2 May 2014

Do Animals Have souls? Do Animals Reincarnate? Animals Progressing Spiritually.

Do animals have souls?
Self-awareness is most important for animals to progress spiritually. They cannot incarnate into human form until a certain level of self-awareness is reached. There are ways that humans can help animals to progress, and in doing so the animal continues it's journey of learning and experience for the benefit of the universal consciousness. Furthermore, by helping them, we are aiding in our own spiritual progression.

All living things have the potential to progress to a state of awareness. An example is that of single celled organisms, they exist and grow but are not self aware – they exist in the first, moving into the second density, that's the equivalent to red through yellow-ray chakras. As progression continues and chemical substances react to produce greater physical and mindful growth, the conditions are met for love and light to be used as a function of that growth.

Once entities reach the orange-ray or second density stage of development over many generations of physical evolution, the conditions become right for self awareness to manifest, and a soul to be incarnate within the physical body. In this category we find animals who have younger souls, and less developed stages of awareness and consciousness than humans. This may sound self-satisfying, however these second density spirits have the potential to progress to a higher state of awareness.

All kinds of animals, such as fish, amphibians, birds and household pets are of an orange-ray, second density existence. They move around, live and function in relatively intelligent ways to that of say, a bacteria which is unaware of it's actions. For example, a bird might live in a community of birds, and prepare a nest for its young. The mind/body complex of a bacteria has not such activities in mind, only consuming and reproducing without realization.

We can help animals to progress spiritually. Although some of us may prefer the easy life of a lion, or the pampered life of a pooch, these mind/body/spirit complexes do not have the same opportunities for learning, experience and spiritual growth as humans. The catalyst is awareness and we can help furnish animals with this enlightening concept.

(On the flip-side here's a good book on what animals can teach us about spirituality (US),(UK here))

Pets are in a unique position among the animal kingdom to gain the experience needed to progress into our third density, that's equivalent to the yellow-ray chakra existence. We can help pets, or other animals we come into contact with, to foster their own self awareness. Types of animals other than pets include; a wild animal that visits us in our garden, zoo animals, or wild animals in a conservation area that experience human contact.

Encouraging self awareness can be done in a number of ways:

Show Love

Pet your dog or cat, cuddle your rabbit, talk to your parrot. The animal feels this love psychically as well as physically. It realizes it is worthy of receiving such love, and this helps to build self-worth, therefore self awareness. Plus, love is the highest vibration and raises the vibrational energies of the animal individual.  

Focus on the Individual

Look into it's eyes, give some of your time, make the animal the sole focus of your attention during those times. The animal feels special, like an individual, hence it becomes more self-aware.


Treat the animal like a person as far as possible. It is a mind/body/spirit complex the same as you, just a little less advanced, without the power of speech and language. Talk to it, it can hear your tone of voice and gauge your emotion. Demonstrate the importance of the animal by giving it it's own belongings, it's own attention, it's own role in the household or group. Let it share in mealtimes.

Build a Relationship

Building a relationship with an animal demonstrates to it that lasting bonds are beneficial, and that it is worthy of such interaction. It will learn that on one side of the relationship is you the human and on the other side is the animal individual. This relationship again reinforces the concept of individuality and self-worth for the animal, and therefore self-awareness.

Provide Necessities

Provide protection, care, love, food, water, warmth and any other physical or emotional assistance that the animal needs. Again, concepts of self-worth and individuality arise from the receipt of these actions. The vibration of love is being aimed at the animal, energizing it's energy centers.

Let it be noted that if an animal incarnates into a situation where it is in contact with a human entity, it's likely this incarnation was made purposefully for the learning enrichment of this second density animal entity.

In summary, by helping animals to progress spiritually, they can obtain a third density existence and continue their universal voyage of leaning and discovery. Humans gain too, for in doing this we enrich our own experiences, and enjoy the giving and receiving of love with these second density spirits. Our own progression is aided through undertaking these activities, as we grow closer to upper third density and fourth (green-ray) existence.

Do Animals Have souls? Do Animals Reincarnate? Animals Progressing Spiritually: Video.