24 April 2014

Spiritual Awakening Making Global Inequality Hard to Take

Global inequality and spirituality
Imagine for a moment that you are a member of an alien race, surveying Earth and it's inhabitants. What would you see? A planet of abundant resources, teaming with life, magnificent in beauty. The problem is obvious. There's a species there, consuming all the resources with no plan for the future, fouling the sea, air and land, ruling themselves in small factions called countries, each with a hierarchical power structure and no harmony in between. The human race has the power for goodness, but goodness how the power structure has the humans trapped.

As an alien it's pretty likely you come from a civilization where each individual works in unison. The entire race is likely to cooperate and function as one dynamic team, perhaps a mass consciousness facilitated spiritually or technologically. It's also likely that disturbing social conditions such as poverty, crime, disease, and all types of inequality are a thing of the past – how else would your race function as one dynamic super organisation. So when you look at these humans, it must be quite perplexing as to why they have no plan in place whatsoever to bring the population together to live in a way that protects our planet's finite resources and removes social inequality from every corner of the globe.

The problem is those with the power and finance wouldn't dream of sharing. That's an unclean word. They worked hard for their money (which is just a concept by the way). However, the poverty-stricken farmer works a lot too. He's likely suffering due to low prices imposed on his product by those at the top wishing for greater profits. The top percentage get richer and more powerful. They would be the ones to initiate world change, but profit is more important. There is no profit in removing poverty, except for PR of course, in token amounts, and thank god for charities. World leaders fight over territories, wars are fueled by fuel, religion and other reasons that are no good reason for people to die.  

The alien is considering putting this planet in quarantine because given the mass stupidity, he or she believes it's a bad thing that this race of beings has nuclear weapons. Some of the humans go about their daily lives trying to scrape a living together, when there are other's who have control of incredibly dangerous weapons that can wipe out millions. That is super, ultra, inequality.

'Wealthy elites have co-opted political power to rig the rules of the economic game, undermining democracy and creating a world where 85 richest people own the wealth of half of the world's population' warns Oxfam.

Every person born has the same right to the planets resources. Why are many denied and others born in to plenty? As a race we are going nowhere while mass inequality still exists. Thing is, those with power and wealth may spend their lives collecting more, but when they go over, as every single person born will do, they can't take any of it with them. The religion of materialism is going strong. Any with wealth and power, including the media are naturally going to portray complete social equality as madness, because it means no more extremes of power – for example the meaning of 'utopia' seems to have morphed into something like 'naivety', but instead of utopia, mere 'equality' would be out of this world.

Spiritual Awakening Making Global Inequality Hard to Take - Video Version