11 May 2014

What is The Ego? Why it's Holding Back Humanity.

What is the ego?
Your ego is the perception of yourself that started to evolve from birth. It is your perceived identity. Your ego has been forming and evolving your whole life, and forms a picture of yourself in your mind that maps for you things like self-esteem, attitudes, beliefs, interests, likes, dislikes, personality, confidence, and how highly you regard yourself. The ego can be all encompassing and require feeding. The problem is that businesses profiting from the masses know how to appeal to the ego. Mass egoism may be standing in the way of the evolution of humanity, as it tends to keep us separate from each other. Egoism could be becoming the new religion, the religion of worshiping the self.

Your ego is an all encompassing sense of self, it's how you perceive the tangled web of you. For example, someone might imagine themselves to be highly confident, outgoing, a little too tall but clever and so on. The ego can turn into a very self serving concept, even debilitating for those who become obsessed with feeding and nurturing it. This obsession can result from underlying problems such insecurity, loneliness, childhood neglect or deprivation – nurturing one's own ego can become the sticking plaster for underlying emotional problems which themselves need addressing.  

Luxury things we buy actually become part of the ego umbrella. A brand new sports car is interwoven into our identity and becomes part of who we are. It can be shown-off to friends, providing a little rush of pleasure in the flaunting of one's own worth to others, in the search for self improvement.

Have you noticed that no matter how many material possessions, or self improving fads that are purchased, people always want more? There is a constant search for more and more, in order to feed the ego. Ultimately this happiness never lasts. This is because the ego is the wrong place to look for happiness – happiness can be found within. Read 'How to Feel Happier' next – and shed attachment to materialistic, ego enriching desires, and find the way to happiness.

Big business involves huge marketing budgets specially tailored to appeal to people's egos. Advertisers are experts in appealing to your ego because it is your weak spot. A prime example is a company selling anti-aging face cream. First the advertisement will show you a solemn looking woman pushing the wrinkles out of her face with her finger tips, giving up and looking extremely glum. Then suddenly she'll look ten years younger, beaming with joy as she applies her new face cream. Okay, we see this kind of advertising everyday, we're all used to it. But, they wouldn't use it if it didn't work. Doesn't it make you feel like your being taken for a fool just a little bit?

A perfectly happy woman will see that advertisement and suddenly feel inadequate because she has some wrinkles, they may not have bothered her before seeing the advertisement, but now it's damaged her self perception and in turn her ego. In order to repair her ego she must buy the cream. Advertisers use psychology on the masses to create a need, fueled by ego. The woman wants to realign her physical appearance nearer to the actress in the advertisement in order to repair her ego. That seems a bit unfair doesn't it?

(Here is a good book called Take Me To Truth: Undoing the Ego to help(UK link here)).

It's true that everyone has survival needs such a food, water, shelter, love and so on, and these needs must be met. Businesses do need to make money, so that people can have jobs and feed their families, so marketing and advertising are necessary even if they do create artificial needs as a result of tinkering with your ego. Trouble is, the relentless bombardment on people's egos, and the constant need for repair and maintenance of these egos, is creating obsession with the self. This egoism is becoming so widespread, and so deeply ingrained, that it's turning into a religion of it's own.

The religion of the self – Egoism. If we are all looking inwards, feeding our egos in an attempt to the search for contentment, and comparing ourselves with others only to make further readjustment to the ego...who is taking care of each other?

The more our ego takes over, the less we care about others. The focus is on ourselves and feeding the corporate machine, and not working together for a unified world – all this before it's too late. We use up the Earth's resources as if there is an unlimited supply of oil, clean water, clean air, trees, fertile soil and so on. This destruction is caused by consumerism which feeds the ego.

The ego itself is just an illusion. Step outside of yourself entirely and realize that you are part of one planet, one of billions of people interconnected and dependent on each other for survival (unless you are totally self sufficient e.g. grow your own food) and that you could be fueling a system that makes the very wealthy richer, the poor poorer, and is harming the planet you depend upon. Spiritual awakening involves waking up from the egoism that you have been condition to, and if you are already awake, awaken others.   

What is The Ego? Why it's Holding Back Humanity. Video.