5 May 2014

Are You About 'Service to Self' or 'Service to Others'?

Being service to self or service to others
Service to self orientation is where the larger percentage of your thoughts, intentions and actions are orientated toward benefiting yourself. The opposite is true of those orientated towards service to others. These individuals spend the larger portion of their mental, physical and spiritual efforts focusing on benefiting others. Which category do you fall into? There are benefits if knowing.

Service to others orientated people carry with them energies of a high vibration such as love and compassion. This spreads to others through the actions they perform. Actions include, caring for the sick, caring for family, helping a friend, being emotionally supportive, donating to charity, building a well for those without water, even little things such as giving a compliment, petting a dog and holding a door open for someone. All of these actions raise energy vibration from that of low negative emotions to high positive ones – the highest being love.

The green, blue and indigo chakras glow brightly for service to others orientated people, due to the gateway to intelligent infinity being more open, allowing the inflow of healing cosmic energy. They feel the need for balance with the world and other people, because they have a sense that we are all one. These positive people appreciate that cooperation enriches lives, and thrive on the giving and receiving of love and friendship.

Service to self orientated people tend to have blockages in the red and orange chakras resulting in traits such as domination, power, control, greed and narcissism. Traits that benefit the self. If there is a power hierarchy, the negatively polarized person would love to be at the top. If of a reclusive nature, there will no love or kindness shown. Actions are for the benefit of the self, such gaining as much money as possible to spend on the self, spending a lot of time in front of the mirror, encouraging all attention to focus on the self for self gratification.

Most people are somewhere between these two extremes, and live through a combination of service to self, and service to others.

The concept of service to self and service to others is central to the soul's progression. Service to self can be termed as negative polarization and service to others as positive polarization. The more time and energy spent on service to others the more likely your soul will progress to a higher density, or higher vibration and reincarnate to a time and space of a more advanced nature.

Being a mixture of positive and negative polarization results in the spirit requiring to reincarnate once more on the earthly plane, in order to find polarization. It is also believed that those who are extremely negatively polarized will also progress into the next density, but to a time and space (planet) that is extremely negatively orientated.

Some have said that an example of an extremely negatively polarized civilization is that of the alien grays who visit Earth to perform experiments on their abductees. These beings are not from our dimension, but can move in and out of it at will. It may therefore be true that extremely negatively polarized service to self human spirits will ascend to the next density and incarnate within such a civilization.

On an international or global earthly level, setting the example of helping others can be infectious – it can become the cultural norm. Just like it's becoming uncool to smoke, or part of daily life to recycle, it can become the norm for every person to help and support each other. If this were to spread globally then all people would have the power to help each other and progress together, rather than having service to self types with all the resources residing firmly at the top.

Are You About 'Service to Self' or 'Service to Others'? Video