13 May 2014

Conspiracy Theories Causing Negative Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening and conspiracy theories
Negative information about the reality of life on earth or even the universe, is sometimes learned through conspiracy theories. If such information causes the listener to realize that the world is not as previously believed, and their response is anger, hatred or even violence, then this could be termed a 'negative spiritual awakening'. Human entities experiencing this, need to be realigned toward vibrations of love and light, or they risk becoming as self serving as those they hear about in the conspiracy theories.

Spiritual awakening could be defined as a shift in consciousness, a revolution in the way a person thinks. A shedding of delusions about this reality, a recognition of a greater truth beyond physical life, and then a search for truth about the universe. Spiritual awakening is different for each person and differing beliefs arise, but there's always an undercurrent of universal oneness, love, peace and service to others.

For some, a spiritual awakening occurs as a result of experiencing loss, meeting a spiritual person, reading a book, contact in a dream, seeing a ghost, maturing of the mind and so on. But for others, a spiritual awakening happens when they learn that the world sometimes works in different ways than how they were brought up to believe. This realization pushes them outside of their mental safety zone.

Conspiracy theories within the context of this article could be for example; that political power is in fact held by a secret group rather than the leaders we see. That the extremely wealthy pull all the strings within a country therefore controlling the media, propaganda, economics, finance, food stuffs, transport and so on. That our true spiritual abilities are purposefully dumbed-down and hidden from us through chemical additives, materialistic consumerism and propaganda. Or that governments cover up contact with extra terrestrials, research and use alien technology for their own benefit. Or even that the super wealthy are aiming to implement a 'new world order' of sorts where the world is run through enslavement, dependence, oppression and fear.

These are just a few examples of conspiracy theories discussed at length on the internet. Whether there's truth in these claims or not, is not for this article. However, two main effects can be felt from communicating such ideas to the masses online.

Firstly, such information causes realizations in individuals that the world is not as previously believed, and therefore awakening follows shortly after. Concepts involving extra terrestrials or secret groups being contacted by self serving demonic entities, causes individuals who already have tendencies toward negativity to further polarize towards negativity once awakening begins. The concept of love and light, the highest vibrations, carrying humanity and our souls forward in oneness - is not factored into the equation. The negative awakening misses the point and takes a negatively polarized orientation. Therefore further search for enlightenment regarding universal truths is tainted by negativity.

Secondly, the resulting action taken can further negatively polarize the newly awakened individual. They may believe they are learning and talking about the truth, but in fact they are playing into the hands of the self serving power hungry controlling groups by themselves spreading fear, anger and hatred.

For example, a famous speaker may talk at length about conspiracy theories with intense anger and fear visible to all. The speaker may motivate others to become angry and fight for what's right. The speaker has good intentions. However, the negative emotional energy lowers the vibration for listeners and the listeners in turn feel low vibratory energies within themselves. Their continuing awakening process is tinted my anger and fear.

Encouraging people to fight negative self serving forces, is liking fighting fire with fire – combating negative energy with negative energy. But the true way to fight negatively polarized human entities is with positive energy. Positive vibrational energy depolarizes the negative, cancelling each other out.

It would be unwise to hold your hands out in love to a man pointing a gun at you. But if you point one back, does that not make you like him?

In summary, when you hear a conspiracy theory that your intuition tells you is true, try not to feel anger and hatred. If you retell the story, do so without communicating fear. Combat the negative forces by showing love, empathy and compassion and being of service to others. These positive energies spread like wildfire and upload to the mass global consciousness, fighting the forces of negativity from within. If the conspiracy theories play-out and comes to fruition, then let the love-light revolution smother them, so that universal intelligent consciousness wins through.

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