5 June 2014

Do You Feel Like Earth is Not Your Home? Feeling Like an Alien on Earth.

feeling like Earth is not my home
Do you feel like Earth is not your home? More and more people are feeling like this planet is alien to them. It's suggested that these people could be spirits manifested as humans, that have come from other planets or higher dimensions. Feelings include bewilderment about norms of behavior on this planet, feeling 'different' to others, or that they are trapped within an illusion. These spirits may want to escape from this reality but know they have work to perform on Earth.

Types of People  

Spirits incarnate on Earth originating from more advanced planetary civilizations are likely to be more highly spiritually developed. Being older souls, more balanced and attuned, they find the insanity of this earthly illusion both stressful and baffling. They feel like Earth is not their home. Their home world may be highly civilized, with a population operating in unity and harmony, with for example, negative social behaviors and unbalanced economics things of the past.

Spiritually, they know the importance of high vibrational energies such as love and light, and that they are all part of one infinite creation – but they too are subject to the forgetting at birth. This forgetting is necessary else they would be unable to function in this reality. Those who feel like Earth is not their home may have a keen interest in technology and gadgets, be kind and eager to help others, and seem wise and awakened spiritually. All traits of the alien race that they came from.

How They Feel
These mind/body/spirit complexes feel like aliens on Earth. Since childhood, they are often misunderstood and find it hard to locate others like them. Once they do meet like-minded people they can progress spiritually together and gain much comfort from these interactions. There are undertones of dissatisfaction however, that this earthly illusion is not how it's supposed to be – or how it could be. Confusion can arise because their subconscious or spirit self remembers how life is supposed to be, yet they see a world with widespread inequality, financial crises, social problems, wars, and a global community lacking in unity.

They naturally feel the urge to help others, as their spirit is used to these behaviors. Relating well to others who work to improve their world, they know that their life plan is to contribute to this somehow. Sometimes, alienation and isolation can prevent the life plan from coming to fruition, and these souls need love, guidance and support from others to get them back on a positive track.

How it's Possible
The Earth is shifting in planetary vibration from third to fourth density. Many souls are incarnating here form other planetary spheres and from higher dimensions (densities) that are far in advance of our own – for example the fifth and sixth densities. They are here for the transition and it's great opportunities for learning and experience. The overall aim is to complete another life of discovery to benefit the universal consciousness and the one creation. These advanced souls will raise the vibration of the planet so that it can successfully make the transition from third to fourth density.

Although the Earth's energy frequency is rising, the majority of spirits incarnate here are still of a lower vibration, represented by the continued presence of self serving souls, who are greedy, power hungry and manipulative.

Some spirits are incarnating here from other third density planets like our own, to be here for the transition to the fourth. These spirits have developed enough to make the transition. Although less likely to feel like Earth is not their home due to being from a civilization of a similar level of progression, they still may subconsciously feel a difference.

When you go through a spiritual awakening, although your past life memories are not necessarily activated, some residual subconscious memories seep through. This is enough of a catalyst to initiate spiritual awakening, and the following seeking behavior, leading to the path of learning and experience that you chose before birth.

What To Do
What should you do if you feel like earth is not your home? Or if your spirit feels homesick? Find your path, use your intuition and do the good works that you feel compelled to do. Raise the mass vibration by radiating love and light. You can help to make others happy, in many simple ways, such as providing comfort to a friend in distress, giving some time to a charity, or simply being kind to people. You may have grander schemes in mind, such as starting a charity, travelling to poverty stricken countries to help, or even joining Green Peace on a quest to save our planet. All extremely worthwhile things to do.

It's common to find this illusion hard to deal with, and understand the insanity of life, but find comfort in the fact that other's like you exist and your purpose is likely to be filled with love and light.

Do You Feel Like Earth is Not Your Home? Feeling Like an Alien on Earth - Video

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