30 April 2014

Helping Others – Why Do It?

Helping others
Helping others
Let's go back to basics – what can we do that's fundamentally good? What helps our souls to progress and benefits everyone? Working together, that's what – not being at odds, not fighting, seeking power, hoarding or thinking of the self as supremely important. Let's start by changing the way we think about helping others. Lots of people think this way already, and if it wasn't for them, the world would be a dark place. You won't lose out by helping others, only gain in many ways. Experience feel-good benefits, both to you and humanity as a whole, by adopting the 'help others' attitude in your daily life.

Just yesterday the author of this article helped an older lady who couldn't release a shopping cart from the coin/chained-up system at the grocery store. Everyone else was walking by or getting frustrated. I reinserted the coin and unstuck the mechanism, and the lady was extremely grateful. She needn't have been so intensely grateful, except she knew that help from others doesn't always come easy.

You can help others in many different ways, it's so simple and you already know what to do. Follow your instinct and your heart. Show love, care, tolerance and compassion. Stop and help a stranger struggling to carry their groceries, a driver who can't see to reverse their car, or a lady who has dropped some papers on the floor. Together we can raise the vibration.

Help an animal in distress, or call someone who can. Give to charity if you can afford it, if not and even better, put some time aside to help those less fortunate. Do some fund-raising, visit a children's home with gifts at Christmas, talk to the lonely lady down the street. Chat to your neighbors, offer to help them, join in with the community and lend a hand. Spend more time with your family, smile when someone helps you, be pleasant to others. Some of these tips don't sound like actual helping – but wouldn't it help your self esteem if someone acknowledged you, instead of pretending you don't exist? Even simple kindness is helping others.

Helping others – Why do it?
  1. It raises the energy vibration for you and others. In turn, humanity as a whole.
  2. Removes burden from the other person.
  3. Improves relationships and creates feelings of inclusion, belonging and friendship.
  4. Unifies communities and reduces isolation and negative energies.
  5. You gain experiences through the activities associated with helping others. For example, instead of giving 3 hours to a beauty treatment for yourself, give two of those hours to helping kids on a learning activity or taking an elderly relative to a beautiful garden.
  6. Sowing the seeds of good karma are likely to bear fruit later on and benefit you. Find out how karma works here on Spiritual-Awakening.net, or by reading a useful book on karma found here (US)(here UK).
  7. It is believed in many religions and ways of thinking, that we all come from one unified source and that we all share a mass consciousness. Therefore by helping others you are helping yourself because we are all one.
  8. Helping others creates norms of behavior that others adopt. Help others and they will emulate your behavior. If this behavior spreads to more and more people, then a positive mass effect can be felt.
  9. A mass culture of helping others, love, and support arises from all of this – moving humanity forward as a multifaceted global team, working together for mass positive outcomes.
  10. Help your soul and others progress to a state of advancement beyond that is attainable alone.
  11. Love is the highest vibration and aids in spiritual progression – freely given through empathy, compassion and service to others.
  12. Reward the self in all of the above ways, and create a feeling of well-being and satisfaction for yourself.
Overall, know that helping others is helping yourself, and that what you contribute as an individual can have a widespread effect. Begin with a positive attitude and motivation toward happiness.

Helping Others – Why Do It? - Video Version