8 June 2014

Are You an Old Soul? 18 Characteristics of an Old Soul

Am I an old Soul?
Wondering if you are an old soul, may indicate that you are. If you see a baby and an 80 year old, it's possible that the baby possesses a more advanced soul than the 80 year-old. An old soul can be described as a spirit that was either manifest for the first time a longer universal time ago than others, or a spirit that has progressed to a more advanced state of spiritual knowledge, awareness and balance. Highly progressed souls may be close to advancing from this third dimension to the fourth, or they could have journeyed to Earth from a higher fifth or sixth dimension of existence in order to experience this earthly illusion – making them literally from another planet. Where ever they came from, the old soul has a unique set of characteristics. Knowing these characteristics can help you to decide whether you are an old soul or not.

Please remember that if you are not an old soul, you're still just as wondrous and unique. You too will ultimately progress to state of spiritual balance and oneness with the one creation, through many lifetimes and discarnate times in between.

Characteristics of an Old Soul

1. Being Spiritually Awakened or Experiencing Spiritual Awakening
The old soul might be spiritually aware from birth or experience a spiritual awakening any time from childhood into adulthood. For the very old soul, it's usually sooner rather than later. The old soul is spiritually activated and the life plan that it chose before birth becomes subconsciously remembered. This penetrating of the forgetting process allows for continued spiritual progression, working toward achieving life's plan, and causes the following characteristics in this list to emerge.

2. Needing Time Alone
Commonly an old soul needs time alone, or more extremely, can be reclusive at times. There are three reasons for this. Firstly, the behavior of others can be perplexing and unpredictable, especially those of younger souls. Secondly, the empathic and psychic senses can be activated and this continual 'psychic noise' can effect the old soul's equilibrium. Thirdly, an advanced soul intuitively knows it needs time alone for spiritual progression, to achieve focus, so that energies are not depleted by others.

If you are a soul from a higher dimension or other planetary sphere, being on Earth can be unsettling. Things are likely to be different to back home. The old soul can feel like they're trapped in the earthly insanity, which is barbaric at times, and somewhat foreign in cultural norms, societal progression, technology and so on.

Being a highly progressed spirit, the old soul knows that the essence of positive polarity is service to others. Giving of the self without expectation of return. This illustrates balance in the green chakra energy center. The sharing of high vibrational energies comes naturally to the old soul, and intuitively knows their importance.

5. Forward Thinking
Old souls are forward thinking and innovative. Partly due to a subconscious remembering of conditions in previous lifetimes and an urge to replicate those for the benefit of all, but also being highly developed and balanced spiritually. The old soul has the ability to think around problems, knowing that negative conditions, such as poverty or inequality, do not have to be tolerated.

6. Tries to Improve the World
Subconscious memories of past lives can begin to perforate the veil of forgetting at birth. Seeing inadequate and unfavorable conditions and norms on earth, motivates the old soul to lend time and other resources to improving the world. The urge to help others too plays a role.

7. Tries to Protect the Environment
The old soul is aware that we are 'one' with the Earth and are dependent upon it. Underdeveloped souls are shortsighted and willing to use up the planet's resources for short term gain. The old soul sees the bigger picture and tries to, or at least takes an interest in, protecting our planet.

8. Loves to Learn and Experience
Each lifetime is a voyage of learning and discovery for personal enrichment, and to add to the universal consciousness. Learning and experience are therefore prime motivators for the old soul's behaviors, and the more variety that can be gained the better.

9. Dislike of Negativity
Low vibrational energies such as hatred, greed and anger do not sit well with the old soul. The more progressed the soul, the more it is polarized toward love, light and service to others. Negative energies serve to counteract the positive vibrations that the old soul is here to enjoy and share with others in this illusion (when not having precious alone time!).

10. Awareness of a One Creator or God
Highly progressed souls are aware of the unity and interdependence of all living things, and that we all derive from one creation. This means that you should love others the same as you love yourself – as we are all one. The adept is capable of looking upon those who have hatred for them, with love.

11. Ability to Transcend Ego
The ego is the perception of the self and all of it's components. It maps things like self-esteem, attitudes, beliefs, interests, likes, dislikes, personality, confidence, and how highly you regard yourself. The ego can be all encompassing and require feeding. It can therefore cause certain behaviours not conducive to spiritual progression. The old soul knows that the ego is just an illusion, a mental construct, and therefore should have no bearing on life. Consumerism seeks to appeal to the ego, for profits, and this has no effect on the old soul. The important things in life are attended to and accomplished without the hindrance of the ego.

12. Not Materialistic
Having let of the ego, material possessions are not required in order to feed it, for example, providing self worth by having an excessively expensive car. The highly evolved soul knows that basic material possessions are required for physical survival and perhaps a basic level of happiness, for example owning crystals for healing work. But excess is unimportant and cannot be taken with you when you leave this earthly realm.

13. Not Narcissistic
Again due to the absence of the controlling ego, concentrating on one's appearance is not a pressing need. Looking good is not required in order to have self esteem and confidence.

14. Dislike of Power, Greed, Deception, Manipulation and Control.
These activities derive from negative vibrational energies. The old soul does not like being part of a hierarchy and dislikes being given orders. Therefore old souls are often self employed or work with others in the absence of hierarchy. These negative behaviors are foreign to the old soul, and they would never conceive of behaving in such ways. Such behaviors are likely to be rare or even eliminated from his or her home world entirely.

15. Bewildered by Others' Behaviors
Any negative behaviors requiring the use of negative energies are viewed as unnecessary and underdeveloped by the old soul. A need to distance themselves from the source of the negativity is a key driver in causing reclusive behavior. The underdeveloped soul and it's behaviors if negative, can leave the old soul completely baffled.

16. Love Nature and Animals
The purity and nonthreatening aspects of nature and animals are appealing to the old soul. The knowledge that plants, animals, in fact the entire earthly illusion derives from one infinite creation, causes the old soul a deep respect and love for everything.

17. Balanced Energies and Personality
Being highly developed, the chakras are likely more balanced than younger entities. This results in even, free flowing of energies, and in turn a balanced, well-rounded personality. Emotional outbursts are uncommon, inner peace is enjoyed and the ability to handle any situation makes the old soul a good person to have around in any situation.

18. Makes the Most of Life
Due to each life being a unique journey of leaning and discovery, the old soul makes the most of the opportunities for enrichment that each lifetime brings. Do this too if your soul is young or old, as we will all reach the highest levels of spiritual progression in the end.

(As an old soul, here's a good book on helping you to find your purpose: Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born) 
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