18 July 2014

How to See Auras in a Few Quick Steps

How to see auras quickly
The Key to Seeing Auras

Just quickly, it's useful to know the fundamental notion behind seeing auras before getting started. Having relaxed, unfocused eyes is key. Peripheral vision is also useful, that's the sight around the point at which you are focusing. By letting the eyes relax a little, the aura energy can appear.

How to See Auras in a Few Quick Steps

A darker setting really is preferable due to the light emitted by auras being easier to see.

1. Put a candle in a fire-safe place in a darkened room.

2. Sit a few feet away from the candle with your back to it.


1. Have the light switched on in one room, and switched off in an adjacent darkened room.

2. Stand or sit in the darkened room with your back to the lit doorway of the lit room.


3. Have a dark surface in front of you like a wooden table. Have some dark cloth or paper over the table to ensure it is dark and shine-free.

4. Hold your hand over the dark surface and look at your hand.

5. Focus on your palm so that the surrounding areas are in the peripheral vision - therefore unfocused.

6. Soften the focus of your eyes. The darkness helps with this. Relax your body and relax your eye muscles a little.

7. Move your gaze to your fingers and look at each of your fingers, paying attention to the surrounding space.

After a few minutes you'll likely start to see an energy halo around your hand, it might be clear, rippling or wispy the first time you try.

The aura may disappear and reappear if you move your eyes or blink. This is normal because your brain is resetting the focus of your eyes, so you need to relax your vision once more.

If you have poor night vision, use a normally lit room and hold your hands over a white non-reflective surface.

How to Feel Your Aura  

Quick thing for you to also try...You can feel your aura by bouncing it against itself.

1. Hold your hands out in front of you, hands together flat, palms touching.

2. Pull them apart about 4 inches, then bounce them together without touching.

3. Like clapping but don't let your hands touch. Stopping about 1 inch apart.

Can you feel your hands bouncing away from each other? As if there's a squishy ball between? It feels similar to two magnets of the same polarity repelling each other apart.

Feel warmth build up as the energy (prana) of your aura creates it's own heat energy – perhaps through friction or other stimulation.

Moving On with Auras

Going forward you can practice. You'll no longer need darkness to see the auras, but it's helpful at first. Take time to focus on people. Pick a point on their body and allow the rest of the person to settle in your peripheral vision. Relax your vision so that the mind's eye can help you to build up the picture. Move your gaze around the person and examine their aura, it can vary in size and intensity over different areas of the body. The more and more you practice, the clearer you'll see auras and you may also perceive colors over time.  

How to See Auras in a Few Quick Steps | Nicky Sutton - Video Version.
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