7 December 2016

How to Get Into The Trance State Without Drugs

How to get into a trance without drugs
You might want to get into a state of trance for channeling, gaining higher wisdom, spirit communication and more.

Trance allows you to be a vessel for communication. You might want to write a book, poetry or paint wonderful pictures - you can do this in the trance state. You may also want to dictate information to another person or record what comes through. Being in a trance state facilitates all this.

Please read my article on protection which is very important when making contact with other layers of existence.

2 December 2016

Common Themes of Near Death Experiences. What's On The Other Side?

What is on the other side? After death
I want to illustrate how there is more to you than you see in the mirror, and help remove some of the fear of death which is tremendous for some. At the same time as remaining aware that this lifetime is precious and must be savoured, we can remove that fear of our consciousness snuffing out like a flame in the wind. This will help us to enjoy a freer existence now.

One way to gain our own proof of the existence of an after life, and to gain a glimpse of what awaits us on the other side, is to listen to near death experiences.

24 November 2016

Does Prayer Work? What's The Point of Praying?

Why do we pray? Does it work?
Why pray? The act of praying conjures up religious mental images, and that's fine, but there are good reason for it and you don't need to be religious to do it. We realise, that as we live in an energetic reality, thoughts too are energy. Our thoughts are broadcast through prayer. 

We might wonder, who are we praying to? Does prayer work? And what is the process that is taking place? There are many factors at work.

15 November 2016

Do We Have Freewill? Is Freewill An Illusion?

Do we really have freewill? It may seem very obvious that you are making the decisions in your life, you are in the driver's seat. However, what if I said that every decision you make is due to cause and effect.

Every decision you make is due to everything that ever happened that lead up to you making that decision. Everything that ever happened in the external world that you ever experienced that contributed to your perceptions, reasoning, beliefs, preferences, memories, biases, self image, self esteem and much, much more about 'you' - all this produces the actions that you take.

Therefore your decisions are made based on past experiences and the resulting thought processes. It's logical.

11 November 2016

Healing Negative Core Beliefs

Following on from my previous article and video on identifying negative core beliefs by following your triggers, the video below gives several methods on how to heal negative core beliefs. Examples are given and techniques explained.

A negative core belief is an unhelpful belief that is unnecessarily negative. It has arisen from some past circumstance, or event (a trauma), singular or repetitive, that has caused conclusions to be drawn about life and the way the world works, that are not entirely accurate or they are distorted. This creates 'programs' that run in the subconscious on how to react and handle life today.

8 November 2016

Identifying Negative Core Beliefs When You Are Feeling Triggered, For Healing

We all get triggered. Events or circumstances occur that evoke emotions within us. Sometimes these emotions can seem a bit extreme, like we are over reacting. They often appear completely unjustified.

Extreme or unwanted emotions triggered by certain events, can be a sign of suppressed trauma within the subconscious. These traumas have caused negative core beliefs to be written in the subconscious, running as programs on how to deal with, and react to, life today.

Here is an example. Imagine a child that is continually told to 'shut up'. Day after day, perhaps four or five times per day, the child is told to keep quiet or shut up. Over a short time, this trauma forms a program within the subconscious such as 'I must always be quiet', 'I am unworthy of speaking', 'I am unimportant' or 'I am worthless'. These are now core beliefs. Now, the child is not saying to his or herself that 'I am worthless' but the concept instead exists within the subconscious as a feeling, a perception of self and how to perceive and operate within society.

5 November 2016

The Hypnagogic Nap: A Powerful Way To Gain Inspiration From the Other Side.

The hypnagogic nap is a technique used to dip into altered states of consciousness for the purpose of gaining inspiration or higher wisdom.

Instead of trying to remember dreams by waking yourself up in the night and making yourself tired, use this technique to snatch little portions of dreams, images, concepts and sensations from 'the other side' and write them down to keep. Enhance any wonderful creative works you are doing or use it for self development.

2 November 2016

Self Love vs Narcissism. You're Supposed To Love Yourself, But Does That Make You A Narcissist?

Self love and narcissm
Your level of self love contributes to how you perceive yourself and the world around you. It drastically affects your experiences in this lifetime. But looking around, it can seem that many people already have a lot of self love, bordering on narcissism - and we don't want to be like that right? So where's the fine line? How do we find self love? Why is it important? And how is self love different from narcissism?

29 October 2016

Are Ghosts Aware or Unaware of Us?

Are Ghosts Aware or Unaware of Us?
Among other characteristics, ghosts fall into 2 categories; aware of people and unaware of people. These two kinds of ghosts are fundamentally different and here's why.

Some ghosts reenact certain sequences of events over and over again, for example, battles or daily routines. These are sometimes caught on camera for ghost hunting programs. These ghosts are often unaware of us.

Their energy is very focused and strong because they are often obsessed with what they are dong. They are repeating events over and over because they can't let go.

10 October 2016

ABUNDANCE: Is it Greedy, Materialistic or Selfish To Want Abundance?

Abundance vs greed
Is it Greedy, Materialistic or Selfish To Want Abundance?

We talk about abundance when referring to a range of spiritual matters. For example, we use the law of attraction to 'manifest abundance'. We hope to unite humanity in oneness and understanding so that there is abundance for all. We try to do our inner work to heal our negative emotions, so that we can experience unclouded abundance in our lives. But what does abundance really mean?