20 June 2014

Crop circles: Potentially Ignoring Extraterrestrial Communication

Crop circles and spirituality
The crop circle phenomena began in the 1960's, predominantly in wheat fields in England. A more frequent occurrence from the 1970's onward, crop circles increased in number and complexity, and are still commonly found today. There is concrete scientific evidence that genuine crop circles are not human-made hoaxes, yet the mass media still portrays them as such. The messages contained within them are of hope and intelligent consciousness. Given these are possibly messages from an intelligent race, how can we still be largely ignoring them?  

Crop circles appear yearly across the world, but most commonly in England. They are intricate shapes and designs pressed into crops as the plants are reaching maturity, best viewed in their entirety from the air. Some are as large as 10,000 square meters and involve complex arrangements of shapes and symbols.

Instead of relying on eye witness statements of unexplained activity, crop circles are evident on the ground, and can be examined, measured and photographed from the ground and the air. Crop circles are found predominately in wheat but also grass, barley, and oil-seed rape.

Debunkers have blamed pranksters and whirlwinds for creating crop circles. The whirlwind theory was disregarded by the 90s when complex shapes other than circles, such as symbols and fractals, began to appear.

Crop circle experts, scientists and professors examine the phenomena yearly and find common themes that confirm their authenticity. Characteristics that pranksters simply unable to reproduce.

True crop circles are flattened with exactness, not trodden upon, and have clean edges and often an outline that lays in the opposite direction to the inner shape. Lines are always perfectly straight. Perhaps the most striking feature is that the stems of the plants are not snapped or broken. The stems are bent over with no breakage, and thorough testing indicates that accelerated growth occurs at one point on one side of each stem, causing them to deform and bend. There are changes in the plant stems at the molecular level. A similar effect could be produced using microwaves.

The plants continue to grow until they are harvested, and grow much healthier and stronger than others. The seeds however are deformed and sterilized, and therefore cannot produce new plants.

Magnetic energy fields and radiation are detected at genuine crop circle sites, where the magnetic field reads up to 300% stronger within the formation than outside it.

Scientist Colin Andrews found that when a container of distilled water was placed inside crop circle formations, the water molecules 'memorized' the basic data contained within the formation and actually arranged itself in a similar pattern on a molecular level – seen through a spectrograph.

Pranksters would be unable to reproduce these formations, especially as crop circles always appear during the course of one night, in the darkness. Sometimes up to fifteen crop formations are reported in England at once, making it an impossible feat for even the most highly organised large prankster organisation. Any such organisation would have comparatively little to gain especially as none ever claim responsibility for the phenomena.
Crop circles and spirituality 2

During the 90's however, the media reported on two retired English men claiming responsibility for the phenomena. Besides it being impossible for them to cover the entire country in one night, the men were asked to perform a recreation of a crop circle design. The spectacle was filmed and was a great disappointment for onlookers. The men's attempt was a messy display with no symmetry, straight edges or mathematical formula. The plants were trampled and broken. The news reports of this time period have remained in the public mindset, and when crop circles are mentioned, it's a topic associated with comedy, frivolity and having been debunked long ago. But, it's likely that this was the successful overall aim of the disinformation campaign.

The media continue to portray crop circles as hoaxes and within the realms of fantasy. Images of poorly created hoaxes are shown and fun poked at them. Hoaxes exist but cannot match the scientific precision of the best crop circle formations. The media do not report the scientific facts behind the phenomena. It's possible that potential proof extraterrestrial life could send humanity into panic and those in power wish to prevent this. Perhaps they already have knowledge of the origins of crop circles but are unwilling to share.

Professors of mathematics studying the topic believe that given the perfection of the designs and the accuracy in which they are pressed into the crops, there's little chance they could be hoaxes.

From the 1990's onward, highly intricate crop circle formations appeared, detailing complicated geometry corresponding to complex mathematical equations and models. Fractals were seen, shapes that can only be obtained by running mathematical calculations through a computer.

Many crop circles represent patterns created by sound waves, and others display sacred geometry mirroring arrangements common to monuments such as The Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge and the monuments on Mars. Symbols belonging to ancient cultures and civilizations have also been pressed into the crops such as the symbols for Egyptian cultures, Aborigines, Celtics, and Native Americans.

The most common theme is of course the circle, which historically represents to many cultures the oneness of creation. There are solar representations too, depicting the sun in various forms. A sun with 33 rays is said to represent the end of a cycle – the sun is at the end of a solar cycle at this time, corresponding with the earth's shift in dimension. The number 33 also marks the end of a phase for an initiate, perhaps indicating that humanity is at the end of an initiate phase, or time of progression.
Crop circles and spirituality 3

Esoteric representation can also be seen with historic spiritual significance. The repetitive sun symbols signifying a deep inner light that humans must rediscover. Further sacred geometry formations have been recorded representing the third day of creation, where the earth and everything on it was complete but in the absence of man. It's suggested that this symbolizes a future event rather than the past. Further crop circle symbols depict the sixth day of creation where man is added. Could this represent a new earth?

Further formations, for example a star containing the Seal of Solomon have been photographed from an overhead view. It has been interpreted as depicting the male and female genders, manifesting as one unified consciousness – representing the consciousness of Christ, signifying that a level of consciousness similar to that of Christ must be assumed for the effective progression of man. Our energies must align more effectively with creation, divine and cosmic energies.

It is common for a black unmarked, unidentified helicopter to show up at crop circle sites, believed to be government or military aircraft. It is not known why such a keen interest is taken in hoaxes, produced by very busy, mathematically orientated, radioactive pranksters.

We must examine the content of the genuine crop circle messages ourselves, as they may well contain important inspirational and scientific messages for the positive progression of humanity. The stigma attached to talking about crop formations must be dropped.

Reference for this article: http://youtu.be/8sUxaOJfhdk

Here are some relatively new crop circles found in Italy showing elements from the periodic table https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YOggpa8ym0I#t=69

Crop circles: Potentially Ignoring Extraterrestrial Communication - Nicky Sutton 

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