10 December 2018

Find Out Your Soul's Origin: ASTRAL PROJECTION Guided Meditation. Your S...

This special astral projection, guided meditation hypnosis, is designed for you to experience your soul's home planet, galaxy, dimension or plane of existence. Many feel that their soul has journeyed here from elsewhere is the universe for an Earthly incarnation. Using visualization; allowing images to fill the mind via clairvoyance, your soul's remembering can come through.

How To Find LOVE Quickly Using The Law Of Attraction. It WORKED For Me!

7 ways to manifest love quick using the law of attraction. 6 ways to prepare you (very important) then a manifesting technique. It has worked for me.

ARTICLE 13: I Wrote To My European Parliament Member, They Didn't Unders...

To contact your MEP (UK): https://www.writetothem.com/

Sign the Change.org petition: https://www.change.org/p/european-parliament-stop-the-censorship-machinery-save-the-internet

I wrote to my Member of The European Parliament (MEP) about Article 13 and the effect it could have on YouTube creators in the EU, but they seemed extremely out of touch. Here I explain Article 13 and tell you what the MEP said.

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2 December 2018

The Hermetic Principle of GENDER Explained. How To Apply It To Life. The...

Here I explain The principle of Gender which is No.7 Of The 7 Hermetic Principles Of The Kybalion. I have done all 7 principles in 7 videos.

The 7 Hermetic Pinciples are as follows:

Principle of Mentalism: https://youtu.be/QxhFRY1Riag

Principle of Correspondence: https://youtu.be/p-d1XsQ0lew

Principle of Vibration: https://youtu.be/F2UAHEO6cFc

Principle of Polarity: https://youtu.be/tMYuyAlXPB8

Principle of Rhythm: https://youtu.be/Sb_UkkFvh44

Principle of Cause and Effect: https://youtu.be/tUoFvNl-is8

Principle of Gender: https://youtu.be/Mwamjy3h5g0

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1 December 2018

Raise Your VIBRATION Guided Meditation. Powerful Relaxing High Vibration...

Raise your vibration meditation. Using vivid and joyful visualization we experience high vibrational energy. This kind of guided meditation practice also helps with manifesting a beautiful future. Much love.

28 November 2018

5 Ways To Navigate TIMELINES. There's More Ways To Jump Timelines Than Y...

Here I explain a bit about timelines and how to navigate through them (change timelines or jump timelines). Thought manifests reality, it can also interact with time. If we are unaware, we are at the mercy of time. Here's how to master linear time a bit better.

25 November 2018

Past Life Regression Hypnosis. Experience Your Past Lives, Deep Guided M...

Experience your past lives with this past life regression guided hypnosis meditation. Our former lives are closer than we think. In deep relaxation, our conscious mind fizzles away, allowing the deeper subconscious mind to come through. In this state of hypnosis, our higher self can provide clairvoyant visions of our past lives. Allow memories to gently come through, just allow them to fill your mind. Much love.

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TRANSCENDING To Feel Peace. How To Transcend Difficult Situations, Probl...

How to transcend difficult situations,
problems, disagreements, excess thought, ego and much more.
Transcending is going beyond what currently 'is', moving passed your
existing perceptions and modes of thought. We can gain much peace and
happiness by allowing transcendence to occur. We are transcending
that which causes negative emotion, and using alchemy, transform it
into something positive. Much love.

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21 November 2018

Heal Gaia Guided Meditation, Raise The Vibration Of Earth Global Meditat...

Raise the vibration of mother Earth, Gaia, with this healing guided meditation. It can be performed solo or as a group meditation. By setting our intention to heal the Earth we manifest a better future. We know that our energies make a difference, your infinite energies make a difference, you are an infinite being. Use your heart chakra to heal Gaia. Much love.

During guided meditations we relax the mind right down, lowering our brainwaves. This causes our subconscious mind to become dominant as the conscious mind moves into the background. In this state we do perform subconscious work such as creating new perceptions about the self, healing emotions and negative beliefs, accessinf our clairvoyance, claircognicance and more. We grow closer to our true infinite self in this relaxed state without interference from the conscious mind, it's filtering, thinking, evaluating, judging, deciding and doubting. We can heal, explore, expand and grow using our often neglected subconscious mind - the seat of all our memories, perceptions, emotions, lifetime- programming, and going deeper still; divine wisdom.

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20 November 2018

What Your HIGHER SELF Does. Does It Help, Intervene or Manipulate Us? + ...

Does our higher self aid and help us in our lifetime? Do we have freewill or is our higher self controlling and manipulating us? Where is the higher self? What is the higher self? Is it separate to us? I address a lot of common questions about the higher self in this video (sometimes with a bit of help from The Law Of One, The Ra Material).