18 May 2014

Reincarnation – Why Do We Forget Past Lives?

Reincarnation, why do we forget past lives?
Such an inconvenience. To be born and have to start all over again with a clean slate. A fresh brain formatted and ready to go. If only you could remember your past lives, so much wisdom must have been gained, but it's all forgotten. There are some very good reasons for this occurrence.

If children were born with full access to spiritual memory, very little learning would be required. A child would be able to speak right away, perhaps in a language from a previous life. It may wonder where it's family, job and home have gone. There would be great confusion at each and every birth!

Children fully versed in astrophysics, psychology, sociology and so on, would be telling their parents how to behave and demanding full adult rights and independence. Not befitting for a helpless physical frame. This bizarre upside-down scenario would result in a totally different type of civilization, so let's not try to bend our minds around it too much.  

Therefore a child must be born with a clean slate in order to receive the programming of this life. 200 years ago for example, societal norms would have been quite different, technology, food, industry, behaviors – all of which would need to be relearned in the present day and not carried over from a new life. If not, a child would simply never fit in. It's possible however, that this is the very reason some are born feeling like they are not of this time, or old fashioned. They may be ridiculed in the playground as a result.

Likewise, others are born with a very forward thinking, modern even futuristic frame of mind, fascinated with technology, psychic abilities, improving the world and so on. These individuals could have incarnated here from a distant civilization, not of this planetary sphere. They may have even come here to help raise the vibration of this planet, to help in it's transition from third to fourth density or higher energy vibration. These people too can often-times feel like misfits among the masses, and due to the forgetting at birth, are not sure why this is so.

You start out with your spirit memory wiped clean and your physical body complex containing the programming required for survival. Your physical body DNA has gone through evolution, and preprogrammed in your genes are the basic requirements for survival as a human being. You're programmed with hunter-gatherer instincts especially if you're male, protection and nesting instincts especially if female, plus 'fight or flight', the ability to automatically breathe, maintain body temperature, digest food, with programming for hunger, thirst and sex drive and more. Over the course of your lifetime in your physical body vehicle, your spirit and mind learn and gain in experience.

A key reason for the forgetting is for you to start a new lifetime of learning and discovery without tainting your experiences with those from previous lives. Your personality and whole approach to life may be totally different in this lifetime than to others, and this learning curve wouldn't have been possible if you hadn't undergone the forgetting. You may have the propensity for extreme sports in this life, an awesome experience indeed, but the play it safe, chess playing mathematician you were in a previous life, would never have dreamed of such activities. This way you can experience both. All for the greater good of the universe.

Another reason for the forgetting at reincarnation are the spiritual implications. Imagine if we were all born with full knowledge of our past lives (whether on Earth or elsewhere) and the periods in between on higher planes. We'd all have pretty comprehensive knowledge of the universe and incarnation here would be far less meaningful. You can apply your imagination to how this might pan-out, but the world would certainly be completely different either for the better or worse. People might seek the conditions of a previous life, perhaps wish for revenge for past wrong doings, some may not wish to be attached to a physical body, belief systems would be utterly different – plus further bizarre implications that can't even be imagined.

Many entities incarnate on Earth do overcome the forgetting. Children sometimes describe events from past lives and others regress and remember as adults. But there are those who realise their purpose on Earth, that they had themselves pre-programmed before birth. They get on with life's mission and the associated learning and experience. Their spiritual memories may activate at any point in their lifetime – activation involving intuition, a knowing, a memory of something but an inability to remember precisely what and when.

Spiritual teachers, those involved in service to others, or fighting inequality and poverty, those protecting our planet and doing other good works, are examples of people who overcome the forgetting and become activated. This could be termed a 'spiritual awakening' which is different for everybody.

Your memories will return upon going over. Memories of past lives and periods on higher planes between lives return to you. Rest is taken within the etheric plane where your life is evaluated and lessons learned. You can then choose the whereabouts of your next life, your parents, and a life plan if you wish. Time is not relative so it doesn't have an effect.

In summary, without the forgetting the world would be a very different place. It's necessary as part of our learning and discovery, to contribute to the mass consciousness and greater cosmic intelligence. It's part of moving forward together, as we are all one.

Reincarnation – The Forgetting at Birth: Video Version
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