13 November 2018

WHY do I do this? ... Being A Spiritual Guide On YouTube

Why am I a spiritual guide on YouTube? Here are the real reasons to help you to get to know me a little better, that's if you want to. Sending lots of love indeed.

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11 November 2018

Releasing RESISTANCE Guided Meditation | Handle All Situations Easily & ...

Release resistance from your life with this calming guided meditation. When we experience negative emotion we are experiencing resistance. Acceptance is the remedy to resistance, If we accept what is, we can move forward constructively and manifest much better, bringing more light into our lives instead of even more resistance. I hope you enjoy, much love.

9 November 2018

How I Use SOUND To Raise My VIBRATION Quick. Demonstrations!

Here are 4 ways I use sound to raise my vibration. Demonstrating the tuning fork for the pineal gland, tingsha bells and singing bowls. How sound raises your vibration quick.

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1 November 2018

5 Reasons For Disclosure In Movies & TV Series. Programming The Viewers ...

Here are 5 reasons why 'they' provide disclosure and thought programming in movies and TV series. This is not intended to scare anyone, only to provide a heads up so we can manifest wonderful futures rather than being blindly steered in certain directions by those in control.

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28 October 2018

Is Time SPEEDING UP? What To Do If You Feel Time Is Getting Quicker

Many feel that the passage if time is speeding up, but what could be causing this? Are we really losing time? Why don't the clocks show it then? Here's what to do to get a handle on time again so your consciousness doesn't feel like it's flying by.

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25 October 2018

The 3 LEVELS Of Knowing, Understanding And Embodying Through The Levels ...

When we find out a new concept we may know it, but it doesn't mean we truly embody that information right away. Our perceptions evolve over time. Many feel if they know something it will make a difference to how they feel right away, but oftentimes, it needs to sink through the levels of mind in order to truly live it.

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How SPIRITUAL AWAKENING Is A Lot Like The 7 Stages Of Grief

To help you if you're experiencing a tough awakening. Spiritual awakening, if you think about it, is a lot like the 7 stages of grief that we go through when someone passes to the other side. There's actually quite a bit of grieving that takes place. We go through many emotions such as shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, loneliness, then moving into reconstructing ourselves, acceptance and hope.

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17 October 2018

528Hz Reset To Your DNA Blueprint Guided Meditation For HEALING The Body...

This 528Hz DNA repair guided meditation is specifically designed to heal the physical body using infinite Prana energy to activate your DNA. 528Hz tones are associated with DNA repair; these are incorporated into this meditation. Using thought and intention we can reset our to body's DNA template, before any ailments, and the stresses and strains of life took hold. Feel your trillions of bodily cells light up and dance, fill your body with much needed light.  Plus feel yourself relaxing and releasing stress at the same time. Much love.

Stress Relief Guided Meditation. DE-STRESS Quickly With This Calming Med...

Calming, stress reducing, guided mediation to de-stress quickly. You can use this mediation whenever you have experienced a stressful day to reduce your stress levels.