15 July 2014

Auras & How to See Them

About auras and how to see them
An aura is perceived as a halo around the entire body. It's seen in detail by people with experience of perceiving auras, but all people can see them given a little practice. The aura is the outline of the spirit body and is comprised of energy at a higher vibrational frequency than our senses are able to perceive. Some simple steps will have you seeing auras in no time. You can learn a lot about someone from their aura, and you can give and receive a lot too – through the energy transference from one aura to another.

Aura's can be seen as a white all-body halo. If the person being viewed has low vital energies, or if the person doing the viewing is a beginner, then energies may resemble wispy or clear vapors of energy, sometimes in motion. To some, the texture of the aura resembles rippling hot air rising off a hot road in intense sunshine. The aura usually extends about an inch or so around the body, but can even extend for several feet or be non-existent. Different colors can also be seen.

The aura is prana (universal energy), just like the spirit body and everything we see around us is prana. All things are made of prana and therefore have an energy field. The auras of beings with a spirit body manifested and attached are much easier to perceive, due to the greater focus of energy therein. So if we perceive an entity as being alive, such as an animal, it's likely its aura will be easier to see than a physical object.  

The aura is known by another name in science; the electromagnetic field. 'In scientific research we have found that the aura is electromagnetic field of energy that extends all around our body for about 4-5feet (in a average healthy body) and appears to be depleted in cases of unhealthy person' (Nishant Sharma, Biofield Global Research Inc.) Here we see that aura phenomena is valid in terms of an energy field proven to be present.

Albert Enstein (1879 – 1955) pointed out that everything in existence is comprised of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Low frequencies of energy can produce solid tangible objects, such as people, metal and rocks. He went on to say that we cannot detect high-frequency vibrations of energy with our physical senses, yet these energies do exist.

The spirit body, etheric body and astral body are all different names for the same thing. Our spirit body is comprised of high vibrational energy that we cannot, see, hear or touch in normal circumstances. It is attached to our physical body and exists symbiotically with it. It is this spirit body that we see when we look at our aura. It's the glowing halo surrounding our physical body, a tell-tale sign that our spirit is in there. The aura being the outline of our spirit-self, it can transfer energy into the space around us, to people and objects.

One reason why people and animals are so fond of touch is partly due to the energy transfer form the aura. We enjoy stroking our pets, cuddling our children, and even closer – having skin to skin contact with our partner. Part of the fulfillment of performing these activities is the transference of love energy, from one aura to another, and the love energy being felt and enjoyed.

Think of the difference in feeling you get from touching someone or giving them a kiss, compared to standing near to them – really think about it – do you not come away with far more? Your auras have intersected and transferred energy from one to another.

Given that it's our spirit body that creates the aura that vibrates at a higher energy frequency, we can adjust our senses to detect it. Our spirit body is tuned to see the aura, so we must tap into the abilities of our spirit body to use it's senses.

It's actually quite easy and everyone can see auras. It's not something that mainstream media or profit-making organizations promote, because it's another step on the ladder of discovering our own wondrous spiritual powers. Giving each individual their spiritual abilities back that we have been encouraged to forget, would take the power away from those in charge in society.

When you meditate, do yoga, initiate contact with the spirit realm, pray (to a God or creator of your preference) or any other spiritual experience, your aura enlarges. Those who perceive auras clearly observe it's growth and color changes. Upon aligning with spirit energies in the spirit realm, your aura can glow a bright white to match the intense love-light frequency of the higher side.

Gaps in a person's aura can appear if there are problems with the physical body. For example, a person with a back injury may present an incomplete aura in the back area, this is due to the energies in that area being extremely depleted. The intense healing taking place in that area, or the drainage of positive energies due to the negative manifestations associated with pain and discomfort, can shrink the aura. Gaps around the head, dark or black patches can represent mental health problems. Auras can also thin-out, become clear and wispy before actual gaps appear.

Those who are well practiced at perceiving auras can often see more than a glowing, white or clear haze or halo around the body. The aura consists of colors. If you shine white light through a prism it splits into the seven colors of the rainbow, the same as the seven colors of chakras running down the center of our spirit body. The spirit body is comprised of high vibrational light energy, so it makes sense that it can filter out into one or more colors depending on circumstances of thoughts and emotions manifesting into realities.

Colors in auras are said to represent the type and condition of a person's emotions or levels of awareness. The meanings of the different colors of auras are subject to some debate, as it is quite a subjective assessment – up for interpretation. But it would be wise to take into account the drivers within the system of chakras, such as red being very instinctive, protective and basic with emotions such anger, fear or anxiety, or green being associated with love and unity.

A vibrant yellow could represent friendliness and acceptance of others, but dull yellow a blockage in the yellow chakra, excessive ego, and leanings toward power or manipulation. A black aura is the absence of love-light, representing a depressed and unhappy soul. It's well to remember that just as everyone's physical appearance in different, each spirit-self is different and balances differently. Therefore, reading one person's aura may yield different interpretations to another.

Your emotions change throughout the day, and your outlook changes in larger cycles as you go though life. The colors and intensity of your aura also change along with the energy levels, polarities and distortions over time.

The Key to Seeing Auras
Before the easy step by step guidance, it's useful to know the fundamental notions behind seeing auras. Having relaxed, unfocused eyes is key. Plus the use of peripheral vision which is also unfocused. By letting the eyes relax a little, the aura energy can appear.

Potentially due to two reasons:  

Firstly, the aura energy is higher frequency, effectively of another dimension. Only out of focus does it appear to gather mass and become visible. This is similar to, but not to the same extent as, the autostereogram (Magic Eye) craze of the 90s, where if you stare at a specially generated 2D pattern with relaxed vision, a 3D image magically appears (example here of a shark). So, this helps to illustrate how very different things can be seen at slightly different focal lengths.

Secondly, it's possible that given the gentler focus of the physical eyes, the mind's eye (indigo chakra, or pineal gland) can add to the perceived vision. The mind's eye, perfectly capable of seeing higher frequencies of energy, superimposes it's perceptions on top of the human eye's perception. Creating a more truthful, multidimensional picture – that of the aura surrounding the human body. The mind's eye itself being your personal gateway to higher dimensions of existence!  

How to See Auras
A darker setting is preferable due to the light emitted by auras being easier to see.

1. Put a candle in a fire-safe place in a darkened room.

2. Sit a few feet away from the candle with your back to it.

3. Have a dark surface in front of you like a wooden table. Have some dark cloth or paper over the table to ensure it is dark and shine-free.

4. Hold your hand over the dark surface and look at your hand.

5. Focus on your palm so that the surrounding areas are in the peripheral vision - therefore unfocused.

6. Soften the focus of your eyes. The darkness helps with this. Relax your body and relax your eye muscles a little.

After a few minutes you'll likely start to see an energy halo around your hand, it might be clear, rippling or wispy the first time you try.

If you have poor vision in darkness, or simply prefer to do this, try the same exercise in a normally lit room. Have white (non-reflective) paper on the table in front of you, and gaze at your hand in the same way.

The aura may disappear and reappear if you move your eyes or blink. This is normal because your brain is resetting the focus of your eyes, so you need to relax your vision once more.

How to Feel Your Aura
Quick thing for you to try...You can feel your aura by bouncing it against itself.

1. Hold your hands out in front of you, hands together flat, palms touching.

2. Pull them apart about 4 inches, then bounce them together without touching.

3. Like clapping but don't let your hands touch. Stopping about 1 inch apart.

Can you feel your hands bouncing away from each other? As if there's a squishy ball between? It feels similar to two magnets of the same polarity repelling each other apart.

Feel warmth build up as the energy (prana) of your aura creates it's own heat energy – perhaps through friction or other stimulation.

Moving On with Auras
Going forward you can practice. You'll no longer need darkness to see the auras, but it's helpful at first. Take time to focus on people. Pick a point on their body and allow the rest of the person to settle in your peripheral vision. Relax your vision so that the mind's eye can help you to build up the picture. As your vision relaxes a little, the auras can appear. The more and more you practice, the clearer you'll see them.

Know that you're not visualizing any kind of spirit communication or dreaming any kind of vision, you're literally seeing love-light-spirit in auras yourself – and well done to you.

What is an Aura? How to See Auras Yourself | Nicky Sutton - Video Version.
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