22 June 2014

How To Radiate Love Energy (and Feel Awesome For It)

How to radiate love energy
You can view the world in a completely different way, bring happiness to yourself and others, and inspire others to feel love - if you really utilize love energy.

What's Love Energy?
We're not taking about romantic or lasting attachment love within a relationship - this is the same vibration but used for a different, more focused purpose between two people. Instead we're focusing on high vibrational love energy, that you can radiate to everyone and everything. It's openly giving love to others in the form of care, compassion and kindness.

You needn't wear flowers in your hair, get all soppy, or recite poetry to passers-by – instead discover a way of existing, a frequency to tune into, a mindset that can transform the way you view the world and everything in it. Love energy is catching, like a virus, a good one.

Love is the highest energy vibration. It's believed that the universe was created out of intelligent love-light energy. Love energy that becomes so intense that it starts to gain mass and density, and become actual matter, that's everything you see around you.
The spirit world itself exists within love-light frequencies. That's why near death experiences, astral travels and out-of-body experiences report feelings of intense love when returning from the spirit realm.

Love is an emotion created from energy, just like light is energy. Similar to light or sound, emotional energy has a frequency. This frequency is the highest and most wonderful. By experiencing love, it radiates from you and is subconsciously felt by others as we are all psychic to some degree. Plus, radiating love energy causes changes in your behaviour that make others feel you are a positive person to be around. These love energy vibrations can therefore be transmitted to others, including animals, objects and plants.

Your own spirit as a whole can exist at a high energy frequency with a free flowing green chakra. The green chakra at the chest area is responsible for the giving and receiving of love. If this chakra is out of balance then too little or too much love (a smothering amount) is given. Or in receiving, love is refused or required in recessive amounts. Attempt to balance yourself at a high vibration of free flowing love energy, and both you and others will benefit.

Feel Love By Understanding...

What We Are
The universe is essentially made of energy. Our bodies are made up of atoms, which comprise of protons, neutrons and electrons – subatomic particles of energy. On a quantum level everything you see around you is created from different kinds of atoms, comprising of different combinations of subatomic particles. If you change the number of protons within an atom, it becomes a different element e.g. hydrogen has one proton per atom and helium has two. The point being, we are made up of atoms that are made of particles of energy. Varying combinations of subatomic energy particles make different substances or elements.

Scale up and look at the world. The human, a rock and a liquid may all look very different, but we are all made up of particles of energy. It's almost as if our world is an illusion. Therefore, know that everything in creation is all one. Our physical body is barely different from plant matter, water or metal elements. In fact, all of these our bodies do contain in one way or another.

We eat plants – a product of the earth, water and the sun. We eat animals, that fed on the plants. We are a product of the planet Earth.

Therefore, given that we are made up of energy, that was taken from this planet and before that, the universe – we are the universe. A creation of love.

We are all One
The law of oneness therefore applies. We are all interdependent and interconnected. In effect, although each individual person is different, we are all mind/body/spirit complexes of the same design. Everything on Earth is connected to us as we are of the Earth. It's easy to love all creation if we regard it as an extension of ourselves.

Love Will Elevate Us
Given the spirit world exists in the highest vibrations of love-light, it's most beneficial to align ourselves with it in terms of love. By polarizing positively toward the giving and receiving of love energy, helping others as well as personal development, your spirit develops and progresses. Living in love helps greatly to balance your energy centers and facilitates oneness with all creation, furthering your spiritual progression.

5 Ways To Radiate Love Energy...

Regard Everything With Love
Start by taking in a beautiful view. Regard each and every facet of your surroundings. If you really pay attention to the fact that you and everything is made of pure energy, and regard the textures, colors, sounds, movements and so on – you'll see how wondrous it is (if you don't already realise, many people already do).

Moving on from there, try to find tolerance, appreciation and love for everything in your life, whether it's good or bad. It's a state of mind. If you can regard your objectionable manager at work with positivity by finding the good points in them or understanding why they are how they are, then you will be more than capable of looking upon lesser challenges with love.

See the bigger picture. Try not to feel hatred for a bad driver who overtook you dangerously on the road. Instead see another wondrous part of the overall creation. They may be negatively polarized themselves, but their spirit will eventually see the light in this lifetime or the next, it's not for you to fix. We are all one, and therefore after the event has passed and you've had time to reflect, you need not feel anger, only love for that one small part of the universal creation – another part of you. It's a tricky concept to master and can take a lifetime – or more.

Respond with love.
For example, if someone disagrees with you in an unkind way, don't react with anger or take offence. Instead respect their opinion, know that although they're clearly different from you, they are part of the one creation and are essentially amazing too. Therefore, it is easier to feel love for an entity you'd otherwise dislike!

You can benefit by rising above situations, feeling like it's an achievement. It helps your yellow chakra become unblocked because you're letting go of your ego. Your pride is hurt by someone disagreeing strongly with you, and it damages your ego. The ego being the all encompassing perception of the self and every part of you that creates how you see yourself. Responding with, and radiating love are part of letting go of the ego – the thing that encourages only love for the self, instead of love for the self, others and all of the creation.

When responding with love, you'll start to see what really matters in life, and things, events and people will bother you less and less. You'll find better balance and realise how negative emotional energy used to drain you. Which is more exhausting? Responding with frustration and anger, or with tolerance, compassion and love. Negative energy is a waste of energy.

Carry Love
Viewing the world in this new way, you can exist in a state of high vibrational love energy and carry it with you every day. Watch the stresses melt away as your coping skills improve. Your priorities might change, but for the better. Surprise yourself when you react to situations in a more balanced and dignified way, and smile when you automatically show great kindness to friends and family without even thinking about it. The world looks more amazing, animals you begin to feel for, plants you want to care for, the earth you want to protect. These are just some examples.

When you were a child, didn't you feel the joy and wonderment of the world through and through? Love was more able to flow before independent survival in society became a factor.

Radiate Love
Openly give love to others in the form of care, compassion and kindness. Giving love doesn't take away from you as a person, you're not giving a chunk of yourself – it adds to you. You become stronger. Give a compliment, help someone out, give some of your time, give some friendly motivational advice – it raises your own energy vibration as well as theirs. You'll feel awesome.

Therefore, give without expectation of return, another trait of a spiritually advanced individual. The chances are however, that you'll receive far more in return than you ever expect.

How To Radiate Love Energy, Live in The Vibration of Love Video - Nicky Sutton 
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