10 October 2016

ABUNDANCE: Is it Greedy, Materialistic or Selfish To Want Abundance?

Abundance vs greed
Is it Greedy, Materialistic or Selfish To Want Abundance?

We talk about abundance when referring to a range of spiritual matters. For example, we use the law of attraction to 'manifest abundance'. We hope to unite humanity in oneness and understanding so that there is abundance for all. We try to do our inner work to heal our negative emotions, so that we can experience unclouded abundance in our lives. But what does abundance really mean?

9 October 2016

10 Reasons why GHOSTS HAUNT. How Do Souls Become EARTHBOUND Spirits?

Why do earthbound  spirits / ghosts stick around and haunt buildings and sometimes people? Ghosts are souls just like you and me. Imagine a person, a human, who is upset and confused. They may act in ways that are not actually beneficial to their well-being. The same is true of a discarnate spirit who has not yet moved toward the light, they are, most of the time, afraid and confused individuals.

After death, when the spirit is released, it is still a projection of the soul/higher self, acting independently according to it's own free will. It can choose not to go over to the other side. Here are some reasons why a spirit may remain on earth and therefore become an earthbound spirit or ghost...

7 October 2016

Witnessing A Suicide. Plus My Thoughts on Suicide

witnessing a suicide
A few years back, a very sad thing happened that I want to share with my viewers. The reason I share this story is that I have learned various lessons from the experience and perhaps this man's passing can spark thought among others. Suicide is never the answer as each lifetime is a precious gift to use to its full potential. If you ever feel like ending your life then you MUST reach out to others. Feeling alone at such a dark time will greatly compound your self destructive urge. Finding someone to listen to you, can quickly make a huge difference.

30 September 2016

The Human Electromagnetic Field: Proven Energetic Communication!

Human electromagnetic field for communication
The human electromagnetic field is generated most strongly by the heart. Where there's electrical current there's an electromagnetic field. Electricity courses through each of us all the time, and we therefore produce an electromagnetic field. Research shows that this field actually carries information that is shared with other people!

27 September 2016

7 Reasons Why The Ego Is Not a Bad Thing

is the ego a bad thing
Here are seven reasons why the ego is not a bad thing. Many believe that the ego is something to be purged in favour of becoming in tune with the 'true self' or soul. But here are a few reasons why you're probably better off finding a nice balance instead!

1. People confuse the ego with inflated ego. The ego is you in this lifetime; it's your personality, how you perceive yourself, your self image, self esteem, everything about you that makes you who you are. With whom and what you identify, creates the tangled web of you. Inflated ego occurs where someone seemingly has a very high opinion of themselves. Often this is not truly the case, as they are likely hiding some deep emotional wounds and traumas under that facade of super confidence.

19 September 2016

How To Balance The EGO and How The Ego Impacts Life.

Tool to balance your ego
Your ego is your personality while incarnate in this lifetime. It is your perception of yourself, reality, and your role within it. Woven among this web of concepts is also your self esteem and self image; how you feel about, and see yourself.

Your reality alters as your ego alters, and your ego is indeed malleable - you can change it. For example; I perceive myself as a great wrestler, very strong and tough. I then come to a point in life where I begin to disassociate my sense of self from the wrestler image and find a spiritual path as a Buddhist. I even decide to become a monk; I wear monks clothing and meditate. Here you see, the perception of self, behaviours, self image, wants, needs and desires, have all changed - and therefore my reality has entirely shifted. I now perceive life very differently as a Buddhist to that of a wrestler (not saying anything negative about wrestlers in any way!).

15 September 2016

Spiritual Awakening, How Are You FEELING?

Spiritual awakening and feelings
How are you feeling during your spiritual awakening? It can be a positive and exhilarating experience, but at the same time, it can be intense and overwhelming. I want to validate how you feel and tell you that you're not alone.

Spiritual awakening is different for everybody. Some people say to me that that their awakening has been very positive, exciting, mind bending and wondrous. Others relate that their awakening has taken it's toll on them. That all they can see is negativity in the world, that they are powerless to stop it and how they feel lacking in purpose.

10 September 2016

What Do Premonitions Feel Like? How Do Premonitions & Precognition Occur?

How to premonitions occur
How premonitions occur and what do they feel like? How do we know when we are having one? 

Premonitions tend to occur in the following way for most people; a thought will pop in to the mind about something. It may seem random and out of place. Suddenly, something that has not been recalled or thought about in some time, or an idea that has never struck you before, pops into the mind. You brush it off as a mere thought, a normal thought. But then, usually the next day, or within approximately three days, the thought that you had, becomes reality. For example, you haven't thought about a certain person in six months. Then, they suddenly pop into your mind. You might think about them for a moment, and then your mind moves onto the next thing. Incredibly, the next day, you bump into that person in the store. That is a premonition. 

3 September 2016

YOUR INNER CHILD. Using The Inner Child To Find The TRUE SELF In This Hectic Reality.

How to find your inner child
When we are born we possess only emotions and basic 'programming'. We are perfectly balanced; we know and require only love (as well as physical needs).

Earthly reality then serves to change us. We construct our egotistical selves, and subconsciously mould our self image, self esteem (or lack of) and our personality in general.

We can spend a lifetime trying to heal what was once perfect and never broken. Validating and building a connection with our inner child can help us to find comfort, meaning and purpose in our lives, as well as getting closer to our true selves which existed before the programming and conditioning of life took hold.

30 August 2016

Do Heaven and Hell Exist? Why Do Near Death Experiencers Find Heaven and Hell?

Does Heaven exist? Does Hell exist? I'm often asked these questions. Here is my perspective. Near death 'experiencers' sometimes report seeing heaven or hell and this seems to confirm, for many people, the existence of these places.

Several different channelings, such as 'Seth Speaks', point out that our thoughts create realty, and that this applies more so once we go over. Realities are manifested at will on the other side, therefore if you go over expecting to see hell, you will get hell. If you go over expecting to see heaven, or even God or Jesus (in the stereotypical sense), you will get exactly what you imagine.