14 August 2016

Causes of Spiritual Awakening. Why Does Spiritual Awakening Occur?

Causes of spiritual awakening
What are the causes of spiritual awakening? Why does spiritual awakening occur? A shift in consciousness can occur due to a sudden event or accumulative trauma. The ego requires rebuilding as your perception of reality changes. 

Your spiritual awakening may have been caused by any number of factors. I group them into two main categories; a sudden event or accumulative circumstances. The awakening can then gather in pace after that, as you go on a path of searching and seeking in order to try to rebuild the self.

9 August 2016

Collective Manifesting, Changing The World Together Through The law of Attraction

Collective manifesting
The law of attraction can of course be used on an individual basis to attract and manifest what we desire. However, if we collectively use the law of attraction we could completely change the world for the better, with no limits whatsoever.

We are distracted to a great degree in our everyday lives by the media and other superficial and materialistic norms; all totally divorced from our true reality, true abilities and true selves. We don't manifest a better reality because none of us are taught to, or even realise we can.

5 August 2016

Why Time is an Illusion. Past, Present and Future All Exist Now

Time is an illusion
Time is an illusion. It's all very well saying that but what does it mean??

Here is the understanding that I have gained through reading various scientifically orientated materials, several highly advanced channelings, and my own channeling which I perform almost daily (in love and light).

Past, present and future all exist now. People always say that time is an illusion...okay but why is that so? In our energetic reality (the program of life fed into our consciousness), time is one of those rules or conditions of our experience. The video below should help you to see through the illusion of time better on the way to discovering your true (energetic, infinite, loving) self.

29 July 2016

Effects of Labelling Yourself and Other People: Creating Subconscious Beliefs & Realities.

Effects of labelling yourself and others
What are the effects of labelling people? What about the labels you apply to yourself? Pigeon-holing, name calling, stereotyping, categorising, or whatever you wish to call it; it's all labelling - and this creates real beliefs.

Examples include, 'I am stupid', 'He is slow', I am fat', 'They are useless', 'I will never amount to anything'. Labels can also be positive, producing positive effects, such as 'I am confident', 'You are a good worker', and so on. Labelling yourself can be done using positive affirmations, in order to reinforce positive perceptions of self within the subconscious mind. Affirmations are performed through conscious repetition.

21 July 2016

How To Meet Your Spirit Guides Step By Step & Ask Them Questions

Meet your spirit guides
How to meet your spirit guides. Here's a quick process to help you connect with your spirit guides using visualization and meditation. Find out who they are and ask them questions.

Step 1: Decide on between one and three questions to ask your spirit guides.

Step 2: Get into a meditative position and meditate for about 20mins. Feel your body relax. Scan your body from head to toe and feel every muscle relax.

Step 3: Now start your visualizion. Visualize being in a beautiful garden. Imagine all the little details. Flowers, trees, birds, blue sky and so on. Walk through the garden to some steps. 10 steps leading down.

13 July 2016

Dealing With The Death of A Loved One. Healthy Grief.

Coping with the death of a loved one
Dealing with the loss of a loved one is so so hard, I know, I've been there. It's difficult to put into words how it feels; it might seem like your world has fallen down around you. You might feel lost, confused, numb, angry, stunned or a range of other emotions. Most of all, it hurts.

Grief must run its course. Grieving is a healthy process, it is the road to go down to get used to your new reality. To allow time to soften the blow and for you to reinvent your world. To accept their parting and forgive the circumstances surrounding their loss. To learn to be happy again in their absence, and remember them with love instead of sadness.

10 July 2016

ROBOTS and A.I. Advancing Rapidly; Is This SKYNET?! Intelligent Armed Robots Soon Experts Worry.

I'm bringing attention to the rapid progression of robotics and A.I. technologies. Robots are becoming even more capable and are starting to feel a little close for comfort.

Some prominent experts are worried about the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence, and paired with robotic technologies, could we end up with armed decision-making robots any time soon? I just ask, how do you feel about that?

9 July 2016

How To Do Remote Viewing Step by Step, Remote View Easily, Quick Training

remote viewing
Start remote viewing in a few easy steps. View any location at any time, past or future. It can be done by anybody although those with well practised psychic skills will find it easier.

Remote viewing is possible because we live in an energetic illusion, please see my two articles on that: Why Our Reality Is An Illusion and Consciousness In The Illusion. This is backed up by quantum physics. Time and space are both illusions. Hence using consciousness we can overcome these limitations. We must change the point at which our consciousness is focused; turn it in a new direction.

26 June 2016

How to Astral Project for Beginners STEP by STEP: The SUPER EASY WAY

Learn Astral projection for beginners step by step quickly! Astral projection is often made to sound unnecessarily complicated and this is because many continue to apply physical notions to metaphysical realities.

Your astral body activates upon moving to the fourth density of existence, this is the green ray (heart chakra) body activating. You currently inhabit the yellow ray body; also an energetic projection into a reality which is seemly physical but proven to be energetic. Attempting to free the astral from your physical body causes a thought form manifestation of a body which you end up believing is an astral body.

21 June 2016

How To Channel for Beginners, an Easy Guide. How To Do Channeling Step by Step

how to channel
Channeling for beginners; here I explain how to perform channeling and what it feels like to do. Learn how to channel step by step.

My previous two videos explain what channeling is and how to meet your higher guide for channeling. This video gets right down to the matter and explains how to do it and what it feels like.

Anyone can perform channeling so long as they are properly prepared. With practise, you can gain a feel for what channeling feels like. A common question is, 'How do I know I'm channeling and that it's not merely my own thoughts?' There are subtle differences, such as a feeling of being 'taken over' (in a good way). You begin speaking without stopping (while you are very relaxed) and the concepts that come out can really surprise you! You find yourself thinking, how did I know that? Where did that come from?