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This spiritual awakening forum is forever FREE, you are very welcome to join and start chatting. Support is often needed during a spiritual awakening and can be hard to come by. Here we support each other! Go ahead, start a new topic and reply to comments to provide support. Much love.


  1. Spiritual Awakening is an altered state of perception. It is a knowing beyond knowledge. Spiritual awakening can lead you to your true personality and you feel more comfortable breaking social norms and embracing freedom.

  2. It seemed to be a burden at 1St as there is no real start or end, and not knowing how to start and where to look can be confusing. I was lucky enough to have a friend that have been through it and is helping a lot, and reading!!! So much listening and reading takes place, however, your videos are making so much sense, I can feel the love and support! Thank you!

  3. I discovered that making friends with people that give a challenge or are seemingly over negative can calm the feeling of overwhelm. The minute I give a smile and am accepting, they turn out to calm down and not challenge you anymore.

  4. A narcissist loses their power once they realize that no one is controlled by their behavior and when you simply laugh off their shenanigans. They become powerless. Never rely on them for anything you need or for emotional support.

    1. Margaret kierman11 July 2017 at 02:16

      So true I was in love with one he was planning to rape me he just wanted to take me away from god and destroy mm

  5. I highly suggest looking up spirit science. They may have blundered on a couple principals​ or they may have found a truth that scientist missed.either way they have exceptional work.

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  7. I love you so much Nick, you cheap prices, your dedication, veganism and ethics, you are a rare, REAL spiritual teacher

  8. When i was a child i knew there s something that u can t see, i been open and could remember parts of previous lives in same body, as teenager i understood that death doesn t exist so it turned me into depressions and suicidal thoughts, like what is the point of this game? I knew about people characters around not even talking to them, i thought people around me are just programmed simulations. De ja vu feeling made me feel like that way. The *Bang* moment happened about at age of 24(now im 26) like i knew who i am going to meet with and talk with, i had gambling problem as u have fast ups continuing u loose, and chase the looses even i remembered or my intuition told me that its time to leave or not my day, anyway(tried again to improve thats not possible to play against simulation hehe). Love? I met girl at age of 23 i thought its from GOD as i believed that way a bit, smoked weed that days, it really was a mistake as when i turned off pink sunglasses i realised how bad this person is for me. After some time i had moment at workplace with other girl not even talking, we looked into each other eyes. I think she felt something same, that we met before. She wanted me to meet her better, it was about 25-28 dec whatever, i just decided not to get involved in that, ehh... I dont see point in long lasting relationships, same as i dont see point in having children. I believe i been father in previous lives that s why. Now? i just study for chef, to get at least some degree as i only finished high school and worked as kitchen porter, factory worker, shop assistant etc just to make some living. Well maybe some weed and line of coco will make it better hehe but i can live without it, it just gives some kind of remedy to have fun in reality. Please be understanding. Konstantin.

  9. I feel like you are helping what angelstarcreations left off. Any idea what happened to her?
    Thank you for your wisdom, it's very hard to see spiritual people barely walking their talking. You're vegan, truly loving and your energy is truly evolved. Very rare.
    Your mission is truly inspiring.
    Is there a place where you talk about what your star origin is?
    Thank you. Love you so much.