14 May 2014

Why Do You Always Want More? - Why You're Never Satisfied with Life.

Why am I never satisfied with life?
Do you feel like you're always striving for more? To do better? To get more stuff? You may feel if you don't meet these personal objectives you've set for yourself, you wont be happy. Do you think that if you actually get what you want, you will really be happy? Or will you still want more?

It's an interesting set of questions. Therefore it's possible that you'll never truly be happy. Perhaps there's something else that you're looking for. If there was something else to have, achieve or realize, it would have to be pretty big to keep you happy forever right? So let's think about what we're really all looking for.

Subconsciously each and everyone of us is striving for fulfillment. Whether it's eating lots of pizza and playing console games all day, or going out and earning huge a wealth on the stock market, or caring for as many patients as possible in a hospital – you're always striving for more achievement, more wealth, more possessions or more pleasure.

People who strive for more in terms of helping others make the world a better place and are raising the mass vibration to that of love. We must be thankful for those who are orientated towards service to others. But they too will probably not be fully content unless they do more.

Negatively, those with leanings toward power, domination and control of others will also never be satisfied. It's ridiculous to think that very wealthy people do not collude to make greater profits from the masses. The wealthy grow wealthier, for example, within the next 25 years there will be real-life trillionaires. Those who have experienced spiritual awakening from our own illusion, realize that this wealth hoarding is indirectly causing suffering to millions, even billions of people. How can this much wealth be hoarded when there are children starving to death in various parts of the world? But still, those with wealth want more and more. But why?

It's likely because the spiritual awakening has not reached everyone yet. Not nearly everyone. But the more momentum it gains, the more people it reaches. Both positively orientated people and negatively orientated people are never satisfied because they have not yet realized that happiness can be found within, and not satisfied by consumerism – the constant acquisition of goods. This materialistic behavior ultimately leaves us feeling empty and wanting more.

Happiness is realizing the truth about the universe, that we do not die, that this life is another incarnation on the journey toward total enlightenment and oneness with the universe. Happiness is found within. Once this is realized then material possessions no longer hold such value, and the continuous wanting for more loses it's appeal.

Note that seeking increased recognition and respect in a field of expertise does not fall within this context of acquisition due to these motivations being a goal of learning and experience. As long as the acquisition of power and control is not an objective.

Each of us is born and therefore will eventually die. We will go over to the etheric plane for rest and contemplation. If you have spent your life in the search for more and more material possessions, wealth, power, pleasure and so on, you may be missing the point of your incarnation here on Earth.

Try reading about Buddhism, it teaches how to find happiness within. Research a bit about Kabbalah to learn how we are all one and about a plethora of other spiritual awakening concepts. These and other teachings, though ancient, have crucial points to make. They may have been written long ago by individuals with a different frame of reference so the language and explanations can sometimes be a little cryptic, but modern teachers of these philosophies can explain the concept to you clearly. Explore some different ways of thinking, buy some second hand books and research online. Follow the avenues that ring-true to you, listen to the teachings that your intuition tells you are right. 

The spiritual awakening is different for everyone, but the underlying notions are that of love, light, service to others and that we are all one. You will find that after this, you may stop wanting more and more, find some inner peace and be happier in life. 

Why Do You Always Want More? - Why You're Never Satisfied with Life: Video

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