30 May 2014

What is Prana or Chi? How Can it Help You?

What is prana?
Prana is a Sanskrit word meaning 'life force', and Chi (or Qi) in Chinese culture can be translated as 'natural energy'. Both one in the same thing, referring to the energy that makes up everything we see, the light emanating from the sun, and all energy in the universe. We are, and everything we see around us is made of pure energy. On a subatomic level, we comprise of atoms, made up of electrons, neutrons and protons – all particles of energy. This energy makes up the solid physical illusion we exist within.

The sun gives us life, without it there would be nothing on Earth. Earth wouldn't exist. Everything within our planet is a product of the sun's pure light energy. Take a second to think how it could be, that you yourself are the product of the sun. The sun itself is a ball of burning gas – born of the universe. The universe contains infinite energy, and this gave us life, and keeps us alive.

Prana (Chi) therefore exists in everything. Even a rock or piece of metal is comprised of atoms whizzing around. We feed ourselves energy when we eat, we breath air which provides catalytic substances to keep us alive, all substances containing energy. Everything you see, every part of you, everything in the universe is made up of universal prana energy.

The purest most concentrated prana you can receive is directly from the universe itself. You receive enough to keep your physical body functioning by consuming foods in the physical realm. To energize your spirit, you need cosmic energy, that which is needed by the totality of the mind/body/spirit complex.

Meditation opens the gateway to cosmic energy. The key is silence of the mind. The indigo chakra, or third eye, is activated and receives in-pouring infinite intelligent energy. This is prana or Chi in its purest form.

The benefits are endless for allowing the in-pouring of prana into your mind/body/spirit complex. Through more and more meditation, your body is cleansed of illness, your mind calmed and your vital energies restored. Without meditation and in-pouring of cosmic energy we become unwell, stressed and unhappy.

Before you were born and after you pass over, you readily absorb prana from the universe in a much more accessible way. But while in physical form in the earthly realm, meditation is required for plentiful access to the prana which nourishes your spirit. During sleep, which is unconscious meditation, you have access to prana. However, it's gained in much greater amounts through meditation. Yoga too is beneficial for this purpose.

Opening the gateway to in-flowing universal energy also helps to balance your chakras. Without free flowing healing energies, your chakras can become very imbalanced and this can manifest as mood swings, bursts of emotion, reclusive behavior, seeking power and domination, and so on. Balancing of the chakras requires knowledge of the self and meditation, so that renewed prana is free to flow and cleanse the mind, body and spirit.

Intense seeking of self acceptance, self awareness and universal truths, when energized by in-pourings prana or chi, results in infinite wisdom of the one creation – that everything comes from the one creation, from one energy. All illusions of this earthly plane dissolve and a person can balance in positive orientation, love and light. Everything begins and ends with prana.

Spiritual healers help to unblock energy centers (chakras) so that prana can flow throughout your mind/body/spirit complex. Every spirit incarnate as human also absorbs prana to some degree from the earth through the base of the spine and feet. This is met by spiraling downward prana energy coming from the center of your very spirit. This meeting of energies is where Kundalini occurs, a type of spiritual awakening (explained in this article Kundalini).

To summarize, understand that you are prana. Everything is prana. And to progress and flourish both physically and spiritually, in-pourings of prana are vital. Use meditation as a tool. Understand the concept of oneness with the universe, and the importance of prana, and you can become a more balanced person, in turn find inner peace and happiness.  

What is Prana or Chi? How Can it Help You? - Video Version

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