28 June 2014

Spirituality in Today's World - Finding Your Own Path

Spirituality in today's world
People today feel a need to be spiritual but can't always relate to the teachings of a specific religion. It can be difficult for some to devotedly follow the words of very wise teachers that existed many hundreds, or even a thousand years ago. 'Why can't I find my own spirituality?' is a common question. Many don't want to feel contained by a framework of teachings and feel they have their own creative edge and intuition that goes beyond them. Others hear the stories told about wise teachers from the past, their adventures and experiences, but feel detached from it due to perhaps antiquated frames of reference of the writer, differing modern perceptions, and unfeasibility of certain tales. Young people cannot be forced to 'believe', and if they are forced or at least overly-encouraged form a young age, it's possible they will do a U-turn later in life.

So there it is, many people feel so detached from religion and spirituality that these are completely meaningless concepts to them. In fact, modern news broadcasting is creating social consensus about many religions, that they are to be feared and rejected. Media should illustrate that yes, there are groups of extremists, but creating fear about an entire religion where the overriding percentage are highly respectable people, is damaging to humanity. Hence young people subconsciously adopt negative perceptions of religion, and in turn any spirituality.

You need not adopt a religion. You can follow your heart instead.

You can learn a bit from different religions and see what resonates with you. It's possible that you may study Buddhism and find it an extremely sensible set of principles to live by, however there may be certain aspects that you cannot relate to. Upon listening to some videos about Hinduism, you might think, 'Wow, that really resonates with me!' But you still like a few key principles you learned from Buddhism. These are merely examples, but the point is, you need not follow one set of beliefs rigidly.

There are those who feel they don't fit into any religion, and so abandon any hope of unity with others within a relatively similar belief system, therefore remaining lonely in their spiritual journey. This need not be the case. Modern spirituality is a free-thinking, unprejudiced, unbiased set of anything-goes. It's effectively the whole of you.  

Going on the premise that everyone's beliefs should be respected, so long as they are positive and don't hurt anybody, then you can believe what you want to believe, and be who you want to be. Spirituality is the non-religion of constructing your own beliefs. There's no need for a framework.

What tends to happen, being a modern sort of movement, is that beliefs wind-up being taken from many different sources – all relevant today. A personal reality of the universe can be constructed by the individual that makes perfect sense to them, bringing great comfort and happiness.

Note that those who do follow one religion and those spiritual teachers within, do deserve much respect - so long of course they practice with positivity, wishing no ill to anyone or anything.

Different influences that the umbrella term of 'spirituality' draws upon are: Science – quantum mechanics, how we are constructed of pure energy, how the universe was created and how it created us, dimensional realities and so on. Then notions about the spirit body, how to live your life and treat others can be drawn from say Hinduism. How to view the world and our environment can be learned from Kabbalah and Native American cultures. Self improvement, meditation and happiness is found within Buddhism. Thinking about loved ones that have passed-over, spirit guides and so on is learned from spiritualism, and thoughts about energy, love/light, auras, chakras, crystals and much much more form New Age Ideas – all just examples, and there are literally hundreds of other sources to explore. You can spend your life shaping your ideas.

 (Here's some useful books BuddhismSpiritualism, Kabbalah, HinduismNew Age)

Positive benefits arise. This tolerance of other beliefs means that we do not need to go to war with anybody. We do not need to argue over who is right, and fire negative energy at each other like bullets. Humanity can draw together as equals, in love and peace.

The modern tinker, young or older, trying to find some sense in this world, or even those looking away from the media, or economically and politically driven ideals for just one moment – can make sense of their existence.

They need not be constrained by a set of beliefs or be discouraged and put-off by a rigid way of thinking. They need not rely, report to, or even idolize a spiritual teacher – although it's useful to know one or more on an equal level. They can set their own goals, direct their own learning and find their own peace. Feeling empowered, and not subjugated or like a follower, many strong, forward thinking business people, academics, activists and the like, can enjoy being their own spiritual guide or master.

Spirituality is emerging as an alternative that makes sense to people in the modern, stressful, busy world. Each person is different, therefore fitting a singular set of beliefs to all people is unlikely to work and has never yet. Yet, each of us to a greatly varying extent are trying to wake up from the earthly illusion that we all feel subconsciously. We see more when we look in the mirror. So, for more and more uniquely different individuals to find a way to make sense of this life and beyond, they must intuitively find their own truths.

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