18 June 2014

How to Deal with Mean People

How to deal with mean people
We've all come across mean people now and then. There might be a person you perceive as being mean at work, college or elsewhere – and it's difficult to avoid them. There are ways for you change your perception of the mean person and their actions, to literally create a shield around you and prevent you being affected by their words or actions. You needn't rid them from your life or give them a piece of your mind, you in fact can rise above it. It's best not to think of anyone as 'mean' because there are probably reasons why they're negative in the first place. How to deal with mean people is quite simple, and in the end you can benefit by becoming a more spiritually advanced and balanced person. You can also help the 'mean' person become more positive in the process!

Part of your spiritual awakening is realizing what really matters in life and therefore finding some inner peace. Being able to deal with mean people more easily is a further result of this new way of thinking.

How to Deal with Mean People:

No One Can Make You Feel Bad
Know that no one can make you feel bad, it's how you allow yourself to feel. If your neighbor is being rude to you, it's not their words that are hurting you, it's you allowing the words to make you feel hurt.

You control your own mind, and you can gain total control over your emotions given enough time and practice. Hear the words but manage your own response. Allowing yourself to feel hurt, upset or angry is rewarding the negative behavior and feeding it. Remember you're in control of your mind, body and spirit – not your neighbor.

Negative emotions bring your energy vibrational level down, and send your energy centers out of balance. So take control and decide your own feelings, do not let them decide who you are. For example, if you start to feel upset, stop and think; 'I am going to take charge of that emotion'. Willfully change the emotion to that of pride, because you are proud of yourself for not rising to the provocation.

Words Are Not Things
If someone is verbally insulting you, or presents body language that's socially unacceptable, such as turning their back on you when you're speaking to them – know these actions are meaningless, and not physically dangerous objects. The point being, a knife or a gun can hurt you, those you need to worry about. But words and actions can only hurt your pride, damage your ego or sense of self, and hurt your feelings. The words or gestures being used to attack you are harmless energy vibrations of a negative frequency, and you can easily counteract them with positivity.

Realize The Insignificance of The Event
We all tend to think that our lives are the center of creation at times, and we need to get problems into perspective. Therefore, think about the vastness of the universe, the seven billion people alive on Earth, and all of the physical matter on the planet. Do the actions of a mean person feel significant now? 'It does to me' you might say. But don't you also have more significant things to be worrying about than this person's gripe with you? Know that the universe is very big, and the negative concepts that you are being attacked with, are insignificant in comparison. This might help to get things into a more manageable perspective.

Highly Developed Spirits Respond With Love
A sign of a spiritually developed and balanced person is the ability respond to even your enemy with love. This sounds impossible, but if you understand that we are all one, all spirits of one infinite creation, then you know that the negative person in a way is part of you, just like every person, animal and thing within the creation. So, if negativity is coming in your direction from a horrible person, don't respond with more negativity. Try to feel positive emotions toward them, and if you can, love. Doing this will make you feel better. You can rise above the situation and cancel out the negative energy with positivity.

Love Smothers Negative People
Positive energy counteracts negative energy. For example, if a traffic incident occurs and two drivers are arguing over who was at fault – if both drivers argue, then the negative energy mounts up and spirals out of control. If one argues, but the other remains confidently calm and acts in a mature and pleasant way – the negative energy of the negative person begins to reduce and may even dissipate entirely.

Positive behavior and positive emotions can actively smother a negatively orientated person. Negatively orientated people are often polarized toward acquisition of power, control and dominance. Actively showing care and compassion for such a person, can literally throw them out of balance. In the face of trying to control and dominate you, by holding strong with positive and compassionate behavior, the negative person will not know how to interact with you and they will falter. Being unable to control you and unable to respond to such positivity, they might leave you alone, or your actions could even inspire them to be more positive in life.

Sympathize With The Mean Person
There's probably a reason that this mean person is negative toward you or others. In fact, it's best not to label them as 'mean' at all. They might have had an unhappy upbringing, been through grief, or encountered much negativity in life. Therefore, another reason to show friendship, care and compassion toward them is to counteract the negativity present in their life, that they probably didn't wish for in the first place.

If you view the negative person in this more positive way, it will help you to control your own negative emotions about them. It may be true that they know not what they do, or how it affects others. Sow the seeds of good karma and help your own spiritual progression by radiating some positive energies toward this person or asking your spirit guides, to ask others in the spirit world, to help them too.

Trust in Karma
Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning 'actions'. It's the effects of karma (your actions) that come back around. For example, give love, receive love, hate, and be hated.

Know that the negative or 'horrible' person, by being unkind, thoughtless or selfish, is going to build up a lot of bad karma. It's likely to come back around by them being disliked by others, and this can result in isolation and further negativity. Do you see the negative cycle?

By showing a bit of care, friendship and compassion to the negatively orientated person, although it may well be rejected at first, you gain the good effects of karma and the negative person can break their negative karmic cycle.

Examples of ways to break the cycle are; invite a mean workmate out to lunch, send your negative neighbor a Christmas card, smile at the pushy person in the grocery store, don't be afraid to say thank you, sorry or even hello. Watch the negativity melt away, but it may take perseverance.

You Are Developing Spiritually
The ultimate reward for dealing with mean people is your own spiritual development and progression. We're all on a journey of learning and experience, and a part of that discovery is learning to give and receive high vibrational love energy freely. By helping to reverse the negative polarity of others, and learning to balance your own energies, you are progressing to a state of higher existence. You are doing yourself and others a great service, therefore making a bigger impact on the mass consciousness, even the universe, than you even realize.

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