26 June 2017

12 Ways To Open Your Root Chakra

Here I explain how to open and unblock your root chakra (the red chakra) with simple steps. The root chakra represents the chemical elements that create the human body before human consciousness comes into play. However, all is thought, and by working on aspects of self and personality, the root chakra can become unblocked and free flowing, eliminating symptoms such excess negative emotion, highly reactive behaviour, and excess sexual energy.

10 PHYSICAL Ascension Symptoms People Are Experiencing At The Moment

These are physical ascension symptoms that people are experiencing at the moment. such as ringing in the ears, tingling in the body, and an inability to sleep. If you are experiencing physical symptoms and your medical professional is still unable to help, it may be psychical symptoms of ascension...you never know. Here is a list of the ascension symptoms that people are experiencing at the moment.

12 Signs You're a Psychic Medium and Should Practice Mediumship

Here are signs that you have mediumship abilities. There are ways to tell, starting off in early childhood, that point to the you being sensitive to spirit. A spiritual medium brings messages of love and hope through from spirit, from loved ones passed over, to those still incarnate here on the earthly plane. If you experience many of these signs, it may be true that you have mediumistic abilities and should practice being a medium.

20 June 2017

6 Ways To Transmute Excess SEXUAL ENERGY Into Something Useful

When you experience excess sexual energies, have no partner or your partner doesn't want it as much as you, frustration can set in. Negative emotions arise from this sexual repression, yet these energies needn't cause disruption to your mind, body and spirit. Excess sexual energy can be transmuted into creativity and other useful behaviours, and you can feel much better.

14 June 2017

Why The Law Of Attraction Sucks. Why It Can Be Harsh.

Why do bad things happen to good people? The law of attraction can be harsh and unforgiving sometimes, but does that mean we deserve bad things to happen to us? Are we bringing it upon ourselves?

10 Ways The MATRIX Movie is Relevant To Spirituality

The movie The Matrix is often used within spirituality to describe the nature of reality. This movie discloses the true nature of reality and I explain the truths behind it, and there are several. Now you'll know why people mention it a lot.

How To Read Someones Mind

Here are ways to read people's minds, with step by step methods. You can tune into someone's energy and tell what they are thinking, and it's surprisingly easy.

5D & THE EGO. What Will Happen To The Ego In 5D?

The ego has no place in the 5th dimension (4th density), it is  making a last stand as a result. The ego doesn't want to let go, it's here to teach us many lessons, but can we see through the illusions and cast it off for our ascension?

23 May 2017

10 Ways To Communicate With Your Higher Self

Here's how to communicate with your higher self whenever you want. The higher self is you and you can call on it any time you want for assistance.

Ascension SYMPTOMS People Are Experiencing At The Moment

These are ascension symptoms that people are experiencing at the moment that I have gathered through sessions, correspondence and friends. As we move into 5D (4th density) we experience more ascension symptoms. Our vibration is increasing, our level of consciousness rising, and with it comes some some interesting effects.