21 March 2017


How can we use intention to manifest the best reality for ourselves? How does intention trigger the manifesting process? How can we use our intention effectively? It all starts with the intent to create, focused in the right way, our intention is incredibly powerful.

Numbers You NEED TO KNOW. How To: Basic Numerology On Name & Date of Birth, Very Telling!

I explain some basic numerology in this video, outlining significant beginners' numerology; the 'Life Path Number' and the 'Destiny Number'. I show you how to calculate them and the significance of doing so.

Wonderful Subconscious HEALING TECHNIQUE - Healing The Mind Through Therapeutic Free Writing

I'll show you a technique for healing the subconscious mind. Communicate with, and understand your subconscious mind better. Most of the time, we are subject to whatever thoughts and emotions the subconscious mind throws up toward the conscious mind. When we experience negative emotion, it can be tricky to understand what truly requires healing within the subconscious. Using this free writing technique, you can quickly and easily understand yourself better, get to the root of the problem and find a solution. Know yourself better - try this technique.

16 March 2017

You Can Return To Love

Love is the truth, it is the way. All else is distortion and confusion. We must find our way back and that is the challenge.

15 March 2017

How To Recharge Your ENERGY For Energy Work. 10 Awesome Ways.

How to recharge your energies when you are feeling low. That's vital spiritual energies for use in spiritual work. Here I give 10 ways to replenish your depleted energies.

13 March 2017


Visualization and manifesting go hand in hand. Visualization greatly aids and speeds up manifesting your desires. Not in a materialistic sense; we can manifest wonderful experiences and abundance aligned with love, oneness and nature. How visualization works with the law of attraction.

11 March 2017

How To Heal SELF DOUBT. 3 Methods To Remove Self Doubt & Why It Occurs

Here are methods on how to overcome self doubt. Self doubt can come about due to experiencing incorrect mirroring as a child, even neglect, excess pressures or high expectations. In the absence of positive validation we cannot know we are doing the right thing, behaving positively or doing well. We still don't know into adulthood. Also if we are not taught to make our own decisions when we are young, then we have no confidence in making our own decisions into adulthood.

Mass MIND CONTROL & Health Effects of Cell Phone & Wifi Radiation. Electromagnetic Pollution.

Did you know that cellphones (mobile phones), wifi, baby monitors, Bluetooth and a lot more, all use microwaves as a carrier for communication? Yes, microwaves that are used to cook in a microwave oven. It's all electromagnetic radiation. We ask, is wifi safe? Are cellphones safe? There has been research performed since the 1940's showing microwave radiation, even in small doses, to be unsafe. Today, methods used to set safety standards are questionable to say the least. The roll-out of 5G could spell even more high intensity microwave radiation in our homes, workplaces, even out on the street.

9 March 2017

Cooperation Vs Competition. Why Does It Matter?

Competition and cooperation, we tend to experience both of these. What are the benefits of competition? There are some significant benefits, in recreation and especially in a socioeconomic system such as ours. However, those who have experienced spiritual awakening often feel a great urge to encourage cooperation between individuals, organisations, countries and even humanity as a whole. What if we were all on the same team?

How To Get A DOWNLOAD + TONES In The Ears. Left Ear. Right Ear. Both Ears.

How to get a download and what it feels like to get a download.  I also explain what might be going on when you hear a tone in the right or left ear, where it could be coming from and why. Also hearing a tone in both ears. The term 'getting a download' simply means to receive information from some discarnate entity into your mind. Like a data dump. Although term is a little comical, it describes the process rather well.