23 May 2017

10 Ways To Communicate With Your Higher Self

Here's how to communicate with your higher self whenever you want. The higher self is you and you can call on it any time you want for assistance.

Ascension SYMPTOMS People Are Experiencing At The Moment

These are ascension symptoms that people are experiencing at the moment that I have gathered through sessions, correspondence and friends. As we move into 5D (4th density) we experience more ascension symptoms. Our vibration is increasing, our level of consciousness rising, and with it comes some some interesting effects.

Step by Step SELF HEALING Method. Healing Through Powerful Visualization.

Here I give a self healing technique that can easily be done at home. It involves easy steps for healing through visualization during meditation.

7 May 2017

The SCHUMANN RESONANCE, What Is It? Why Is It Rising??

Here I explain what the Schumann Resonance is and how it affects life here on Earth. Is it increasing? Does the Schumann Resonance effect our brains? Is our evolution linked to this frequency, are we therefore dependent on it? I look at the implications of the Schumann Resonance frequency rising and what we can do about it.

Why LOVE Hurts & How To Make Sure It Doesn't. The Law Of Attraction and Love.

Why does love hurt? We can be truly in love with someone yet the whole experience hurts us very much. What's going on to make us feel this way? I explain another perspective on what we expect from love and why it can feel more painful that enjoyable.

30 April 2017

Cutting The Cords GUIDED MEDITATION. Helping You Let Go Of Someone Finally.

This guided meditation will help you to cut the energetic and emotional cords with someone who you just can't quite let go. Using  deep relaxation and visualization I will guide you into a calm and protective space where you can sever the emotional cords you have with them. Sometimes we have a feeling that we just can't let go, we keep thinking about them, they trigger emotions in us, we still think about them even when we don't want to. This mediation will help to train your subconscious mind to let go, and liberate you from the emotions associated with this person that you experience today.

Cutting The Cords. Letting Go Of Someone When It Hurts.

Here I explain the process of cutting the cords, how to cut the energetic cords that link you to someone with whom you have an emotional and energetic attachment. It can hurt when you just can't let go. There seems to be unfinished business, or they still trigger you, or you just can't stop thinking about them. These are signs that you still have emotional and energetic bonds. These can be severed through the cutting the cords guided meditation which is the next video to follow. This however, is an explanation of the process.

26 April 2017

15 Ways To Know What Your PAST LIVES Were

What were your past lives? You get clues about previous lives all the time. Here are 15 ways to know what your past lives were. All you need do is pay attention.

24 April 2017

Should Spiritual People Be Poor? Hate Money Even?

As we go down the spiritual path a funny thing can happen, we can develop a bit of hatred for money, thinking it is the root of all evil. Ideally we could do without it for sure, however, where does the negativity really come from? Are we doing ourselves a disservice by thinking this way while we are still part of the system?

How To Know Yourself

I have been asked, how can I know myself better. Why would you want to know yourself better? Well how can you make important life decisions that will produce the happiest outcomes if you don't really know what the inner self feels, wants and needs? We often take on the ideals of society and think we want what everybody else wants, but how can you really know?