16 May 2014

Spirit Guides - Invisible Helpers

Spirit Guides, who are they and where are they?
If you could tap into the infinite intelligence of the universe, you would right? Well you can, and subconsciously already do. Your spirit guides communicate to you through visualization, emotions and ideas without you even knowing it, at various points in time. 

Each of us has a set of spirit guides who are with us all the time. We're so used to them being there that, like the ticking of a clock, you don't notice it after a while. They provide help and guidance throughout life's journey, and they do this for their own learning and experience as well as yours. Spirit guides don't interfere with your freewill, but can provide assistance should you ask for it. They cannot manifest money, love or success for you, but they can help to show you the way in order to maintain your direction on the path you chose before you were born.

Spirit guides are companions of ours. They travel with us through time and space. These spirits help you during your lifetime, like you probably helped them during theirs while you were in higher planes of existence. You may have been together a very very long time.

Some people are naturally aware of their spirit guides and communicate with them regularly. Others only turn to them at times of stress. Contact can be made simply by speaking to them, or you can use your inner voice, or show them images using visualization. If you are not a spiritual medium as most people aren't, you may not receive a response right away. It may come in the form of a coincidence, an idea or thought that manifests in the following days or weeks. You might not realize that you've received a response, as it can be easily mistaken for your own ideas or solutions to problems.

Before we incarnate on this earthly plane, most of us will choose a set of lessons we wish to learn. This is our accomplishment or mission for our lifetime. Spirit guides are aware of these preconditions and help guide you through them, especially if you lose your way.

For example, a person may suffer an injury that impedes their ability to walk. The person may become depressed and demotivated. If the pre-chosen life mission was to experience the overcoming of such an injury, the spirit guides may help steer the person back onto the chosen path. They could do this psychically by sending messages of hope. The person can then find the motivation to overcome their injury and live a happy and fulfilling life.
The spirit guides can gain a lot from helping entities incarnate on this earthly plane. During a previous lifetime a spirit incarnate as human may have inadvertently caused suffering to others through negative actions. Once they have returned to spirit, their life is evaluated and lessons are learned. As part of their healing process spirit-side, they can choose to guide a spirit incarnate as human on earth, in ways of avoiding causing suffering to others. In this way, the spirit guide gains healing and learning experiences from the partnership.

(Here's a highly recommended book called Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Divine Support System).

Do you ever think, 'how did I know that would happen?' or 'what a coincidence!'? Thoughts like this could have resulted from intervention from your spirit guides due to help being vitally needed at the time – so long as it does not affect your intended path or your freewill.

Each individual has spirit guides for different aspects of learning and experience. A artistic spiritual medium may have a main spirit guide to help make contact with spirit entities for their work, an artist spirit guide to help them paint, and another motherly figure guide to help make decisions in family life. It's believed that each individual has a main spirit guide that oversees your life journey and communicates with you most frequently. 

If you have lost a loved one in your lifetime, it's likely they are with you guiding you in some way – even if they are simply expressing love to you on a daily basis.

If you receive messages from a spirit guide, don't feel obliged to take the advice. Some people who have a spiritual reading don't always take the advice given. Remember that even though spirits reside within higher planes of existence, this doesn't make them all-knowing. They are on a journey of learning and experience too and don't know everything. If a friend gave you bad advice in this life, it does not mean they will give you good advice from the other side. Spirit guides however, have a greater perspective of space and time, as upon death, they remember past lives and other experiences incarnate as spirit. They are then in a unique position to guide you – but it is your choice whether to take the advice.

Likewise, you may feel protected in the knowledge that you have spirit guides watching over you. Know that if you drive fast, parachute jump or climb tall ladders, you're no safer than the next person. Spirit guides cannot save you from accidents, health problems or anything else – although they can guide you if you're straying from life's plan - that's if you chose to have one in the first place.

In brief, a recommended way to meet one or more of your spirit guides is as follows:

1. Relax and perform a relaxing breathing technique. This can be three deep slow breaths to clear your body, three more to clear your mind, and three more to free your spirit.

2. Next, visualize yourself slowly going into a beautiful garden and looking around.

3. Sit down on a bench, and ask out-loud if one of your spirit guides can speak with you now.

4. Visualize an entity sitting down with you. Say hi and take in their appearance.

5. Communicate with them and ask any questions that you will. Notice their appearance and remember their responses.

6. Say good bye, then visualize them and yourself leaving.

Feel happy and comforted to know you are being accompanied on life’s journey, and gain inspiration from the presence and influence of your spirit guides. Return their love and friendship.

Spirit Guides - Invisible Helpers: Video