27 May 2014

Racism and Spirituality

Racism and spirituality
Racism makes no sense to a lot of people. We each possess a spirit complex originating from one unified source. We each have a body which derives from the precious light from the sun and the resources of our Earth. The fact that we look a little different to one another, have separate cultures, religions, beliefs, customs, rituals and behaviors and so on, shouldn't be negative right?

Naive hatred driven by artificial fear, misplaced self protection and misunderstanding, fuels the racism thought form. This thought form readily manifests into undesirable behaviors, that which enlightened people often find unfathomable.

Just recently this author had a leaflet though the door from a political party in the run-up to election time. It was about a Caucasian male politician running for political office. At the top of the leaflet was a glossy printed check-list of priorities. Number one, 'ban the burqa'. A burqa is 'an enveloping outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions to cover their bodies when in public' (definition from Wikipedia). If you have not seen a burqa, it is are a dark robe worn by an Islamic woman covering her from head to toe, with a partition for her eyes.  

This flyer outlined the reasoning behind banning the burqa: 'It is found to be intimidating by many people in the community'.  But how can a woman in traditional dress be intimidating? Gangs of men in hooded tops are more intimidating, but they were not on the check-list. The point being, there must be forces at work other than perceived intimidation from respectable women. That feeling must have been confused with ignorance or fear of the unknown.

Ever since the 'war on terrorism' began, racism seems to have made a comeback where it was previously waning. The fear whipped up by those with media power can become all consuming for those with high media exposure. Terrorism exists sure, but the media hype, and the concept of uniting 'good' against the forces of 'evil', without properly discerning who the enemy really is, and being really specific, creates an overarching fear and distrust of any person of a different skin color or culture, to the self. The real purpose of the war on terror is not within the scope of this article, however it's surely doing more harm than good, when it's fueling racism.

Spiritually, racism based on physical characteristics seems absurd. Let's take an example. Three men, one Japanese, one Nigerian and one Spanish, all die and their spirits pass over. What is the difference between them now? Existing as a form of pure intelligent entity, there are no physical differences. Each entity at its own level of progression, of learning and experience, of differing knowledge, personality, even sense of humor, but as spirit – all as one. This etheric body can take any form it chooses, and manifests as it sees fit. Therefore, the concept of racism based on physical characteristics is a mere distortion of this earthly illusion.

Spiritually, racism based on cultural and religious differences is also absurd. Imagine again, the three uniquely different men who passed over. Their cultures, beliefs, ways of life and so on all differ. They are each from a different geographical location on earth, and neither knows much about the others'. In the spirit world, there are no countries, no geographical locations as such. All three men harbor memories and experiences of their cultural and geographical experiences, but in the spirit world, that's precisely what these differences are – memories and experiences. They are physically meaningless now. The three men are once again equal – the differences of the earthly realm removed. Therefore racism based on fear of the unknown person or culture, is spiritually ridiculous. It is another mere distortion of our physical earthly illusion.

We are all mind/body/spirit complexes within the same illusion, each given a different set of earthly circumstances, whether it be black or white, Muslim, Christian, non-religious and so on.

Physical differences are surface features etched upon the physical vehicle we inhabit, during this precious lifetime. They are not ultimately enduring, and no individual should be made to experience negative energies because of it.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that no individual should be made to suffer due to cultural or religious racism. These are earthly notions, and ultimately we are all one, originating from the same source or god. Cultures and religions are concepts. Countries are concepts. These are thoughts that conjure up divisions of land, made into territories, belonging to sets of peoples divided from other sets of peoples. The concept of 'them and us' is born. We are all human though. We should all be 'us', but then there would be no common foe. It seems that self serving human entities require a common foe, in order to justify their self servicing actions to those from whom they profit.  

Perhaps when our race, being the most intelligent and spiritually advanced on the planet (but not more important than other life) is truly unified and working together under love and light, then a new 'them' will emerge. Perhaps E.T. will be less reluctant to work with us in that case and pay us a public visit! Let's not count our chickens.

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