About Nicky Sutton

Nicky Sutton BA(Hons), DPLT, Adv.DPLT, MPLTA, is a writer, video maker, past life therapist and spiritual guide... 

My marketing degree awakened me to the capitalist, mass media, social and psychological drivers that maintain our societal brainwashing. I am a qualified past life therapist and you can book a Skype/Facebook call past life regression session here. 

Furthermore, if qualifications matter, I have level 2 certificates in counselling theory and practice, dementia care, equality and diversity, a diploma in organisational psychology and more.

Life experience too plays a role in my writing, but most of all my avid research, meditation and contemplation on all things spiritual. Much insight is gained through meditation. I am compelled to spread love and light, and hint to anyone who will listen about our true spiritual potential that is so carefully hidden from us. 

A lightworker, a wanderer or what ever you like, I aim to hold up a mirror and show the world what we have become and what we could be, and if it means reaching only one single person and raising their vibration - my job is done.

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I am so happy you want to connect. Thank you in advance for your interest.
If however, you're asking questions on spiritual matters or questions requiring personal guidance in your life, please understand I receive a lot of long requests of this nature requiring hours of work. Sadly, in order to make a living I must charge for my time. Therefore if you require spiritual consultation via email or Skype at very reasonable rates, please Click here for Spiritual Consultation via email. Please note: I do not perform 'readings' of any kind.

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