12 May 2014

Kundalini: Spiritual Awakening

Kundalini Spiritual Awakening
The Kundalini serpent is said to lay coiled-up, sleeping at the base of the spine. As Kundalini begins, the serpent awakens and begins to uncoil. It travels up the spine through the energy centers, red through violet, causing a specific type of learning and realization at each. This metaphorical explanation passed from generation to generation outlines the process of spiritual awakening – an actual process that can be reworded in more detail using today's terms.

The dynamic tension of the Earth's magnetic energy field, once created and now holds together, all matter on Earth including humans, rocks, vegetation, and everything you see around you. There is a correlation between the earth’s spiraling magnetic energy field and our own mind/body/spirit energy field. Both the planet itself and living things on this planet, each have a spiraling intertwining dynamic energy field.

The opposing fields of the south pole being negative from below, and the north pole being positive from above, spiral in opposite patterns and then intersect at the center of the earth.  

Our souls manifest in the physical body and utilize energy from two sources. Firstly, our spirit utilizes energy from the planet we inhabit. This energy is described as a form of divine light that is not a frequency detectable by our eyes. The negatively charged south pole absorbs cosmic energy from the universe. This energy spirals up through the planet and meets the positive energy spiraling downward from the north pole – energy which originated from within the planet since creation.

Human entities absorb the negatively polarized energy from the earth (originating from the universe) through the feet and at the base of the spine.

Secondly our spirit utilizes energy originating from within ourselves. The life-force of our very spirit, of all our energy centers, higher self or selves, and everything that we are. This is positively charged energy and spirals downwards from the top of the head.

The meeting point of the upward spiraling negative energy and the downward spiraling positive energy is the point as which Kundalini occurs. It is the meeting point of cosmic understanding and a spirit's inner understanding. Depending on the efficiency to which a human entity uses it's energy centers, the height varies at which the positive energy and negative energy meets.

The analogy of the Kundalini serpent explains how the head of the serpent travels upward through the red, orange, yellow chakras and so on, at which point a kind of spiritual awakening occurs within each of these energy centers. Remembering that where the serpent's head reaches, is the meeting point of the positive (inner light) energy and the negative energy (from the earth and universal light).

Kundalini Process
  1. When serpent's head begins moving at the red-rey center, awakening in terms of basic survival occurs and balance in that regard is found.
  2. The serpent then reaches orange-rey and the concept of self is understood. Balance is reached and blockages removed.
  3. At yellow-rey the entity understands 'the self' in terms of sociability with others and interpersonal relationships, blockages here can result in problems interacting with others.
  4. When green in reached the entity fully understands the concept of universal love and oneness.
  5. At blue the person can communicate freely on all concepts without bias, and with utmost goodness and love.
  6. The Kundalini serpent reaches the indigo-rey energy center. Here the person has a link with universal energies, the gateway to intelligent infinity is open and inflows healing cosmic energy directly.
  7. Finally violet is reached and the entity is complete as a whole, and has a total understanding and balance of the self and gives freely asking for nothing in return. All the while the oneness of the source that we originated from resides within.
(Here is a good book on Awakening Kundalini). 

A person's level of spiritual development is said to correspond with the chakra or energy center to which they have progressed – red through violet. So where the serpent's head reaches, or where positive and negative energy meets, is the energy center that the entity tends to use for it's primary level of activity.  

Each mind/body/spirit complex (person) is different. Depending on their level of spiritual awakening and oneness with the universe, planet and other souls. They use universal energy differently within their chakras. The Kundalini spiritual awakening usually totally occurs when the mind/body/complex reaches a point of energy balance unique to that entity – facilitating the awakening.

Kundalini – Spiritual Awakening: Video Version