14 November 2017

7 Reasons Why Some People Wont Awaken (And Look At You As If You're A Bit Mad)

Why wont some people awaken
What do I mean, they won't wake up? Well, have you ever come across someone who, no matter what you say about spirituality, the benefits of meditation, paranormal experiences, extraterrestrial intelligence, conspiracy theories or anything else, they cannot accept any of it?

There might be fear on their face, it might be fear of you or fear of the topic, they simply lock down.  'I don't accept any of that!' or they base everything on science or atheism. The thing about science is that it has not discovered everything yet, plus many scientists are atheists too. They will hang on to the Newtonian paradigm for as long as they can because their jobs depend upon it. More and more scientists however, are coming around. So when someone says 'I believe in science', well, you can say that science hasn't discovered everything yet and in fact it's coming around to spirituality, so you'll get there in the end.

13 November 2017

How To Transcend DUALITY For Ascension. What Is Duality?

What is duality? The polar opposites of concepts and the spectrum in between causes all sorts of delusions for us that blind us for the simple truth of oneness. Transcending duality therefore is rather a must for the ascension of consciousness.

Sexuality, Gender And The Soul.

Is sexuality or gender part of the ego or is it of the soul. Does the soul have a sexuality since it is not a 'physical' being?

Is The Light A Reincarnation Trap? Plus Dreams & Karma - Channeling Session 4

Nicky Sutton guides Brendon Jones into hypnosis for channeling. Is The Light A Reincarnational Trap? Plus Dreams, Karma.

6 November 2017

The Fourth Density & The Incoming Energies - Channeling Session 3

Nicky Sutton guides Brendon Jones into hypnosis for channeling. The fourth density is explored plus the incoming energies.

Earth Grids, Grid Keepers, Saturn and Mind Control - Session 2 Channeling

Listen to a real channeling by Brendon Jones as Nicky Sutton uses hypnosis to induce a trance-like state. Here information is brought through regarding Saturn, mind control, grid workers, Earth grids and more. 

2 November 2017

SYNCHRONICITIES Are Off The Charts! Is Reality Speaking To You Too?

Are you observing synchronicites more frequently at the moment? Synchronicity seems to be a common theme in many peoples lives as we make our ascension, but it really is ramping up right now.

Why Don't Psychic Mediums Find Out From Spirit If There Is A God?

If psychic mediums are real then why don't they receive information from spirit about the nature of God, or if God really exists? Here I have a question from a viewer about why we don't receive information about whether there is a God or not. Or do we?

Should We Beware Of The False Light?

Some writers and video makers warn of a false light, false ascension matrix, the new age deception, false lightworkers and more. What should we make of this?

How To Create Your Own REALITY

We can create a new reality if we wish by examining the perceptual filter through which we view and process reality. We can shift from one reality to an entirely different one, just by how we perceive the world. Everyone perceives reality a little differently, and our perceptions are malleable and changeable if we examine them.