18 January 2019

8 Minute MORNING MEDITATION. Great Day Manifesting!

Take this 8 minute guided morning meditation to give to you a great start to your day. If we activate high vibrational feelings of gratitude and love, we manifest more things in our reality to be grateful for and love. You can use this meditation more than once, any mornings you choose.

16 January 2019

Why I Take LION'S MANE Mushroom Powder

Lion's Mane mushrooms are legal and are found in stores. Here's why I take Lion's Mane Mushrooms in the form of a powdered supplement. I have personally found it produces surprising and profound cognitive effects. Always read the label on the packaging and make sure you don't have a mushroom allergy. This video is not sponsored.

10 January 2019

GROUNDING Yourself Energetically - Guided Meditation. Become Like A Tree...

This grounding meditation is a guided meditation with visualization. Gather up any negative energies from your body and send them down your roots and out into the Earth. Become like a tree and soak up Prana energy from the sun. Relax, and reduce stress and anxiety. Become centered and balanced.

6 January 2019

It's Time To Discover Your Innate ABILITIES.

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1 January 2019

How Do Mediums Contact Spirits Who've ALREADY Reincarnated? Will Loved O...

How do mediums communicate with someone who's died/passed and already reincarnated/incarnated? You might wonder if your loved ones will always be there, or do they go and reincarnate so you can't contact them anymore. Here's a new way of thinking about that.

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21 December 2018

Realizing ONENESS. A True Catalyst For Ascension.

Oneness is a key realization on our spiritual path. This realization can transform our perceptions of reality, shifting consciousness and catalyzing ascension.

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18 December 2018

Christmas Time Awakening Energy Update. The Energies Since 11.11, Stress, Higher Self & More

Welcome to this Christmas Time Energy Update for December. A few themes covered here; the energies since 11.11, stress, overload, a meditation technique, a mindfulness technique, feeling like you are waiting for something, anticipating the future, picking up on global energies and more. I hope your having a wonderful Christmas time! Much love.

10 December 2018

Find Out Your Soul's Origin: ASTRAL PROJECTION Guided Meditation. Your S...

This special astral projection, guided meditation hypnosis, is designed for you to experience your soul's home planet, galaxy, dimension or plane of existence. Many feel that their soul has journeyed here from elsewhere is the universe for an Earthly incarnation. Using visualization; allowing images to fill the mind via clairvoyance, your soul's remembering can come through.

How To Find LOVE Quickly Using The Law Of Attraction. It WORKED For Me!

7 ways to manifest love quick using the law of attraction. 6 ways to prepare you (very important) then a manifesting technique. It has worked for me.

ARTICLE 13: I Wrote To My European Parliament Member, They Didn't Unders...

To contact your MEP (UK): https://www.writetothem.com/

Sign the Change.org petition: https://www.change.org/p/european-parliament-stop-the-censorship-machinery-save-the-internet

I wrote to my Member of The European Parliament (MEP) about Article 13 and the effect it could have on YouTube creators in the EU, but they seemed extremely out of touch. Here I explain Article 13 and tell you what the MEP said.

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