20 February 2019

Ease ANXIETY Guided Meditation. Meditation To Reduce General Anxiety For...

Ease and calm anxiety with this guided mediation. Using visualization and affirmations I help you find peace in the present moment and release your anticipation of negative occurrences.

Inner work playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTEY3CWo0PY&list=PLVLnts5P4MwvsjhOvNGoSh5dadoNCj_Z3

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12 February 2019

Connect With A Loved One Passed Over, GUIDED MEDITATION. Communicate Wit...

This guided meditation helps you to connect with spirit yourself, it also helps you to develop your clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairaudience. If there's a loved one, family member or friend on the other side who you'd like to communicate with, this process can help you to connect.

11 February 2019

What We Need To Realize About PHYSICAL PAIN.

Most people don't like physical pain, it is feared by many, and we want it to go away. Pain occurs in order to draw our attention to an ailment so that we will physically attend to it, apply and bandage, see a doctor and so on. But what if disliking and avoiding physical pain is counterproductive? What if there's something else we need to realize?

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5 February 2019

Release NEGATIVE ENERGY Guided Meditation. Wash It Away Under The Waterf...

Release any negative energy you have accumulated within your mind, body and energy field. Using visualization we go on a little journey to a place, a beautiful waterfall, where we can release negative energy. This waterfall has special healing properties. Our thoughts and intentions affect our mind, body and energies.  Much love.

4 February 2019

SPIRITUAL AWAKENING: Should We Cut Ties With 'Unawakened' Or 'Toxic' Fam...

Should we cut ties with 'unawakened' or 'toxic' family members during and after our spiritual awakening? What if they just don't understand us anymore? What if family members really trigger negative emotions within us? What if they are abusive or manipulative? I'd say it depends on the circumstances. But when you're about to sever ties with your family and friends, I ask that you think again for a moment.

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31 January 2019

What We Need To Realize About Our IMAGINATION.

Largely, we are taught incorrectly about imagination as kids and society has the wrong attitude to it. The power of our imagination is greatly underestimated. Existing within a reality geared to interact with our consciousness, means we must rediscover the effective use of our imagination for continued prosperity.

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Realizing 5D Consciousness!

Many realizations come with 5D ascension, they are necessary for ascension. So here are some realization we might have on the way to 5D consciousness.

Meditation Music For Positive Energy. Raise Your Vibration & Relax.

This meditation music is for generating positive energy within your mind, body and spirit. Raise your vibration when you're feeling low. Use this music for meditation, relaxing or for stress relief.

28 January 2019

Ho'oponopono Guided Meditation. Healing Your Mind, Body, Other People, Problems & More.

Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian mantra; 'I'm sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you'. It is used for healing the body and mind, of the self and of others, and for rectifying unpleasant situations and solving problems. Repeat after me the affirmations, while you relax and enjoy.

24 January 2019

Virtual REIKI Session Guided Meditation. Physical Body Energy Healing. For Pain...

Hypnosis healing for the physical body, for aching muscles, pain, fatigue, nerves, injury and all energy blockages. Your higher self becomes your Reiki master energy healer. Using deep relaxation and visualization, the Reiki master works on all your chakras and then your specific ailment. Thoughts become reality, allow your higher self to assist you.