18 April 2014

Mass Media Effect on Mass Consciousness

Mass Media and Mass Consciousness
Imagine you are feeling calm, happy and spiritual. It may not be the case, but imagine it all the same. You are quite happy with how the day is panning out. Then turn on the TV, open your news coverage app, magazine or actual newspaper, and you'll probably be bombarded with tales of lavish lifestyles, war, killing, violence, disease, financial crisis, economic uncertainty, materialism and about 50 ways to die. Lovely.

Bad news is, well, news. But what about the light hearted stories surrounding the bad news? Advertising is usually of an uplifting frequency. Of course the advertising loves you, it spreads love because it wants your money. Okay, what about the celebrities, let's ogle at them and subconsciously compare ourselves...oh wait, that inadequate feeling is creeping on. Now there's some salvation, the sports pages, a beloved distraction to bury ourselves in. All well and good, but still a distraction from what the media does not include in it's carefully chosen messages – something that improves the true spiritual self.

How did you feel before your dose of commercial media? Now after receiving some fear, fabricated wants, and aspirational scenarios (where people or things are displayed for you to aspire to become or own), how do you feel now? Are you in 'the know'?  

People are writing, compiling and editing these mediums, mere people are behind them. No Ph.Ds, no gurus, no Buddha, or teachers, or elders with wisdom – just profit and success hungry people and organisations. This may all sound obvious, but the key is to remember this truth and to never let the mass media engineer who you are. It's easy to lose yourself in it because is sensational, believable and served up in a delicious manner.

It is believed that we, not has human beings, but as spiritual consciousness are all interconnected though mass consciousness. There has been scientific research toindicate this is so. As the mass media produces delusions for us to adopt, we lose touch with the spiritual beings that we truly are, and we 'upload' negative vibrations to this mass consciousness, potentially lowering its vibration. The highest vibrations are that of love and light, and by clearing your mind of the negative semantic noise (e.g. through meditation, and avoidance of too much commercial media) you can reduce stress and unhappiness, and enjoy more love and light.  

Mass Media Effect on Mass Consciousness - Video