17 April 2014

Self Discovery - Who are you? Really?

Do you really know yourself? How would you describe yourself?

Each life is a spiritual journey of learning and discovery, including discovery of the self.

Some people might define themselves by their job role, social life, or interests. Let's try it, for example – A working mum, very busy, not much time for fun, but when possible she takes a day out with the family, or maybe a shopping trip with girlfriends, a coffee and so on. Or imagine the male version of that, add or subtract interests, more or less wealth, more or less lazy or active. There are lots of variations as we are all different. However, if you boil it down, are we really all that different?

Look at yourself in another way. Do you prefer to help others, or help yourself? Go on be honest. You've got to look out for number one in this world it's true. Would you prefer to buy with your hard earned cash, new clothes for yourself that you could probably survive without, or would you give some to charity for let's say, protecting vulnerable adults or children? No guilt trip intended.

Your own happiness and safety has to be your priority, as well as that of family. But look at other people around you if you will. Success is not measured by how much we contribute to others, to communities, social groups or humanity as a whole, it's measured by how much we get. How well each of us has personally done at climbing the same old self serving ladder as everyone else. 

Stars in Magazines, TV, advertising, even our friends seem to only be concerned with themselves, so in turn, everybody thinks this is the way to exist. Take a selfie, look at me, I have a new car, new outfit, gleaming sterilised home, new shoes, more new shoes and so on. Is that who you really are?

Name the things that make you different to others. This is the inner you expressing itself, this is your own personality. Don't let the media, job requirements, trends and other people dictate who you are. All this has a dumbing down effect and can stifle creativity, spirituality and the ability to share love. Put the norms of your every day life and everything you see aside for a moment, and re-examine what is important. Paint a picture in your mind of who you want to be, then put it all back together knowing that you still have daily responsibilities, but there must still be provision for your individuality and personality to shine through.

You may feel like helping others, for example, by visiting an elderly neighbour, donating to a food-bank or even spending more time with your loved ones. A new hobby or social interest might allow the inner you to shine through. Stifling the inner you, while growing stagnant in normalised society, will not facilitate your spiritual growth and knowledge of true self. Whatever it is you choose to do, go forward knowing that in each lifetime we must learn and experience as much as possible, and part of that is finding your true self.