16 June 2014

How To Stop Being Afraid of Ghosts

How to stop being afraid of ghosts
Just like you're a spirit incarnate in a human body, a ghost is a spirit too – just without a human body. Ghosts are the same as us, they are us. If there was a confused or upset person in your community, you'd probably help them yourself or point them toward the help they need. Ghosts are confused, trapped spirits, and they also need help. They're earthbound – they are spirits tied to this earthly realm for certain reasons. We shouldn't be afraid of ghosts, because they are 'people' too, and just need a little of our help.

Steps To Stop Being Afraid of Ghosts:

Step 1: Don't Confuse Earthbound Spirits With Spirit Visitors

Let's not confuse earthbound spirits with spirits that are just passing through. A relative or family friend who has passed over might drop by to check in on you, and to convey some much needed love energy. You should definitely never fear these spirits because they wish you only love, joy and happiness – in fact they guide you on your journey through life. 
You'll receive subconscious messages and emotional energy from them, sometimes frequently, to help you through life. If you've ever wondered why you're in such a good mood, had an awesome idea pop into your head that seemed to come from nowhere, or experienced uncanny intuition, then it could be communication from friendly spirits, that is, your loved ones spirit-side.

Step 2: Know That You Are Spirit

A major step to dispelling fear of ghosts is knowing that spirits are you, and you are spirit. The only difference is that you currently have a human physical body. Once you perceive yourself within this alignment with spirit, then you're well on your way to removal of fear. You are a ghost too! In a human body. Perhaps contemplate this concept for a while as it can be hard to digest.

Step 3. Know That Ghosts Are People Too

Ghosts, that's earthbound spirits, are people too. If you see a shadowy figure, apparition, orb or found objects that have been moved, know that the spirit is simply trying to get your attention and not frighten you. Humans need attention too, and love. The ghost is probably trying to say 'hi', just like your neighbor would. Earthbound spirits are often a little troubled, so if you feel like they're trying to say more than just 'hi' then read on.

Step 4. Understand Why They Are Here.

Earthbound spirits are trapped on the earthly plane. They may have been offered the chance to go to the spirit world up death, but turned it down. Their relatives and spirit friends spirit-side might have tried many times, but the earthbound spirit still chooses to remain on the earthly plane. Free-will is one of the most important laws of the universe, so if the ghost wishes to remain, it does so for as long as it wants. It may not even realize it is dead, or it could be in denial about it.

Earthbound spirits are usually earthbound because they died very suddenly or unexpectedly, such as during a battle or in an accident. There may have been some terrible trauma or unbearable incident surrounding their death that has resulted in an inability to move to the light, or prevents them from accepting they are no longer in physical human form. Some ghosts are very attached to a house, objects or a person, and feel unable to leave. They may also feel like there is work still to be done. Regardless of their reason for remaining, it's almost never for the purpose of causing distress to other living people.

Step 5: Removing Fear of The Unknown

Fear of the unknown or unexplained can cause adrenalin to be released into your bloodstream and brain, resulting in 'fight or flee' responses. Given that it's the unknown we perceive we are dealing with, the 'flee' response most frequently occurs. Going into an old house that you know is haunted is not going to fill you with comfort. You'll be primed ready to flee, or at least scream at the slightest noise.

Not knowing where noises are coming from, or seeing unexplained vapors, orbs or apparitions, strike fear into our hearts because they are things that we don't fully understand. Science has not proven, or at least revealed it has proven, that ghosts even exist, let alone what they are or where they come from. That leaves the person in contact with the ghost feeling like it's something abnormal, unusual, even malicious or evil.

Make ghosts something that is known to you. They are spirits, just like you, without human form. They are confused or stuck, unable to let go of their earthly life. They cannot hurt you. Using this knowledge and thinking about it now and then, will help root it in your mind's tree, and become much more familiar.

Step 6: Feel Sympathetic Toward Ghosts

Due to the misfortune earthbound spirits have suffered in their human lifetime, just like any other person who has suffered distress, they need love and comfort. For example, if a ghost refuses to believe they are dead because they do not believe in life after death, invitations from spirits in the spirit world attempting to bring them toward the light, must seem very frightening – as if they are seeing a ghost! Unaware that they are a ghost themselves. Their free-will to stay is preventing them from accepting help from spirits in the spirit world trying to bring them home. This is a very confusing state to be in, and the ghost cannot go to the spirit realm for its period of rest, healing and contemplation.

Therefore feel sympathy, even empathy, for ghosts because they have no access to a counselor or doctor, or likely even a friend. Just like upset or depressed humans, they need love and support.

Step 7: Forget the Movies

Know that ghosts don't represent death, they actually represent the continuity of life – how else are they still around? Horror movies portray ghosts as being evil, dirty, murderous and dark. This is very rarely so. Forget everything you've seen in the movies, with the exception of movies like 'Ghost', which are orientated toward healing and love. Mostly, earthbound spirits are ordinary family members or friends who feel there's still work to be done on the earthly plane.

Step 8: Know That Ghosts are Not Dangerous

It takes a great deal of energy for a spirit to move an object or to manifest visually in this earthly third dimension. Spirits exists in another dimension, hence we only occasionally catch glimpses of them. To manifest for our eyes to see, a ghost must have great abilities at harnessing the infinite energy (prana) of the perverse. If your visiting spirit relative or friend moves objects for you to find now and then, this shows that they are quite spiritually advanced, being able to manifest this kind of kinetic energy in our realm requires much skill. Therefore, don't worry that a ghost will harm you physically as most have no such ability.

Importantly, your own spirit guides and your higher self protect you in a spiritual sense, from interference not of this dimension. Therefore, if a ghost were to attempt to harm you, which is unlikely, those who protect you have good authority to halt any such attempt.

If you're in contact with a ghost, seek guidance and protection from your spirit guides. If a ghost is presenting a danger to you (again extremely rare), contact a professional such a spiritualist medium, priest or other qualified person within your belief system who is experienced in dealing with such matters.

It has been found on numerous occasions that poltergeist activity is the result of a spirit incarnate as human, such as a teenager, going through a hormonal change or period of anxiety. They are found to be moving objects via telekinesis. They might be quite an advanced spirit themselves, and be able to manifest such phenomena. So take a look at the incarnate entities before you blame any discarnate ones!

The overwhelming majority of earthbound spirits are not interested in upsetting people. They're usually trapped in their own world, living their lives as they always did. Going about their business, washing clothes, cooking, working, or marching to war. In the spirit realm, reality is manifested at will using thought form. So the earthbound spirit is busy in it's own world. Most of the time it's not aware of your existence and you're not aware of it's existence – you are in separate dimensions. The ghost has it's own stuff going on, just like you – so it's best not to worry about each other.

Step 9: Feel Empowered That You Can Help a Ghost

If you do sense a ghost, you could do one simple thing to help them on their way. Love is the highest vibration, in abundance within the spirit world. Send out thoughts and feelings of pure love to the spirit in question. This could raise the ghost's vibration enough to provide some healing and start their journey toward the light.

You can try asking your spirit guides to help guide the ghost toward the light, or ask them to communicate with higher spirits who are able to try. Try not to get too involved personally however and never perform any rituals or communication techniques alone, especially without protection, professional guidance and the highest intent.

It's very likely that by sending your thoughts out into the spirit world, and bringing the ghost to their attention, you are getting it the help it needs. Feeling good about helping someone will cancel out any fear you once had about them!

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