Pet That Died?

Pet lovers often wonder if it's possible to talk to / communicate with their pet that has died. Their beloved dog or cat for example, may have passed away and they miss them very much. Sometimes healing can be greatly accelerated by using a medium to get in tough with this beloved animal.