2 May 2014

Spiritual Revolution

Spiritual revolution Due to Global Spiritual Awakening
The time is now for spiritual revolution. It has to be now. Time is running out. Global economics is rigged, politics is tinged, environment damaged, resources depleted, social inequality worsens, and materialistic consumerism is growing. Hear the word 'spiritual' and most indoctrinated by society close their ears. But what else can we call it? A complete planetary thought / lifestyle overhaul? Seeing as part of the indoctrination is rejection of anything that can't be detected with limited human senses, the masses need to awaken to the truths of the universe. Global spiritual awakening is underway. Everyone must feel it in their bones surely? Each of us has a right to our planet, but we can't get others to wake up.

If enough people call for major change, then it will happen. Governments wait for public opinion to get behind initiatives, because if actions are popular then the politicians are popular. Destruction of our planetary nest seems far less important than getting behind big business. Its true, we all need to make money to survive in the short term, but in the long term, this planet is going to be a hell-hole for future generations.

The book 'Ten Billion' by Stephen Emmot (US)(UK link here)describes where we're headed in terms of climate change, population increase and resource depletion, and why there's no doubt that disaster is coming if we don't change course. The global population is currently at 7 billion and by 2100 there will be at least 10 billion, meaning resource consumption will vastly increase.

Alien visitors (assuming they exist, by choosing not to ignore thousands of reports of contact and sightings) must think we are careless babies, not yet left the crib but choosing to foul it.

The hippie movement in the 60's had a wonderful ethos of freedom from societal restrictions in the search for new meaning and spiritual development, and this movement certainly caused much social liberation. But it was not a way of life that all could adopt and certain behaviors were publicly promoted as unacceptable. The New Age movement also has many wonderful facets including the belief in universal oneness, spirituality and holistic healing, and it has roots in quantum physics, psychology and parapsychology. But terms like 'New Age' and others such as 'Utopia', 'spirituality', and many types of religion are trivialized and portrayed as naive and ridiculous, or not suitable for the smooth running of society. That's what economics, consumerism and finance are for.

The current system isn't working. The global system isn't working. It's not really a unified system though is it? Countries are linked through trade, debt, wars and tourism, but not through a global effort from all of humanity. Watching world leaders is like watching a suited-up soap opera with extra handshakes. Who are they to decide our fate? We get a vote now and then, so we do get to decide. Somehow that doesn't make it all better.

Why does no one care? Because from birth most of humanity was indoctrinated into an existing system that exists within their country (a country is just an idea by the way, decided by leaders at the time). Influences are predominantly political and mass media driven. No one knows any different – it's the way things are and no other way of life is put on the table. Furthermore, because of the self-centered mindset of consumerism (we are all people who exist to buy stuff), we all perceive the Earth as something that we use while we are alive on it, and throw away when we are done. No one cares about future generations, because we won't be around. The Earth will end up in it's own landfill.

So, the spiritual revolution needs to go like this. Spread the word and contribute to the global spiritual awakening. Tell them that time is running out, and that we need to work as one because we are all one. The Zeitgeist Movement is one example of a possible way forward – we see that we don't even need money, just motivation to contribute ourselves to the betterment of humanity.

We each have a soul and exist for learning and experience, and we're all connected by mass consciousness – we can change the world to live in a way that facilitates that. Spreading the word raises the mass conscious vibration and causes more people to seek answers for themselves. If enough of us act, then we become the majority, and the majority can unify the world. 

 Spiritual Revolution - Video