11 June 2014

Are Soul Mates Real? Sure They Are.

Are soul mates real?
You may have already found the love of your life and believe they are your soul mate. Or maybe you're looking for your soul mate at the moment. Either way, we can't help but wonder – are soul mates real? There's a good chance they are, and here's why. We don't just have companions in this lifetime, we have companions that stay with us lifetime after lifetime. Usually, one spirit companion in particular, is held most dear in that special, personal and loving way. This bond can be literally everlasting, and when we meet them for the first time in this earthly realm, it feels as if we've known them forever. Likely thing is – we probably have and could have been missing them dearly.

Intuition plays a big part when you meet your soul mate for the first time. We all possess intuition, whether consciously realising it or not.

Imagine you're dating. One potential partner you meet is physically attractive but there's no 'connection', another you like very much but they seem like friend material, and with another you have no common ground. Everybody's different, but usually it's easy to tell if there's that certain 'connection' or 'chemistry' during the first date. It's those exciting, indescribable feelings about someone that really indicate to you that they are your soul mate. It can't be lust because there's more of a permanence about it. There's a feeling of relief, you find yourself saying 'yes! I've found the one!'

Intuitively you know you've found them, but it's not always easy to say how you know – you've simply never felt this way before. Longing for your soul mate is normal because you're probably missing them – you've been together together for many lifetimes, and in between, after all. Your first meeting can feel intense due to a subconscious relief to have found each other once again.

Your intuition plays a role because it's your spirit-self talking. During the forgetting at birth, you forgot all about your soul mate, but your spirit remembers. Your spirit-self is happy to see them and you intuitively feel that part of yourself exude positive energy vibrations. Your higher self or higher selves too can subconsciously communicate to you that the person you've met is the 'one'.

Your higher self is you in a higher dimension, you in the future if you will. You exist in several dimensions at once because time here in the earthly realm does not run side-by-side with higher dimensions. If you're not sure about the person you've met, you can ask your higher self or selves (while not incarnate in physical form), to tell you if they are your soul mate or not.

The action of asking for confirmation however, could illustrate that they are not. Usually your intuition should tell you without having to ask.

Before you were born you said good bye to your soul mate. You may have enjoyed a rest period within the etheric plane to reflect on lifetimes gone by. But now you both must be reborn to complete a new cycle of learning, discovery and spiritual progression. The forgetting is a necessary part of this so that we can learn without the hindrance of knowing too much, or being tainted by past experiences.

You are both reincarnated, each to different parents, chosen by you for strategic importance within your new life. It's likely that part of the plan is to meet your soul mate during this new lifetime, so that you can continue your journeys together. You could meet them very early in life, perhaps as school friends, or meet them later on, possibly during retirement.

Feelings of unfairness and disappointment are often felt when soul mates meet later in life. 'Why didn't we meet when we were younger? If only we had more time together'. But this was not meant to be. You likely both decided that certain learning and experience aims could only be accomplished during separation, but as a reward, you are united down the line. Both soul mates could well have been married before, and unite as divorcees. Those they have departed from may also go on to be reunited with their own soul mates. There's usually a reason for being with the wrong person first of all, that's to gain certain experiences. The first husband or wife may also be a spiritual companion, a friend or acquaintance in spirit, but they are not the 'one' and the soul mates must later unite.

Love is the highest vibration and carries us forward in spiritual development. Being able to give and receive genuine love energy to all people is a trait of the adept. Soul mates therefore understand while in spirit, that meeting other love interests while incarnate in the physical realm, is a necessary measure for experience and progression. Soul mates are always united again, to exchange love with the person they hold most dear.

Commonly, true soul mates report that they met for the first time under unusual, chancy, or coincidental ways. An example might be, meeting on the internet and arranging to meet despite living thousands of miles apart, or being introduced right at the last moment of giving up hope of finding someone, or a strange and coincidental set of events occurring resulting in a chance meeting.

Instances like these are interventions. Spirit guides and the higher self can intervene at times, to help you get back on track. Deviating too far from the general plan you set out before birth, activates one or more of these entities to take action and steer you in the right direction. Your guides are there to help you.

Meeting your soul mate, if part of the plan, will surely occur whether you try to make it happen or not.

It may be true however, that you and your soul mate have agreed to endure a lifetime entirely apart. Part of the plan, if you have made one, could be to meet other love interests and find your own paths separately. In that case, know that you have work to do in the meantime and you'll meet again after this precious lifetime is through.

You may not be looking for a soul mate and choose to travel alone. You may prefer the giving and receiving of love with multiple entities! For now or for eternity. That is your choice and of course, free will is your right.

Wishing for a soul mate, means that it is likely that you have one even if you can't find them right now. Firstly, thoughts become reality, especially within higher dimensions and the spirit realm. What you wish to occur, does occur. Secondly, each spirit is older in earth time that we can conceive. After all this time, it's likely that you have found the 'one'.

Therefore, we know that soul mates are real. If you have found the love of your life, know that the reason you felt like you've been together forever is because you probably have. Look after each other. If you are looking for your soul mate, feeling anxious about it is normal because likely you miss them. Never fear, talk to your spirit guides and tell them you are ready. The act of searching may mean that it is time.

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