26 June 2014

Spirituality and Science: Quantum Physics / Mechanics Revealing the Spirit World

Spirituality and science
Consider for a second, what your physical body is made of. You might think, blood, tissue, muscle and so on. Now go smaller. Your body is made up of living cells, these are made up of molecules which are clusters of atoms. Atoms within you, of which there are an approximate number that when written out would be 7 followed by 27 zeros – are made of subatomic particles. Subatomic particles are made of pure energy. Now scale up. What are you made of now? Pure energy perhaps? You might perceive your physical body a little differently as a result.

Everything you see around you on earth is comprised of atoms, therefore subatomic particles, therefore pure energy. Different elements, for example iron, sodium and helium are uniquely identified by the number of protons within each atom. Protons are subatomic particles comprised of energy. Everything you see around you is made from complex combinations of elements, creating molecules, creating larger objects. Your house, lunch, cat, air and garden-gate are all essentially made of pure energy on the tiniest scale. Different amounts of this pure energy are within each substance, creating different things.

A hologram comes to mind, or perhaps computer code. Computer code is a set of commands and arrangement of data that gives instructions to create a software program – that's a computer game, software package or pretty much any function you use on your computer. The principle seems mirrored in our lives. We are created by minuscule combinations of instructions in the form of arrangements of energy. The computer program is created by instructions in the form of data commands. The point being, just like the computer program being created by our intelligent consciousness, it looks very much like our reality is being created by the higher intelligent consciousness of the universe.

Spiritually, it's believed that the universe is created by one infinite creator, of unlimited intelligence, out of pure love/light, light/love. Love creates light and light creates love, and one does not exist without the other. Like learning and teaching, and teaching and learning – each arises from the other. Each spirit entity, whether incarnate in human form or not, is a part of this one creator. As we go about our lives, we're servicing this infinite intelligence through learning and experience.

It follows, that given we're all made of pure energy, could we be made of pure love/light? Light comprises of photons, and white light is part of the spectrum of radiation emitted from our sun, like the potentially infinite number of suns in the universe. Scientists have actually figured out how to create matter from pure light. So they're taking Einstein’s equation of E=MC2 and turning light into matter (here is information on this subject). Today, some quantum physicists actually hypothesize that all matter is made up of light energy.

Just as energy (light) is turned into matter, we can turn matter into energy ourselves, for example, by burning wood to create heat energy. The process goes both ways.

When electrons are passed through two slits, as per the 'double slit experiment', the particles behave like particles (tiny flying balls) when they are being observed, and like waves (as in water) when they are not being observed. The conscious observer changes the behavior of these subatomic particles of energy (here's an explanation of the double slit experiment). All matter can behave like waves or like particles depending on circumstances, and the same is true of light. 

There could be no physical reality at all. When light is so focused and intense that it gains mass, feels tangible, appears solid and three-dimensional, we could find ourselves living in an illusion, perhaps manipulated by our own consciousness more than we realize. Our senses provide a limited range of experience, for example, we can only see a small section of the spectrum of light. We cannot perceive ultra violet or infra-red light. It follows, that by touching our physical world, we could be programmed to perceive things as solid, liquid or gas, hot or cold, colorful, loud or quiet, bright or dull, tasty or unpalatable, or as being three dimensional – when they are really an illusion.

Is our world an illusion created from intensely focused energy that our senses tell us is real? What is real? Real has a meaning of our making.

(Here is a good book fusing spirituality with science, featuring Deepak Chopra and others: New Science and Spirituality Reader: Leading Thinkers on Conscious Evolution, Quantum Consciousness, and the Nonlocal Mind) 

Imagine if we all perceived the world as a projection of intelligent energy, as it really is. Wouldn't that bring greater perspective to our existence? We can accept more easily that our spirit is a highly focused projection of intelligent energy. However, because our physical human reality is so hard to the touch, textured and dense, it seems harder to grasp.

There's another way to look at it. White light, that's the natural sunlight we see, when shone through a prism separates out into the colors of the rainbow. Hence a rainbow is created when sunlight shines though raindrops, that's the prism on a collective larger scale. If we're made from highly focused light energy, would the concept of chakras therefore be even more feasible? The love/light energy of our spirit, when separated out into seven colors, constitute the 7 chakras that run up the center of our body, each representing an aspect of our intelligent consciousness.

Awesome realities to consider, all pointing to our species being far more than the overriding proportion of the human population currently believe. Therefore we're dumbed down, blinded to our true selves. Imagine life if humanity could believe the truth. Power would rest with every individual, but those with the physical power in our physical illusion, aren't ready for us to know our spiritual power any time soon.

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