30 April 2014

What Happens After We Die? – A Spiritual Perspective

What Happens After We Die?
Our physical body is equivalent to the that of the yellow chakra, it is the physical body complex plus the soul. It is connected to the physical reality that we experience during our current lifetime.

When we die, the yellow-ray or physical body is shed, and we manifest as spirit in the indigo-ray etheric body, equivalent to the vibration of the indigo chakra. This chakra also represents the 'third eye' or pineal gland, and is the gateway to cosmic energy. The indigo-ray body can take any form it chooses. Each of us, upon death on this plane, will have this ability given the correct conditions.

Souls sometimes become earthbound in cases of sudden death or when the individual has a very strong attachment to a place, object or person still incarnate on this Earthly plane. There are battlefields, houses and complexes throughout the world where ghosts are regularly reported and this is the likely reasoning behind this phenomena. The spirit entity refuses to let go of the earthly (yellow-ray) physical attachment and the essence of the yellow-ray entity remains earthbound. It is due to the freewill of the earthbound entity that it remains. Once aware of it's predicament it may choose to leave, and this awareness has the potential to activate indigo-ray and the entity leaves this plane for the etheric (or astral) plane.

Normally, upon death a spirit would leave the physical body, assume the form of the indigo (or etheric) body and take rest in the etheric plane. Same is true for the earthbound spirit who has become aware and graduated. Time and space are not relative in the etheric plane to the earthly plane. Years may pass on the denser physical plane but they hold no time-space relevance on the etheric plane. Reality is created by entities there, and the space around them is manipulated and manifested at will.

The spirit during it's period of rest will examine the experiences gained in the most recent lifetime, draw conclusions and learn. This contributes to the knowledge and intelligence of the universe as a whole, as we are all one and share consciousness. Next the spirit will contemplate it's next incarnation – where and when to incarnate, under what circumstances and conditions. Prerequisites for leaning and enrichment are specified too, so that a general map for the next lifetime can be created.

Spirits are known to travel through existence with close companions, and these are also factored into the reincarnation decision. If you have ever heard of spirit guides or know of mediums contacting loved ones who have passed, then you may suspect these to be spiritual companions, of relationships maintained for a longer period of time than we can imagine.

Again with regards to where the incarnation will be, it may not necessarily be in the Earthly realm but within a planetary existence of a similar progressive level to the level of the spirit entity. Unless of course the spirit has progressed sufficiently to incarnate into a higher dimensional realm, or higher plane of existence. This could be a planetary illusion of a higher vibrational frequency, incarnate into a bodily complex that if viewed by human eyes would appear to be pure white light.

Therefore, view death as not the end, but a chance to rest and reflect on your experiences. Treasure this life and make the most of it as possible. Allow this lifetime to contribute to your spiritual progression, and gather much knowledge and experience for reflection on the other side.

What Happens After We Die? – A Spiritual Perspective: Video.