26 April 2014

Global Shift in Consciousness - Mass Spiritual Awakening

Global shift in consciousness, mass spiritual awakening
According to The Ra Material – The Law of One, our planet is in transition between third and fourth density, that is, the planetary energy vibration is increasing in frequency, effectively moving us into another dimension. This process could take anywhere between 100 to 700 years to complete and began in the mid 20th century. 

There are spirits incarnate at this time (as human) who have already moved into thinking and working as more advanced fourth density beings but are hampered by the third density vibrational level of the planet at this time. Some are attempting to raise the vibration of the global population by exuding energies of love and light, and expressing the need to work together as one harmonious global civilization of love, equality, selflessness and mutual benefit. 

The Ra Material is available in book format here (US),(UK here)or free to download here.

Actually, the human race already does work together, not globally, but on local levels e.g. communities and countries. We must not forget that, and know that there is much hope. Most of us are not self sufficient, we are interdependent (not through choice). The bread factory makes bread, which the policeman can't make, but he catches criminals because the waitress wants to feel safe and waits tables, for the builder having his lunch who built the house for the family who couldn't do it themselves. The family by the way, used all manner of utilities supplied by others. All of these groups do these activities to meet demand, to make a living (obviously). The point being, that we are interdependent and do work together already.

A leap must therefore be made, from established local level cooperation, to global cooperation. But as in the article 'Mass Inequality', moving to a global community requires equality (an perhaps an alternative to currency). So long as the power hierarchy based on wealth exists, there's no true global community.  

Spiritual awakening is required, wherein all beings are allowed to know their true spiritual potential. To know that they are a spiritual entity present on this earth for a time and with purpose, then moving on to incarnate elsewhere or right back here. To know that our species is universal and more than is presented by the five bodily senses. The self-serving nature of the majority is stifling humanity's overall progression, constrained by social programming begun at birth. This author is working class, but extremely fortunate to be born in civilised democratic country of relative abundance. Most of the world's population are not so fortunate. If you are not a consumer contributing to profit margins, then you don't get a ticket to a comfortable life. You're better off self sufficient, if that's is even possible.

Various belief systems agree that we are all part of one 'creator', one energy, or cosmic plan. The idea of a mass consciousness is found by many as subconsciously known without being told. If there were a mass shift in consciousness, a global spiritual awakening, away from self-serving egotistical lifestyles to that of service to others, love and mutual benefit – then a new unified, dynamic human race could be born. Initiatives such as The Zeitgeist Movement outline ways to move forward practically in terms of global social structure, infrastructure and organisation. This awakening could be happening now and the more we learn, the more we in effect upload to the mass consciousness, and motivate others to search for answers for themselves.  

Global Shift in Consciousness - Mass Spiritual Awakening: Video Version