5 February 2018

A REAL AWAKENING Story. Very Profound Experience.

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This is a real awakening story, a genuine experience shared right here of spiritual awakening.

4 February 2018

'I AM' (Here Are Some Life Changing Realizations).

I am. I am what exactly? These are some key realizations for your spiritual path. Realizing these few things can help you to perceive 'all that is' rather differently, including how you perceive yourself and what 'self' actually is.

30 January 2018

How To Make 2018 YOUR YEAR - Moving Further Into 5D, New Happy Changes

Make 2018 your year, much is possible during this gateway year of happy changes. It's a great opportunity to manifest all the best. This video will help you do that, to open up and to accept abundance from creation.

Research Shows Our MINDS are LINKED & That New 5G Technology Could Inter...

Scientific proof that our minds are naturally interconnected continues to build up. There are also many technologies that fall under the radar that employ microwave frequencies to influence or read our minds. Will the introduction of 5G cell phone communications mean we can no longer communicate mind to mind naturally? Will it interfere?

Causes of Physical ILLNESS with Spiritual Cures

Oftentimes we have a physical illness, sickness or physical pain and we can't find a physical cure. Here I explain how unresolved traumas from the past can manifest as negative energy throughout the body. The mind is unable to release it so it collects within the body causing maladies and ailments. Plus how to release this energy.

Electricals MALFUNCTIONING or Lights Flickering Around You Or Someone Yo...

People sometimes notice that lights flicker or even break when they are nearby. Electrical items work intermittently or not at all, but there are no discernible causes for these occurrences. Or is there? Is Prana/Chi flowing through you more strongly that ever before?

How To AWAKEN Others

We might have a strong urge to awaken others, we might feel this is part of our purpose here on Earth. It might not be the right thing to do. I give you my reasons why we should go really easy on others, that it might not be their time, and how we can do more by doing less when it comes to awakening others.

Why Do RELATIONSHIPS Fall Apart During Spiritual Awakening?

Relationships can often break up as a result of one partner going through a spiritual awakening. Spirituality can affect relationships.  Sometimes couples adjust and that's great! Relationships are a common topic during the sessions I provide, partners often become out of alignments with each other. There are many reasons for this, and it's not just because they don't have so much in common anymore.

7 Things You Need To Know About MONEY To Manifest It QUICKER

Remove those blockers to manifesting money. You might wonder how to manifest money? Then find that when you try, you find you are blocking it all the way. Here are 7 things to know about money that will stop you from blocking it.

8 Ways We Might FALL OFF Our Spiritual Path

We sometimes feel a bit guilty when we fall of our 'spiritual path'. We might feel like we haven't been doing much spiritual practise lately, or we have been very immersed in 3D life or problems. Here are 8 ways that this might happen so that you can know that others go through the same thing and not to feel like you are failing or anything. You are infinite consciousness that wants to follow the path of truth and you will get there :-)