15 June 2014

Near-Death Experiences – When It's Not Your Time To Go.

Near death experiences
Dying too soon, before you're supposed to, means you must return to your physical body. Reaching the spirit world and quickly being returned to the earthly realm can result in bringing new memories back with you. During a near-death experience, the physical body is dead and the spirit leaves the body. Experiences are gained in the spirit world, such as seeing a bright light or entities, and feelings of freedom, love and timelessness. The spirit is returned to the physical body, which then spontaneously revives itself. The survivor of the near-death experience, has a story to tell, despite having been technically dead. Frequently, a spiritual awakening follows.

Causes of Near Death Experiences
Near death experiences usually occur as a result of sudden trauma. There's no expectation that death will occur because the individual is usually going about their daily business. A car accident, sudden fall, heart attack, severe allergy, work accident and so on, are all examples of sudden instances that can lead to unexpected demise prior to a near-death experience.

After death the spirit detaches from the body and begins to enter the spirit dimension. This is the natural result of death. However, if it's not the right time for the person to die, and the event that resulted in the death really was a cosmic accident, then the damage must be undone.

Most spirit entities create life objectives for learning and experience, or a life plan, before being born into human form. If the objectives are not met, and it wasn't part of the life plan to die at that time or by that method, then the spirit must return to it's physical human body to complete the objectives.

Leaving the Body
The spirit body leaves the physical body. This spirit body is our natural everlasting body. Therefore near-death experiences are normally very positive experiences, due to our natural form being assumed and the joy of experiencing this.

The sensation of physical pain is a physical phenomena, therefore pain that was suffered during the injury is no longer felt. The person often remembers rising from their physical body and seeing them-self laying motionless, often with medical professionals rushing around trying to revive them. This in fact can be the most shocking part – seeing yourself from this new angle, realizing that you've separated from your perceived self, the self that you see in the mirror every day. The logical conclusion is that you have died, but usually this realization is free from fear and panic, instead filled with enlightenment, love and peacefulness due to psychic influences from the spirit realm.  

The spirit, as it moves away from the physical body, can overhear conversations, move through walls into other rooms, and see things they wouldn't have otherwise seen. For example, a spirit may hear a conversation between two nurses in a corridor out of earshot of their lifeless physical body. Upon returning to their body at the end of the experience, the conversation between the nurses is repeated to the wonderment of listeners who knew there was no way of knowing what had been said. Reports of items, documents, and layouts of nearby hospital offices are also reported that could not have been known.

A tunnel of light is frequently described, or moving toward a bright light. Seemingly a transition phase before entering the spirit world. It may or may not be real, it could be a thought form manifested by spirit to help the newly released spirit make the transition into the spirit realm with clarity, providing a moment of respite to come to terms with events, lessening the shock.

In the Spirit World
Those who have returned from a near-death experience, sometimes question whether they wanted to return to the physical ream, simply due to the welcome they receive in spirit. On the other side there is an overwhelming feeling of pure love with the highest intent. Love and light are the highest vibrations and this is interwoven entirely through the very fabric of the spirit world. Being greeted by loved ones who've previously passed over can cause further longing to stay. These friends and relatives know that you must return to the earthly realm however, but an opportunity to express their love is too good to pass up.

Some people who have a near-death experience are not greeted by anyone, this may be purposeful so not to generate the will to stay, and infringe upon freewill when the spirit must return. Sometimes a message is offered by the divine infinite intelligence, for example, some individuals report being shown a dark cloud which they intuitively know represents the dark side of their own self. They feel it's negative energies and do not like it. When the person returns to the physical world they take a good hard look at their life.

Individuals also report concepts such as:
  • Feeling like the spirit world is the real world and realizing that the earthly world is simply an illusion.
  • Looking back on the earthly world and seeing a two dimensional superficial construct.
  • An intense feeling of never ending love.
  • Becoming aware of the timelessness of creation, and that within the spirit realm no time exists.
  • Seeing no physical things, no physical body of their own, only visions, lights, patterns, perhaps entities, thought forms and concepts.
  • Feeling more alive than during their lifetime, that their senses are enhanced, and therefore constrictive or less sensitive when in human form.
  • An enormous sense of knowing, of knowledge and experience, being just within reach.
  • Becoming aware of having lived many lifetimes before.
  • Starting to remember all that has been previously been forgotten before they began their lifetime on Earth.
  • Not needing to speak but receiving and communicating thoughts and concepts to other entities telepathically.
  • Finding out that they cannot stay in the spirit world and that it is time to leave.
The Spirit Returns
Suddenly the spirit returns to the physical body and whether the person awakes straight away or temporarily remains unconscious, soon the realization that they are back in their physical body comes as quite a shock. Not knowing what to make of the experience, and experiencing the pain of their physical body once again, all adds to the trauma of the initial accident or health problem that caused death.

Once time has passed and the individual has reflected upon their near-death experience, spiritual awakening often follows if the person was not spiritual by nature already. The experience removes all doubt about the continuance of life. Comfort and empowerment are gained from the knowledge that death is not the end but a mere transition from this life to continued existence. A renewed sense of purpose in life also arises, and complete life transformations are made. A new faith in God or what ever God represents to the individual is often found and the person is compelled to make the most of their life.

Improvements in medicine and medical technology mean that more and more people report near-death experiences. Being brought back to life after a few minutes of death is not so uncommon, so the possibility of having a near-death experience increases. It doesn't mean that more people are being prevented from dying when it is really their time to go, your time to go is factored into the equation regardless of other events or technological progression.

There are millions alive in human form today who have had near-death experiences of some sort. They can find it hard to talk about it due to the stigma associated with such accounts. Just like the never ending supply of new ghost encounters, alien encounters, out-of-body experiences and so on, near death experiences are more of such unexplained events, happening to more and more people - usually with common themes. They cannot be ignored, in fact we should listen to their lessons very carefully. Especially the part about never ending love.

Near Death Experiences: Tunnel of Light & The Spirit World

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