22 March 2019

20 March 2019

What Do FRACTALS Tell Us About The Spiritual Nature Of Reality

Fractals are seen everywhere in nature, but can they explain the nature of reality and consciousness in a spiritual sense? The Mandelbrot Set is used to explain the concepts in this video.

Fractals might be responsible for the creation of all experience, cycles, astrology, DNA, the uniqueness yet sameness of all beings and more.

15 March 2019

Spiritual Awakening & ANXIETY: How We are Triggered Into Anxiety

Spiritual awakening can leave us feeling acutely anxious, especially if we have a sudden awakening. But what are the causes for the anxiety? How can it be reduced?

10 March 2019

Being A MEDIUM. Spirit Medium & Psychic Andrew Dee Gives Advice On Devel...

Spirit Medium & Psychic Andrew Dee answers questions on mediumship, giving helpful advice for those wishing to become a medium or just connect with spirit.

How Your SUBCONSCIOUS Mind Creates Your Reality. Plus A Story About Chan...

Your subconscious beliefs and past programming affect your reality, your life, more than you know. I explain ways to change the contents of your subconscious mind; improving your inner world to enhance your outer world.

What Will Your NEXT LIFE Be?

What will you be in your next life? Have you ever wondered where, when and under what circumstances you will reincarnate in your future life? Perhaps, 'who' you will be? Here are some ways to tell what your next life might be. Much love.

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8 March 2019

What Will Your NEXT LIFE Be? Guided Meditation. A Future Life Progression.

What will your next life be? This future life progression (like past life regression) allows you to glimpse into your next life. Using gentle hypnosis and visualization we allow our clairvoyance emerge, bringing foresight through from our higher self.

6 March 2019

Spirit MEDIUM & PSYCHIC Andrew Dee Gives Nicky Sutton A Mediumship Reading. Spirit Comes Through.

Moving mediumship demonstration confirming the presence spirit.

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28 February 2019

Should We SURRENDER To Life? If So, How Much? + How To Have FLOW.

The 'Discipline, Surrender, Flow' balance is something to be aware of on your path, for your continued ascension and spiritual growth. I go into surrender and discipline, with a view to achieving balance; which should result in 'flow'. But what is flow? Well, I'll go into that too. Plus lots of other interesting bits. I hope you enjoy. Much love!

22 February 2019

How To Speak To WATER. Plus Wow! Scientists Confirm Water Has A Memory. ...

How to speak to your water to energize it with positive energy. More scientists confirm the memory of water for storing information, emotions and energies. Water is a magical substance, we seriously underestimate it. Don't drink dead water. Program your water before you drink it.

Link to water documentary: https://youtu.be/IM2TL7SRYU0

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