19 December 2017

17 Ways To Feel More POSITIVE & Raise Your VIBRATION Quick

Here are 17 ways to feel more positive. Raise your vibration with these quick and easy methods. We may need to do inner work and this takes time, but if we are feeling blue, it's nice to have a few methods to feel happier quickly.

Who Are The Mirrors In Your Life? Are They Providing Good or Bad Mirroring?

You may not consciously realize that other people in our reality are actually mirrors for us. We look to them to gauge how we are doing in life, their reactions tell us if our behaviours are desirable. As a child our mirrors can be broken, causing us to have negative core beliefs into adulthood. We can also pick up negative mirrors in adulthood too - we need to think about our boundaries therefore.

12 December 2017

Navigating All The News Drama, Info & Dis-info. Not Sure Where To Find T...

During and after awakening we can easily become addicted to and entrenched in the constant flow of alternative new, space drama, speculation even mainstream news. We are addicted to knowing what's happening to do with our hidden controllers being taken down. I have a really important spiritual message for you regarding this. I really hope you will listen and pass it on to anyone else who is obsessing over alternative news.

7 December 2017

How To Know Where Your SOUL Is FROM In The Universe (& Where Mine Is From)

You might wonder where your soul originates from in the universe. We are familiar with the concept of the 'lightworker', 'starseed' or 'wanderer', however given the concept of our soul coming to Earth to incarnate here to raise the vibration, we might wonder exactly where our soul has come from, or has had the most number of previous lifetimes. Where in the universe feels like home? Here is a method to find out. Plus I explain how I found out where my soul is from (and actually tell you where).

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5 Steps How To MANIFEST The LOVE Of Your Life QUICK

How to manifest love or the love of your life, this is the question. It can be done, I have done it at last after having these realizations and developing true belief. I share this with you. This step by step process including a visualization technique should help you manifest love.

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4 December 2017

REMOTE VIEWING Training For Beginners: Easy Step by Step Process

Here is a step by step guide on how to do remote viewing right away. This is beginners training, it's very easy to learn remote viewing. This process is loosely based around and adapted from a wonderful technique found in 'Limitless Mind' by Russell Targ, available on Amazon here: http://a.co/7y0IuC6

29 November 2017

Wanderers, Water and Artificial Intelligence - Channeling Session 5

New ENERGY UPDATE December 2017

Check out this energy update, it's new for December 2017 moving toward the festive Christmas period. Here are some energy patterns that I have observed, resulting in various physical ascension symptoms, paranormal phenomena, emotional release and more.

24 November 2017

Do Twin Flames Make A Good Relationship? Yes, But...

Do Twin Flames Make A Good Relationship
Your twin flame is the split incarnation of you, the same soul incarnated here twice during one period of time. Weird right? But the higher self works in mysterious ways, projecting its personalities wherever it likes – even if it's at the same time!

When you see your twin flame for the first time, it can hit you like a ton of bricks. Literally, you're speechless. This sensation has been reported by many.

Your twin flame relationship doesn't have to be a romantic one, twin flames can be fathers and sons, sisters, mothers and daughters and friends. Almost any kind of relationship. Here however, we'll focus on romantic relationships.

Why Twin Flames Make Great Relationships, But...

1- You Recognize Each other, You're Familiar From The Start.

You feel right at home with your twin flame, you can relax and both click so easily. It feels amazing to be able to be your authentic self around someone. Your true self shines through, no pretending, and you can even help each other to know yourselves better too.