6 May 2014

The Higher Self, You in The Future - Where is It?

The higher self, where is it? You in the future
Your higher self is you in a different time and space. It is the self, that you perceive as being you, in the future. As time doesn't exist as we know it outside of our current dimension, this future self is thought of as existing simultaneously with your current earthly self. In fact, because there are several different densities of existence, each with it's own time and space, multiple selves (you) can exist simultaneously.

'Simultaneously' is not really the right word, there is no correct word, as different densities (dimensions) of existence coexist in totally different space-time and time-spaces, meaning they don't run alongside each other in a linear fashion. The further your soul progresses, the more time becomes irrelevant and even ceases to exist.

So, given that we are in the third density now, aiming for progression into the fourth, which exists in a different time and space – you technically already exist there. Same with the fifth, and sixth. This is because time is not relative to our time. Time does not run in a line like ours.

Your higher self in fact exists within the mid-sixth density. It's here that the universal learning process involves reflecting on experiences gained from past density existence, or past lives. The higher self, although far in our perceived future, and far more advanced, exists in our perception of 'now' due to time not being relative.

Contacting your higher self is therefore possible. Although the higher self cannot intervene in your life or effect your free will, it can provide guidance if asked. It is you after all. But remember, that the purpose of your incarnation in this density, and reincarnations here on Earth if you so choose, is to learn and experience this reality. Your higher self does not want to effect your experiences, whether good or bad, because all experiences must be learned.

Existing in a number of densities 'simultaneously' means different levels of you are incarnate on different planets. Between incarnations, rest and healing is taken within higher vibrational planes such as our etheric plane. This is where we go when we die. For example, when a 'you' from the fifth density completes a life in a physical body from an alien planet, the soul rests on a higher vibrational plane. It's during this time of rest that your earthly self can make contact with the fifth density self and ask for assistance, perhaps through meditation. Therefore, you may request guidance not only from your higher self totality in the mid-sixth density, but also from selves from different densities in different space-times at different stages of progression.

(Here is a good book called Quiet Mind: A Beginner's Guide to Meditation(US) which can help you make contact (UK version here)).

Once all of the looking back is done over an unimaginable length of time by the higher self totality, the progression continues and movement is made towards the seventh stage of existence. The entity, that's you far in the future, is perfectly balanced. Experiences are collected and reflected upon, and healing is done in order to enrich the mass consciousness of the universe.

Where is your higher self? Entities residing in the sixth density would appear to us and pure white light. They are said to exist within our solar system, as we are all dependent on various frequencies of light coming from our sun. A planet that may look like a poisonous ball of gas to us, such as Saturn, in a higher density may appear very different and be hospitable for beings to inhabit. Therefore, your higher self is somewhere within our solar system of nine planets and one sun, and here you'll progress on your way to becoming your higher self.

The Higher Self, You in The Future - Where is It? Video Version