9 May 2014

Raising the Love Energy Vibration of Mass Consciousness

raising the love energy vibration of mass consciousness
What is the mass vibration? Why raise it? Love is the highest vibration and we need it to help our souls progress to higher levels of existence. This high energy vibration also cancels out negative energy such an anger or hatred. Thoughts are energy, like light is energy, otherwise they wouldn't exist. In higher dimensions (densities) thoughts become reality – illustrating the power of thought. In our reality, the human population exists collectively somewhere between positive and negative vibration, and this average polarity of the global population is said to be more towards the positive.

By raising the mass vibration to a higher frequency towards that of love, we are better able to work together to advance humanity. Negatively polarized or predominantly self serving people tend not to work together equally, but require a hierarchical power structure. This self servicing behavior when involving greed, secrecy, control and dominance is the opposer to fair global unity, peace and love. When these negative forces become too strong, those polarized towards service to self, use the more positively polarized masses to serve their own ends – such as profiteering for material gain and personal enrichment, and not returning resources back to those who desperately need it.

The higher we raise the mass energy vibration the more it cancels out the negative. This works by effectively uploading good freewill intent and love to the mass consciousness of which we are all part, as we are all one from the same universal source. In addition, this way of thinking and feeling motivates each of us to take physical action to raise the vibration such as volunteering for a charity, stopping exploitation and inequality. Therefore there are mental effects and physical effects.

Spiritual effects occur too. Each of us is part of a mind, body and spirit complex. Present for a time in this incarnation then we move to the next stage of existence (fourth density) or repeat this one (third). Raising the mass vibration with pure love and light results in more souls progressing to the fourth density, furthering their spiritual evolution. Earth itself is said to be in a transitional phase shifting in vibrational frequency – hence all the talk about spiritual awakenings and shifts in mass consciousness.

The Earth's own vibrational shift is causing a power struggle within humanity, towards positively polarized service to others type people and negatively polarized service to self people. Where the major problem lies is, although Earth's vibrational frequency is raising naturally at this time, the souls present are still predominantly of third density progression. Fourth density existence depends on the unity of all souls within it and we do not possess this characteristic. But this can all change by raising the mass vibration with love and light.

Do your bit. Be kind, help others, fight for good causes and stand up against those who only serve themselves. Goodwill, compassion and love are catching and can spread throughout the masses, but it starts with you.