18 February 2017

5 Things To Know About Your DREAMS. You Could Be Out Of Body. Are There Entities There?

Here are a few things about your dreams that are good to know! How about, what your consciousness is getting up to? Are you out of body? Or, why you can't remember too much upon waking? Is there any chance of finding out more about the self and the parts that need healing during your dreams? Let see.

17 February 2017

Synchronicity And You. The Pattern In The Coincidences.

How paying attention to synchronicity helps your spiritual progression. Creation is trying to get your attention, but why? Why do synchronicities occur? How can you use synchronicity to your advantage?

5 Ways To Activate KUNDALINI

How to activate Kundalini you might ask. Here are 5 ways to increase the chances of a Kundalini experience happening to you. You don't NEED a Kundalini experience to happen to you on your spiritual path, you are not necessarily missing out if you never have one. But I explain in this video how Kundalini is linked to the mind, to your level of consciousness and your stage of spiritual development. No physical exercise or special meditation will bring it on. Everything is thought, everything is of the mind - the same is true of Kundalini, your energetic upgrade.

16 February 2017

Can I Communicate With My Dead Pet? Contact My Pet That Died?

Pet lovers often wonder if it's possible to talk to / communicate with their pet that has died. Their beloved dog or cat for example, may have passed away and they miss them very much. Sometimes healing can be greatly accelerated by using a medium to get in tough with this beloved animal.

How To Know You've Met Your SOULMATE?? 12 Quick And Telling Ways

How to tell you have met your soul mate. Or how to recognize your soulmate - you may have just met them and are wondering if this could be 'the one'. There are ways to tell, there are certain traits and characteristics, and I list them for you here, quick and easy.

Real ALIEN Past Life Regressions, Actual Accounts, I Am A Regressionist. Extraterrestrial Lifetimes.

Three accounts of past lives as aliens. Listen to real life stories, actual past life regressions as extraterrestrials. I am a past life regressionist and sometimes clients regress to lives as aliens on other worlds, having alien experiences. I have obtained permission to use these stories but the names have been changed maintain client's anonymity. Enjoy these stores, they are pretty far out!

15 February 2017

How To SIT During Meditation | BEST WAYS | Postures And Equipment To Eliminate Pain.

How to sit during meditation... what is the best way to sit during meditation? Here I go through methods from easy to more difficult. How should I sit? People ask this a lot and the main thing is that you DO your meditation, but here I show you I actually sit myself and what I like to sit on! Was want to sit comfortably during mediation and I'll show you how.

14 February 2017

Liberate Yourself From Your Inner Critic. Heal Self Doubt (A Gestalt Therapy).

We all have an inner critic, that little voice or feeling that we should be doing better, do more, change something or what ever criticism it has about us or our endeavours. Some people have an inner critic that is out of balance - it causes low self esteem or a feeling of futility. Here I provide a useful Gestalt Therapy technique to help tame the inner critic, allowing it to trust the you of today to take the wheel.

How to Deal With People Who SUCK Your Energy! Protecting From Energy Vampires Draining Your Energy

How do we deal with people who drain our energy? They can be termed 'energy vampires'. I'd like to offer a new perspective on energy draining friends and workmates etc. A new way of looking at this challenge.

13 February 2017

Am I Awakened Or Enlightened?? Or Neither? (What Does It Take To Reach Enlightenment?) Q&A

I was asked if I think I am awakened or enlightened? And what is the difference? What do we have to do to reach enlightenment? What are the requirements? We look at some Buddhist ideas in this video and ask if we are already awakened, enlightened or neither.