22 May 2014

What to Do After Spiritual Awakening

what to do after Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual awakening can occur like a revelation that lasts a few days or even a few years. Sometimes it's intense. The illusion you were born into is removed like a veil and a series of universal facts begin to dawn upon you. Religion does not have to be a factor, you can think of yourself as 'spiritual but not religious'. The continuance of life after death, which you have suspected all along, you now know to be true.

You may have always believed there was more to life than consuming material goods, working nine to five and fitting in with societal norms. You are now awakening to the fact that the human race is not just the physical body we see before us, but a type of immortal life form that travels the universe gaining knowledge and experiences as part of it's evolution. Symptoms of spiritual awakening can be found here, but once it has occurred and you can see past the physical illusion, you may feel a little lost. What should you do?

It's tough knowing what you know and continuing to function in the same way. That's usually the overriding problem. Trouble is, you must try. The physical body still has needs, that's the main constricting factor of this life. It's scarcity of resources and the human body's need for consumption, such as food, water, shelter, clothing and so on that must be a priority for survival. You cannot drop out of society unless you have a good plan. Living self sufficiently is something only a small amount of the population still know how to do, we depend on other people to survive. For example, you may be a lawyer providing a valuable legal service, but you still depend on the bread maker to provide your daily bread. Do you know how to make bread? Would you have the time? You cannot drop out of the illusion, you need to survive.

The illusion you were born into has served you reasonably well so far, those in the western world in particular, but the human race is capable of more than an economically dominated life-cycle.

Given your new perspective of the world, feelings usually go one of two ways, or somewhere in between. Either you find an inner peace and happiness because the things that really matter in life have become clear. Or you experience inner turmoil because of a heightened awareness of global atrocities, poverty, inequality, discrimination, environmental destruction and so on. You may find great peace in helping others from now on.

Coexisting with other un-awakened people can be difficult. You might want to try to spread the word. You need not try. If it's within a person's life plan to awaken then they will receive a signal from their higher self or spirit guides, or other guiding entity. You however may be the catalyst chosen to deliver a message, therefore simply sew the seeds of thought. Don't preach about the wonders of the universal consciousness because their view of you may be negatively altered. Instead, mention a few things that you've learned and this may be enough to motivate them onto their own voyage of learning and discovery.

Spiritual awakening is different for everybody. Whether they choose to adopt a religion such as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism or other way of thinking like kabbalah – it's their spiritual awakening. Although these schools of thought are each quite different, often the underlying notions are the same. That we all derive from one creator, that love and goodness are top priority, and that we should work together for a better future. Each way of thinking raises the energy vibration of the mass consciousness, away from negative energies such and anger and hatred, toward that of love and light.

The Earth is going through a dimensional/density shift from third to fourth density. The inhabitants of this planet are lagging behind during this evolution, and positive energies must flow for humanity to be ready for the transition. So long as humanity exists in hierarchical power structures, with greed, poverty, inequality and scarcity reigning supreme, the fourth density illusion of love and unity cannot manifest among our peoples.

It's believed that more than sixty million souls are incarnate within this earthly realm at this time, who have arrived from higher densities of existence. They are here to aid in the transition from third to fourth density. These spirits incarnate as human and are called Wanderers. They forget everything at birth like most individuals, and often-times go through spiritual awakening during their lifetime becoming activated to help raise the vibration of this planetary sphere. You could be one of them.

(To help with your spiritual awakening a great book to read is Essential Spirituality: The 7 Central Practices to Awaken Heart and Mind)

Whether you're a wanderer or not, you too can move forward now that you are awakening. You can take the following actions:

Help Others
Showing love and kindness will collectively raise the mass vibration. Like a virus, this behavior can become the standard of behavior and counteract negativity. Working together is very important, as we are all one, from the same source.

Be Tolerant
Be tolerant and kind to un-awakened people, be respectful. Many do not wish to awaken from life driven by consumerism, and constant wants and needs. You may find some behavior unfathomable now that you see the world differently, but know that you cannot change every person or wrongdoing that you see.

No Blame
Know that those less fortunate than you may behave negatively due to the circumstances of their physical existence, for example, a street shooting – try not to think 'what an evil person' but instead 'what happened to that person to make them so intensely negative to perform such a disgusting act'. In the context of daily life, when you encounter a negatively orientated person, for example, a rude person in a store – react with calmness and kindness, and let the negativity flow over you like water off a ducks back. That negative person may behave differently next time to others.

Continue Life with Changes
Go about your daily life as before but with changes. You're trapped in a system of economics, consumerism, materialism and narcissism true, however there's a lot of beauty to life, and enormous potential for humanity to work together, evolve and express love and light. Through experiencing these positive things, humanity will move forward naturally. If you find inner peace from spiritual awakening then make time for the things that really matter like family, community, friends and so on. If spiritual awakening has caused inner turmoil due to heightened awareness of global issues, then put time aside for service others, to social, environmental, or political improvement – it may bring you some peace.

Keep learning and gaining in experience. Read lots of books, and look online, even join some online and offline communities to meet like minded people. Knowledge will facilitate your continued spiritual progression, and you can make some good friends and acquaintances along the way.

Remember that the underlying notions of spiritual awakening are that of love and light, freewill, oneness of all living things, the continuance of life and that the world we see is an illusion for learning and discovery. Raise the mass vibration in these ways and other ways that you discover, and revolution will happen on it's own without the need to attempt to drastically alter anything.   

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