17 April 2014

Getting Back to Nature - You are Nature, Nature is you

Getting back to nature
Most of us live in a concrete habitat. Step back during your spiritual awakening and take a look. It's usually grey, hard and man-made. You may live in the country so it does not apply to you, but most humans live in towns and cities due to the need for work, amenities and utilities. Even a leafy suburb is sure to have tarmac, concrete paths and brick buildings. 

In the cities and town-centres you're hard pushed to spot a tree or a patch of grass. Absolutely everything is man-made, usually grey dark colours, geometric and void of natural life. Imagine the same spot 500 years ago. Your town or city may not have even been there! Plenty of room for woodland, forests, plant life, animals and nature. 

Viewed from space, human efforts resemble dark scars across the land. It's a science fiction movie and the Earth has been invaded – by us.

According to The World Health Organisation, a mere 100 years ago, 2 out of every 10 people on Earth lived in an urban area. Incredibly, by 2010 more than half of the worlds population live in urban areas, and this is set to rise to 7 in 10 by 2050. How will the human species react to this disconnection from nature? Is it good for us? 

Before we started living in intensely man-made environments, we lived and evolved alongside nature. However, we are cutting ourselves off. All our resources come from nature – oil, foods, fertile soils, clean water and minerals. In a Spiritual sense by isolating ourselves, with the exception of pets and house-plants, the natural world is becoming an alien place. 

How can the beauty of rolling meadows, trees and flowers be compared to concrete and glass towers, and grey flat ground created especially for ease of transport. The positioning of buildings including your home, and the design of our entire man-made habitat centres around easy transportation with roads being literally everywhere. 

Nature exists in harmony with itself. An ecosystem adjusts until it finds harmony where animals, plants, micro-organisms and so on, coexist. None of this happens in our urban areas, humans are the start and end of the ecosystem. Separating from the harmonious pattern of nature and immersing ourselves in the stressful polluted grey environment, prevents the replenishing of vital energies leading to sickness of body and mind. The mass collection of souls in a finite space also has a disquieting effect on the mind. 

Never underestimate the vital importance of spending time in natural environments to detox from the psychic stresses of mass population and over-developed urban areas. Remember that you are nature and nature is you.

Cut off from Nature - You are Nature, Nature is you: Video Version.