19 April 2014

Psychic Stress - Do You Sense or Feel Other People's Emotions?

psychic stress
Towns and cities can be very crowded. Some of us feel anxiety in close proximity to a lot of other people. It's almost as if you can feel people around you without even seeing they are there. It can't be a general fear of crowds or crowded places, because often-times it is experienced while being alone – but if you have neighbors, the feeling persists.

Since childhood, those who feel like a misfit, like they cannot physically bear to be in crowded places, have faced a problem that is rarely recognized. Just like there are mediums, psychics, healers and others with intriguing psychic abilities, there are those with subtle abilities to sense the presence of others. Specifically, they can sense the pain of others, sense other people's emotions or generally feel the overbearing weight of the presence of a lot of people nearby.

This psychic noise can lead to psychic stress. A subconscious pressure of the constant sensing of other people's emotions. The term 'empath' is sometimes used to describe them, referring to 'empathy' – the ability to experience what others are feeling but putting yourself 'in their shoes'. If you think you might be picking up psychic noise, try a test.

Go out to the countryside or empty beach. Somewhere where there are very few people within a mile (if you already live in such a location the chances are you don't tend experience psychic noise there). See how you feel when you get there. Write it down. Now go home to the town or city, not to a crowded place, but to your home. Make sure you are all alone, you are comfortable and that there's silence (if possible). There's likely to be in the region of a hundred or more people within a mile of you, but for now you are alone in your home or room. How do you feel? Write it down.  

Compare how you felt in both locations. Allow for any improvement in mood generated by the pleasant surroundings in the location you visited, but this should be compensated by the comfort of your own home. If you found your stress levels higher at home or experienced anxiety in the vicinity of other individuals (and there's no other reason that you can think of for this effect), it's possible you may be feeling other people's pain or sensing their emotions.

A good way to ease this is to take time out on your own. You may be the type of person to offer help to others frequently and that's wonderful, but know that you are literally a sponge for their energies, and once you have soaked up these vibrations you need to release them. Meditation is an amazing tool at isolating and quietening the mind (here is a popular book on meditation to quiet your mind.) It helps you to perceive the world in new ways enabling you to deal with psychic noise being inadvertently transmitted to you. Realize that others' emotions are separate to yours, so take time to think on how to isolate them in your mind. Preserve the integrity of your own mind and still help others, by protecting yourself through relaxation, meditation and time-out on your own.

Do You Sense or Feel Other People's Emotions? Psychic Stress - Video