Past Life Regression Online

How Does Online Past Life Regression & Therapy Work?

Where ever you are in the world, you can have past life regression & therapy with Nicky Sutton, qualified Past Life Therapist. Choose to have your session via Skype, Facebook call, Google Plus Hangouts or telephone. Book a past life regression session using the quick and easy automated booking system, choose your time-zone, appointment slot and currency. You'll even receive a reminder about your appointment. The audio for each session can be recorded and provided free of charge (for private use only) for you to keep. Some clients prefer a 'voice only' call via Skype and this is perfectly fine.

 Past life regression online is pretty much the same as having it in person. So long as we have a good connection, which most people do nowadays (I will explain the procedure should the connection be lost), remote therapy actually has plus points! You don't need to travel and you can enjoy the comfort of your own home. The sessions involve past life regression (exploring previous lives) and past life therapy if required (healing of past life or present life repressions). Read more about past life regression online in detail here on my dedicated website for this service.

Why Have Past Life Regression and Therapy?

You might: feel like you've known someone in a previous life, have an attachment or fascination with a place, culture or era, experience flashbacks, dreams or 'past life' feelings, wonder about your karmic attachments, experience present day unexplained negative feelings or fears, want to know yourself better, need to heal emotionally, or simply be curious. There are so many reasons for past life regression and therapy, you may have your own.

What's The Price?

$50 for 1 hour session (£34 approx).
$75 for 1½ hours session (£50 approx).
​Prices are shown in USD upon booking, but anyone can book from anywhere in the world. Prices are in line with the going rate.  Book now on my dedicated website for this service.

What is Past Life Regression?

Using gentle hypnosis (deep relaxation) we allow the conscious mind to step aside, revealing the infinite and intelligent subconscious mind and all it's secrets. You were born forgetting your past lives and lives in between, but these suppressed memories can be explored through regression techniques. Think of your subconscious mind as your soul's memory. You are an infinite being and in this lifetime, you can learn from your infinite experiences. 

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls” - Carl Jung. Consciousness is ever seeking learning and experience (spiritual progression if you will), and this is hindered by egotistical, earthly illusions. As well as informative and enlightening exploration, past life regression allows your subconscious mind to present any issues or suppression that require healing. This often helps alleviate emotional symptoms in daily life. Some hypnotherapy techniques are also practiced as part of past life therapy; this is the exploration and healing of memories or suppression formed within the present lifetime. For more information, visit my website dedicated to my Past Life Regression and Therapy Service or you can Book Now.

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