7 May 2014

The Law of Attraction - Manifesting Money, Love or Whatever you Like.

The Law of Attraction, Manifesting Money, Love or Whatever you Like.
The law of attraction says that what you believe will manifest, will in fact manifest. So you can conjure up pretty much anything if you put your mind to it right? It's not that easy, but you can make a difference in your life. Have you or someone you know ever said, 'I really wanted that and I got it!' or 'I thought I would win!'? It's possible they believed they would get it, so they got it. The thing is, wanting something is not enough. You have to believe.

Wanting something and believing you will get it are two different things. It's a lot trickier to believe than to want. You may want a promotion at work. The idea is to believe you will get it, imagine yourself getting the promotion and starting your new role. Literally give yourself the new job. Then potentially you will get it.

So how does the law of attraction work? Okay, we are all made of energy. Everything you see around you is made of energy. We are made of atoms, which are comprised of protons, electrons and neutrons. Electrons, for example, when passed through two slits behave like particles if being observed, but like a waves if they are not being observed. Essentially we are made up of tiny subatomic particles charged with energy, whizzing around our very selves. Plus, these particles potentially behave in strange ways when a conscious mind is involved. There are other strange ways that the subatomic world behaves, such as particles being in two places at once, and his information can be found here.

So at the quantum level the world is very different and bizarre, but scale up and we have mass, and go about our daily lives ignoring the fact we are comprised of pure energy. It's a little like being a computer generated avatar in a game console. Or maybe like we're created by computer code – or universal energy code perhaps.

It's believed that our dense physical third density reality is too hard to manipulate via thought. When we die and ascend to the etheric plane, there in our spirit body we can manifest reality via thought and shape our world at will. Same is true for those UFO abductees who report a pleasant encounter filled with love and hope, but still underwent physical examination. Some understand this to be the result of the human abductee being taken into a different dimension, where thoughts can create reality. The abductee expected to receive a physical examination therefore it manifested.

Given that part of your spirit coexists in higher densities (dimensions), you can potentially believe something into existence on the higher plane, after which it will drop in frequency until it materializes on this earthly plane. For example you can believe that you will be able to afford an amazing new car, then through one of your higher selves, or through the power of your own thought, cause this to manifest in the higher vibrational reality. Over time it could come into being here on the earthly plane once the frequency of the thought-form drops.

(Here is a good book entitled Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don't (US)that can provide further knowledge (UK here)). 

There's the rational view that believing you want something enough, will cause you to take action to achieve it or get it. However, everybody can think of someone or an example of a time when someone believed in something so much that it did occur. For example, it's true that going to a singles night will increase your chances of meeting your soul mate, but only the law of attraction is going to send him or her to the same chance meeting place. Again, you can take action to get that dream job by applying and going to the interview, but only the law of attraction brought the dream job your way in the first place soon after you believed it would appear.

Thoughts are energy, just the same as light is energy. Thoughts are not nothingness, otherwise how could they exist? Whether physically manifesting as electrical impulses in your brain or as part of the electromagnetic energy that each person has surrounding their body, thoughts exist as energy. Given that we and everything around us is comprised of energy, we can attempt to manipulate events or things into manifesting through the law of attraction.

An advanced meditator or spiritually enlightened person with a great deal of inner peace may be able to use the law of attraction more easily and to greater effect. However a person of this type, knowing that material things and attachments are quite irrelevant - may not want to.

The Law of Attraction – Manifesting Money, Love or Whatever you Like. Video Version.