20 May 2014

9 Reasons Why Spirituality is Good for Your Relationship

Spirituality and relationships
Spirituality does wonders for a relationship. If both people in a relationship share similar spiritual views – loving harmony and magical chemistry can result.

1. Different Perspective on Life
Spiritually awakened people within a relationship tend to have a different perspective on life. Key elements to a spiritual awakening are inner peace, love and unity, and knowledge of the continuance of life. Spiritual partners, both being aware of these things, tend to have a greater, more holistic perspective. Therefore, little niggles and irritations in life seem meaningless.

Spiritual partners focus on what really matters, for example loving each other – and inconveniences are dealt with in a stress free manner and in perspective. Given their spiritual knowledge, they value time together. Appreciation is shown and rarely do they take one another for granted. Where thoughts of work, money, and day to day running of a family can take over, instead of the relationship being neglected – factors are dealt with properly, but the priority lies where it should.

2. Focus on Love and Light
Spiritual partners know that love is the highest energy vibration, therefore are aware of it's importance. Love can cancel out negative energy, for example, an angry argument is diffused immediately by a loving embrace. By sharing love, a couple are stronger together and can face the world with double strength, cancelling out external negative forces. Love also increases happiness, well-being and balances the energy centers – especially the green chakra.

3. Giving and Receiving
Being aware of the positive polarization of spirituality, a primary focus is that of service to others. A perfectly balanced positively polarized person can give freely to others without expecting anything in return. However of course, a balanced relationship involves partners giving and receiving in love, care and acts of kindness. Therefore, each spiritual partner being aware of this need, gives in service to each other without being asked. Examples could be, cooking a meal, helping out with chores, a surprise gift, or any other act of giving, helping or sharing.

4. Energy Alignment
All of the factors discussed contribute to partners becoming harmonized. Have you ever noticed that overtime you and your partner become more and more in tune? Able to coexist in harmony? If so, then you are experiencing energy alignment. Each mind/body/spirit entity (person) is different and their 7 energy centers are balance in energy differently. One person may be quite negatively polarized and experience much anger and distrust. This would not suit the positively polarized quiet and kind person.

5. More Balance
Partners in a spiritual relationship experiencing alignment are not morphing into the same person, but their energy centers are balancing to compliment each other. This results in harmony, happiness and balance in the relationship. This balance creates the ability to coexist happily, work on day to day activities together as an efficient team, to be able to show emotion freely and in a balanced way, to support each other readily, to approach situations in the optimal way, and to maintain constant and balanced flow of energy preventing fostering of negative vibration.

6. Magical Love Making
When the energy centers are aligned and balance is being reached, love making is not merely a series of moves. It's a spiritual act where two spirits virtually intertwine. Their energies spiral together as one. In the spirit world, our energies can combine almost as one for a time. The same is true for love making in human form. Spiritual partners can let go and experience the high energy vibrational patterns as a far superior experience.

7. Being Soul Mates
Soul mates travel together through time and space. You may feel like you've known your partner for a thousand lifetimes. Spiritual partners know that this is the case, and that they'll be together as companions in this lifetime and the next. This knowledge helps to solidify the relationship, and bring comfort and trust.

8. Better Coping Skills
Experiencing inner peace involves finding happiness within, rather than searching for people and things to provide happiness for you. In this way, those in a spiritual relationship are contented with themselves and each other, and don't apply pressure to facilitate each other's happiness. They don't constantly look to far horizons for happiness because they know it's in the here and now, with each other. When problems arise in the relationship, the inner peace experienced by both individuals provides better coping skills so that issues can be resolved in a fair, loving and balanced way.

9. Better Communication
Balancing of energy centers involves free flowing energy through the blue chakra. This enables good communication and good listening. Through effective communication, problems are swiftly remedied and positive energies are freely expressed and received, further raising the positive polarity of the relationship.

In summary, exploring spirituality together has benefits beyond the scope of this article. Explore them together, with the right person, because if you both have faith in spirit and the oneness of universal creation, you'll gain lasting faith in each other.