19 October 2017

LIVE Channeling Session 1: The Origination Of Twin Flames + What Is The Higher Self Really.

Listen to a channeling performed under hypnosis. Nicky Sutton (Regressionist & Questioner) and Brendon Jones (Channeler and Guide) are recording channeling sessions undertaken using light hypnotic trance. Brendon successfully channels his higher self entity. Various topics are covered such as the origination of twin flames (quite scientifically!), the nature of the higher self and the logistics of its activities!

17 September 2017

11 Ways To CLEANSE & CLEAR Negative Energies From Your Home

Here are 11 methods to cleanse or clear your home of negative energies or unwanted spirits. I explain 3 types of smudging and how to do it, including white sage, Palo Santo Holy wood, and sandlewood. Plus other methods such as using salt and visualization. Your house will be free of negative energy now for sure!

Emotional ASCENSION Symptoms

Here's some more ascension symptoms for you, and these are of the emotional kind. As we make our ascension, we can feel really up and down. I have collected a list of emotional ascension symptoms that people are experiencing at the moment so that you know you are not the only one experiencing them.

How To Do SUNGAZING Step By Step. Why It's So POWERFUL

How to do sungazing. What are the benefits of sungazing and why do people do it? Watch and find out.

How To REMEMBER Your DREAMS, 7 Easy Ways!

How to remember your dreams. We might want to remember our dreams if we intend to meet someone, travel, or find something out in a dream. We might just be curious about what our conscious is up to during dream time. So here are 7 ways to help you remember your dreams.

10 September 2017

6 Ways to MOTIVATE Yourself to MEDITATE & Make It Less Boring (!)

Some people can't get the motivation to meditate, therefore don't do it. Mediation is very beneficial, therefore this video will help you to want to meditate, as well as conquer some of the factors stopping you from doing it.

7 Ways that George Orwell's 1984 Has Come TRUE Today

Ways that George Orwell's 1984 is coming true today. George Orwell's dystopian novel seemed to predict the future, as in many ways, it is reflected in life today.

26 July 2017

If A Tree Falls In The Woods & No One's There To Hear It, Does It Make A Sound?

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Here we think about what sound actually is, whether the tree still exists if no consciousness is around, why these questions are even coming up, and what quantum physics has to do with it.

9 Ways To KNOW You've Known Someone In a PAST LIFE

9 ways to know you've known someone in a previous life. Sometimes we come across people who we have a special connection with or they drive us crazy for no discernible reason. It may be possible that we have known them in a previous life and these emotions are surfacing once more.

Paranormal ASCENSION Symptoms

As we move into the next layer of existence and the earth raises in vibrational frequency taking us in to the 4th density, many people are experiencing ascensions symptoms. Here is a selection of 'paranormal' ascension symptoms that people are experiencing at the moment.