26 July 2017

If A Tree Falls In The Woods & No One's There To Hear It, Does It Make A Sound?

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Here we think about what sound actually is, whether the tree still exists if no consciousness is around, why these questions are even coming up, and what quantum physics has to do with it.

9 Ways To KNOW You've Known Someone In a PAST LIFE

9 ways to know you've known someone in a previous life. Sometimes we come across people who we have a special connection with or they drive us crazy for no discernible reason. It may be possible that we have known them in a previous life and these emotions are surfacing once more.

Paranormal ASCENSION Symptoms

As we move into the next layer of existence and the earth raises in vibrational frequency taking us in to the 4th density, many people are experiencing ascensions symptoms. Here is a selection of 'paranormal' ascension symptoms that people are experiencing at the moment.

How To Do INNER WORK (Important For Balancing & Ascension!)

How to do inner work, step by step with examples. We need to contemplate the self in order to heal all the little traumas (even big ones) that have happened to each of us. Inner work is the process of identifying the source of negative emotions today, going back and rewriting the less than optimal programs that were written in our subconscious in the past - so that negative emotion doesn't pop up today. We feel balanced, a lot happier and totally free of fear as a result.

I Want You To IDENTIFY With, JUDGE and Get ATTACHED To Everything (How This Affects Ascension)

What do you identify with that is not actually you? Do you really identify with the concepts and personas you have imposed upon yourself? Getting attached to these identifications can have ramifications upon the self, perhaps you are giving yourself a hard time when it's not necessary. Judging others and judging the self can hint to a lack within, that requires healing.

9 Ways To DEVELOP Your MEDIUMSHIP Abilities

Here are ways to nurture and develop your mediumistic abilities. Some people feel drawn to mediumship but don't know where to start. I provide 9 tips on getting going with mediumship.

26 June 2017

12 Ways To Open Your Root Chakra

Here I explain how to open and unblock your root chakra (the red chakra) with simple steps. The root chakra represents the chemical elements that create the human body before human consciousness comes into play. However, all is thought, and by working on aspects of self and personality, the root chakra can become unblocked and free flowing, eliminating symptoms such excess negative emotion, highly reactive behaviour, and excess sexual energy.

10 PHYSICAL Ascension Symptoms People Are Experiencing At The Moment

These are physical ascension symptoms that people are experiencing at the moment. such as ringing in the ears, tingling in the body, and an inability to sleep. If you are experiencing physical symptoms and your medical professional is still unable to help, it may be psychical symptoms of ascension...you never know. Here is a list of the ascension symptoms that people are experiencing at the moment.

12 Signs You're a Psychic Medium and Should Practice Mediumship

Here are signs that you have mediumship abilities. There are ways to tell, starting off in early childhood, that point to the you being sensitive to spirit. A spiritual medium brings messages of love and hope through from spirit, from loved ones passed over, to those still incarnate here on the earthly plane. If you experience many of these signs, it may be true that you have mediumistic abilities and should practice being a medium.

20 June 2017

6 Ways To Transmute Excess SEXUAL ENERGY Into Something Useful

When you experience excess sexual energies, have no partner or your partner doesn't want it as much as you, frustration can set in. Negative emotions arise from this sexual repression, yet these energies needn't cause disruption to your mind, body and spirit. Excess sexual energy can be transmuted into creativity and other useful behaviours, and you can feel much better.