19 May 2014

The Human Body - A Vehicle for Spirit

human body vehicle for spirit
Having a soul implies that our physical bodies are temporary and disposable lifetime after lifetime. A very strange and negative thought. It's like having a precious sort of overcoat, you wear it for a time and when it wears out, you get a new one. Many people believe in the continuance of the soul, that we live on and continue our voyage of learning and discovery within the universe through reincarnation. 

Most religious belief systems hold the view of existence of the eternal spirit. If the spirit is our essence, the part of us that holds memories from different lifetimes and transcends time and space – where does that leave our human body?  

Looking in the mirror, it's our human body we see. That person we see before us is what we perceive as the self. But over the course of many lifetimes, you've gazed in many mirrors and seen many different faces looking back at you. Some of them may not have been human. Your spirit is probably older than you can imagine, and the 'you' in the mirror is an entity existing for a mere moment in time compared to the age of the Earth or even the universe.

Some have suggested the possibility that people trapped in a coma are free to wander in spirit with their attachment to their physical body remaining. They have the potential to awaken. The physical body is malfunctioning but there's the intention or possibility of return.

There's no doubt that a great deal of people believe in the continuance of life, spirit or soul. A poll conducted by Ipsos for Reuters News found 'half (51%) believe in some kind of afterlife while the remaining half believe they will either just ‘cease to exist’ (23%) or simply ‘don’t know’ (26%) about a hereafter'.   

Believing in the continuance of the soul must therefore mean our human bodies are disposable vehicles, precious thought they are. We have symbiotic relationship – human body with spirit. The silver cord is described as a bright, silvery, elastic band-like cord that attaches our human body to our spirit when, for example, astral projection is performed (leaving the body during meditative trance for the purpose of exploration). We can leave our human body for periods of time and return.

If you have seen the movies 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers' or 'The Invasion' which although rather horrific in parts, involve story-lines where an alien life form takes over humanity from within by eradicating their human essence and replacing it with their own. The resulting race looks human, but with markedly more focused, efficient and emotionless personalities. If you step back and look at our situation, and what we believe about the continuance of life – do these films not apply to us a little bit? Of course we have not invaded any planet or races of beings – our spirits have incarnated as human in this Earthly realm as long as there's been life with self awareness. But still, aren't our human bodies simply hosts?

We must take good care of our physical bodies because they are indeed precious. They're comprised of elements that came from the sun and from this earth. We are the earth (as per our red energy centre), it gave us elemental life. The physical body is a wonderful gift that we use to gain knowledge, experience and overall enlightenment. The potential for interaction, love and compassion with other human entities is immense. Plus this is a very exciting time to be incarnate within the earthly realm due to the transition in earthly vibratory frequency from third to fourth density/dimension. There's many changes and potential for evolution in love and unity ahead.

If our human bodies are in fact biological robots of sorts that we use for a time for learning and discovery, it is shameful to not treat our bodies with utmost care and respect. Exercise, healthy eating, rest and careful treatment are all important – as this we well know. As we are born with a physical body freely given, many of us tend to take it for granted. Imagine you had to purchase a fully functional state of the art life-size robot, would you be able to afford it? Know that you already have the latest biological model, it's probably in pretty good condition, with a few bumps and scrapes here and there, but it's the product of a great deal of evolution. And you got it for free.

We were all born, so eventually inevitably we'll all die. Saying goodbye to your physical body could be quite a traumatic experience – a possible reason for earthbound spirits remaining who, previously unaware of an afterlife, couldn't let go of their physical body and so manifest it into a thought-form reality.
Take good care of your human body, you chose it as a gift to yourself in spirit, so do your spirit-self a favor and make the most of it. Exist in love and light, take care of others and cherish life!   

Human Body Vehicle for Spirit/Soul, Take Care of It - Video

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