25 April 2014

Is Karma Real? Sure It Is.

Is karma real?
'I helped an elderly person take her groceries to her car, that's karma points for me!' or 'I killed a big bug, now I'm going to get bad karma' – sound familiar? It's not possible to verify whether you'll truly be paid back for these actions, but there's one way we see that karma is very real.

If you put goodness in, you get goodness out. Give love, receive love. Hate and be hated. Can you see the karmic pattern? If you take care of your neighbor's cats while they are away, you're performing a service to others. It's likely your neighbor will repay you with kindness by taking care of your pets while you're away, or inviting you for dinner, buying you a gift and so on. Put in and get out. Another example – you drive aggressively, tailgating all the time, swearing and sounding your horn at motorists just for being on the road. Likely, sooner or later, you'll have a car accident or be a victim of road rage yourself. The karmic forces come back around. In this way we see that karma exists in our everyday lives, all the time.  

In studying Buddhism, we learn that karma is a Sanskrit word meaning 'action'. It refers to the initial positive, neutral or negative action. The polarity (positive or negative) of the intention for the action is the deciding factor. It is the effect of karma that comes back around – 'karma' is the initial action. Buddhism outlines how karma (actions) in one lifetime can result in effects showing up sometime in the same lifetime or in a future incarnation. Seeds are sown by karmic actions, but may not germinate into effects until some other lifetime. Good actions are a cause of reincarnation in a lifetime of mainly happiness, and negative actions result in a lifetime of increased suffering. So karma is the root of future happiness.  

An excellent book on Buddhism that describes karma, can be found here (US), (UK here).

Although this Buddhist belief is of course wise and respectable – alternatively, it may be true that having spent a life of being negative to others, upon physical death, the spirit might examine it's own behavior and opt for a new lifetime of increased suffering for it's own learning and spiritual advancement. This could be possible, rather than having a punishment or sentence of sorts, being imposed open the spirit in the allocation of a new life of suffering.
So, after the forgetting (being born with a clean slate) a spirit lives out the new lifetime in human form – either positively, neutrally or negatively orientated in it's intentions and behavior. Then upon death, the spirit performs an evaluation, perhaps with help, and chooses a new lifetime in whatever time-space appropriate, to balance out it's learning and experiences as it sees fit. All for the greater good of the universe.

Thinking about karma in it's basic form then, we can know for sure that karma is real – you get back out what you put in. So, how about putting in higher vibrational energies such as love, empathy and compassion through your actions. Do it more and more and see the results, in this lifetime and the next!

Is Karma Real? What is Karma? - Video version.