18 July 2014

Healing Energy & How to Use It

How to use healing energy
You have self-healing properties. Healing energy from the universe is used by the mind, body and spirit to heal itself. Spiritual healers do not themselves heal, they are the catalyst for healing by opening the gateway for inflowing intelligent healing energy. Everything we see around us is created from universal (prana) energy. We need this energy in abundance in order to survive. We eat, drink and breath in order to obtain the energies or catalysts for energies required for physical survival, but our spirit body too needs nourishment.

When vital energies grow low, they are replenished during sleep to a certain extent. Our spirit body also absorbs energy from the earth. However, vital energies can grow exceptionally low at times, and top-ups are needed. Prana energy makes up everything we see around us including ourselves. So, when ailments and imbalances occur such as physical or mental illness, concentrated amounts of prana can produce healing effects – hence the term 'healing energy'.

Energy is given and received by everyone everyday, and this energy has healing effects. Emotions are energy, and through the giving and receiving love, care and compassion we heal each other. We feel better physically and mentally through doing so, and although we sense these energies subtly and subconsciously, we are conditioned to ignore them consciously.

Our energies do grow low at times. This could be due to a turbulent relationship, trouble at work or a fall-out with a family member - our energies are literally bled dry through combating the negative energies surrounding us. Energy vampires too can cause us to feel drained of energy when their negativity puts us out of balance. In these cases, in-pourings of prana, that's healing energy, are required in order to restore balance and replenish vital resources.

Constantly holding onto negative energy can make you unwell. Maintaining a hatred for someone or something, frustrations about work, money being tight and so on, all result in negative thoughts manifesting as negative energies. The negative energy needs to go somewhere, so it collects in your back, shoulders, bowels or any other area where it can accumulate, resulting in physical ailments in those parts of the body.

Meditation, yoga and relaxation are required to cleanse away negative energies. Silence is key. During meditation we can visualize in-pourings of healing universal energy to cleanse our mind/body/spirit complex. This article 'How to Receive Healing Energies Through Visualization' explains techniques for receiving the healing energies.

All people are capable of performing energy healing on themselves, for example, by visualizing white light prana energy entering the top of the head through the crown (violet) chakra and spiraling downward through every chakra energy enter and then flowing outward toward the sub-energy centers all over the body. Pay special attention to areas where pain and tension manifest. Another technique is to visualize inflowing healing white light energy thought the palm of the left hand, this is the hand for receiving intelligent energy. Visualize it spreading through the body.

Intelligent energy is so called because it knows the job it has to do - it targets the spot you tell it to if that's your intention – and it will do the healing itself. You're merely the catalyst for the healing, inviting the healing energy into your body.  

The etheric body, that's your spirit body attached to your physical human body, can create realities via thought within the spirit world (that's time-space and we exist in space-time) and these realities can be given to you from the spirit world into our physical reality. Hence healing can be performed, by your spirit body, and manifested to your earthly body via thought. Psychic surgery can be performed in this way by a healer well-practiced in this method.

Although every person has the ability to heal themselves, there are numerous forms of specialized healing performed by well-trained, well-progressed healers that can produce quite miraculous results. These healers often have a true handle on higher dimensional realities and the art of using intelligent healing energy to heal in this dimension of existence.

Reiki is one such example of energy healing. Although not within the limited scope of this article, briefly, Reiki originated as a Buddhist practice in ancient India. The are levels to obtain before becoming a Reiki master. The treatment involves the Reiki healer placing their hands over areas of the body that require healing and activating the flow of energy offering realignment of the energy centers for you. Visualization is used and images appearing to both the healer and client are discussed during the sessions.

Acupuncture too is performed under similar principles of releasing trapped energies through the use of fine needles applied to the skin, allowing prana to flow freely for cleansing. Spiritualism teaches that healing can be done by all, and members of a circle or group will channel energies through participants by touch. The premise is that the healing energy is intelligent and reaches blockages and ailments effectively on it's own.

You can use crystals for self healing (explained in detail in an article soon). One way to use crystals is to focus energy on a particular point on the body that requires healing. Quartz for example, can act like a hard drive. You can charge it with love energy which it will store, and then release when the freewill of the recipient dictates. The quartz must be charged through purified channels, so a balanced healer charging the crystal will produce a better effect than an unbalanced person. Negative energies can be stored in the crystal negating the effects of healing. If you are not working in love/light the crystal will not be properly charged. Washing a crystal in water can purify it, wiping its memory like a hard drive!  

The crystal charged with love energy, a form of prana energy, can then be placed onto the required part of the body to magnify healing that is simultaneously taking place by the healer or self healer through visualization and in-pourings of intelligent energy.

Every person has self-healing properties and this must be realized by all. The power of the mind willing oneself to be healed, together with inflowing intelligent universal energy, results in self healing. The spiritual healer does not themselves heal, they are the catalyst for healing. They invite in-pourings of healing energy and provide it to the one being healed so that it can be accepted and used.

The healer therefore helps to initiate the self healing properties of the other person. Healing can offer the one being treated an opportunity to subconsciously reconfigure the roots of the tree of the mind to believe that they are being healed, which therefore causes self healing.

There can be pre-incarnative conditions, that's where a person chooses before birth some physical or mental ailment to occur during the lifetime for the purpose of learning and experience. Conditions chosen before incarnation are far less likely to be healed by the self-healer or healer, although symptoms can be alleviated. The freewill of the incarnate individual before birth stands, and the health condition will usually remain as part of the learning and experience process. Unless conventional medical treatment is sought!

(Please note that conventional medical assistance should always be sought for illness and injury.)

Free flowing of healing energy also depends on the balance of your chakras. If energy can flow and spiral freely throughout your chakra system then healing energy can be used more efficiently. This requires balancing of the self. For example, you could contemplate balancing every positive and negative attitude toward every concept. Every thought has a counter-thought e.g. it is right to do something or it is wrong to do something? Perfect balance of perceived right and wrong must be contemplated and decided upon by the self and used as part of the self. Everybody is different and balances differently, and this is all part of knowing and accepting the self. Each decision smooths over the irregularities and distortions of the mind, working toward a greater whole – a better decision maker, with confident and balanced judgment. So, viewing aspects of life compared to their opposite such as calm or agitated, patient or impatient, can help you to accept to what degree between the two variables you find acceptable in certain situations.

Healing the self can also be aided by recognizing that we are all part of one creation. Most of the cells in your human body are no older than 7 to 10 years old, due to your body constantly renewing itself (Nicholas Wade, 2005) – you have a different body than at birth. You are entirely a product of the earth and sun. Other concepts that aid in self healing are knowing that we are all part of a mass consciousness and subconsciousness. Furthermore that energy in the universe is a product of pure love-light. These realizations help to understand the nature of the universe and the self, therefore unblocking the chakra system and allowing healing energy to freely flow.  

The physical body is a creation of the mind. So, know that you can aid healing by taking control of your emotions and not allowing negative energy to accumulate in your mind/body/spirit complex. This includes mental health and physical health. Your mind tells you to exercise, eat well and live well, so your body benefits. Your mind takes control of unruly red-rey emotions, so your body relaxes and benefits. Your mind feels an urge to meditate or practice yoga, so your body benefits.

Concentrate on the indigo mind's eye chakra when you meditate for healing work so that you can visualize the energy healing energy in-flowing. Also concentrate on the violet crown chakra, the gateway for the one creation to provide in-flowing infinite energy to you and where you give energy back to creation.

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