26 July 2014

How to Control Your Reactions to Negative Situations

How to control my reactions
The problem is that most of the time we react instantly without thinking about it. An instant reaction is that of our human body, our pre-programmed responses to stimuli that are evoked in us through our DNA. It's our instinct, our animalistic self. Therefore, this red (root) chakra response must be controlled and eliminated from decision making processes. Our spiritual self must take control.

Stimulus equals reaction. Something happens and we react. Are you in control of these reactions? Are you doing yourself harm by letting yourself instinctively react? A person does something to aggravate us and we react. The results can be upward spiraling emotions and conflict. Something happens that's outside of our control and we react with irritation and disappointment, our mood is lowered.

You could be conjuring up negative energies by letting yourself react instinctively - this is your red (root) chakra taking control. Part of finding balance and being attuned to your spirit self means taking control of your reactions, therefore taking control of any situation.

The key is non reaction. Train yourself to not react in any given situation. Instead internalize the reaction for a moment, enough time to evaluate it.

The mind processes situations quickly, so give it a moment before reacting. After a while of practice you can build up a completely new bank of responses and know what to do in any situation for the best outcome. But for now, when a situation occurs, take a second to decide what to do.

Not only will this prevent escalation of situations by removing any overreaction that might occur on your part, it also gives you time to gain perspective. The situation may seem different after just a few moments of quick examination, and be less grave than you first thought. Your red chakra physical body reaction mechanism may have got the wrong idea and be ready to overreact, but you can stop it in its tracks and take a spiritual perspective.

An example - if someone criticizes your work, instead of reacting immediately by taking offense and feeling hurt, take a moment to internalize the issue. What did they really mean? What was their motivation behind saying that? How can I draw from what they said? After asking a few questions like this to yourself in your mind, you might see that they had a good point to make, that they didn't mean to be rude, that they have actually been quite helpful. You can turn a situation you perceived as negative into a situation you perceive as positive.

Furthermore, if a person is reacting in a negative way, for example angrily or sarcastically - if you take no action, you effectively remove yourself from the game. The person is then stuck in their own negative bubble and you are outside of it. Know that no onlooker will perceive you as the 'bad guy' in such a situation, because you have taken the peaceful stance.

The peaceful stance in not a weakness, it is a strength. To internalize your emotions, to examine them peacefully and take the peaceful stance is difficult and requires great control and balance.

So, take a moment to process stimulus through your mind, without letting the instinct of the human body react to an unexamined situation. Stop and think – there are likely to be other angles to view the situation from. What are you gaining by reacting to any situation with excessive negative emotion? The answer is nothing.

Yes you are angry because a man is tailgating you in his car, but what will you gain from that emotion? Only negative outcomes. Your body may become tense, your own driving is effected putting you at risk. Afterward you may acquire negative energy deposits throughout your body, perhaps stress related pain in your shoulders and back. You may take your anger out on loved ones.

Such a negative situation may unbalance you for the rest of the day. Why give the negatively polarized driver the gift of your unhappiness? Depending on what kind of person he was, he might enjoy the fact he had effected someone negatively. He would therefore win right?

Don't give negatively of yourself, because the negativity is mirrored straight back. The negative emotions that you pour out while reacting to a situation only make you have low negative vibratory energy yourself. You in turn pass this onto others, and require cleansing of your own mind/body/spirit/complex. You owe yourself more than that.

Even if a situation is intensely negative, you can choose not to react. You will not lose anything of yourself by choosing no reaction. In fact, you demonstrate your spiritual progression by choosing no reaction – showing you have control of your physical self, of your mind, and have balance of the spirit.  

For example, if money is stolen from you, you feel angry, upset, violated, frustrated, determined, vengeful, to name a few potential emotions. The event has happened, your money has been stolen. Will those emotions erase that fact? No. The only thing left now is you, your emotions and a possible course of action. The negative emotions will only serve to have you making irrational decisions, becoming stressed, anxious, and raising your voice. These are all things that reduce your well-being. Therefore not only have you had money stolen from you, your well-being is reduced through lack of control of your own emotions. You are doing this to yourself.

Learning to internalize the reaction, make sense of the stimulus and choosing a way forward will help to preserve your well-being. In the example that you have had money stolen - take the ensuing emotions and know that they will only serve to hinder or even harm you. Retain your motivation to remedy the problem and contact the police or other appropriate action. Your immediate reactions are processed, found to be unhelpful to preserving your well-being, and therefore a more balanced approach is taken.

In conclusion, read the situation, prevent initial reaction, internalize, evaluate, re-balance, and move forward in love and light. You're not a robot, but you can take control of your outpourings of negative emotions in order to preserve your well-being, deal better with others around you and progress spiritually. If more people did that, wouldn't the world be a better place to live?

How to Control Your Reactions to Negative Situations in a Spiritual Way | Nicky Sutton 

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