28 April 2014

Why Should I Meditate?

Why should I meditate?
Meditation is essential in a number of ways. It calms the mind, facilitates happiness and balances your perception of the world. Meditation also opens the gateway to infinite intelligent energy and communication with the higher self.

The mind goes over a lot, churning thoughts, worries, needs and desires, over and over. Clearing this activity resets the mind, which naturally returns to a calm harmonious state by default. Worrying is a habit like smoking or biting your finger nails, and stopping this activity results in detachment from it.

Breaking the habit of continuous thought, which is done through meditation, produces effects that spill over into your daily life. Your cleansed mind, free of the thought habit, automatically approaches daily activities and obstacles in a balanced manner. Calmness becomes the new norm.

'When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subsides, a deep happiness and contentment naturally arise from within' (Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, 2010).

Viewing from your new standpoint, it's as if you're standing outside of your problems and other obstacles, and take a wiser, balanced, overall view of the whole. Approaching life in this way results in swifter solutions, implemented in a calmer, happier way. If you have emotional reactions or mood swings, meditation is a wonderful tool.

By developing the habit of a calm mind, you start to realise what's really important in life. Again, that ability to gain the overall balanced view of things takes effect by enabling you to prioritise properly. Naturally this results in rejection of materialistic desires and appreciation of love, family, friends, helping others and spiritual self improvement. Meditation equals a release from this world's insanity, uncovering the spiritual sense you had all along.

Meditation also provides a link with your higher self. Given we are all spiritual beings using a human body for a time for the purpose of learning and enrichment, we need to reconnect with our higher self in order to recharge, and reset our aims more in-line with universal purpose. Meditation activates your pineal gland and facilitates subtle communication. It is believed that the higher self is you in a different space and time, and can coexist during the space-time illusion we are experiencing now. During the forgetting at birth, we partially lose touch with this higher self, yet they are present all along.

Opening this gateway of your mind exposes your mind, body and spirit to infinite cosmic energy within the universe, and this has amazing healing effects on the mind, body and spirit. The more you meditate the healthier, happier, wise and knowledgeable you could become. Your purpose in life may also become clearer. A good book on meditation for beginners can be found here for the USand here for the UK. It's never to late to start. A little meditation everyday could make a big impact on your life.  

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