23 July 2014

Enslavement of The Masses Who Think They're Free - Part One

Enslavement of People who think they are free
Most people don't see it because it's been that way since they were born. They take for granted the way of life that they were born into, some into more fortunate circumstances than others. If you examine and deconstruct the lives we lead, we see that we accept an illusion that is given to us. There are better alternatives, fundamental changes that could transform life entirely on Earth – not just for a privileged few. Ask yourself this - each baby that's born, are they not fundamentally the same? Are they not entitled to an equal sustainable share of the planet's resources? Immediately, social and cultural circumstances are stamped on a baby. One child is born wealthy, another poor. One baby is born in a war zone, another on a thousand acre private estate.

Each of us absorbs media messages with marketing campaigns targeted right at our psychology. We work to keep society going, earn money and spend it on services or stuff. That's what we're supposed to do. We're farmed because each of us are consumers, spending money or getting into debt to create profits for those with power and control. Our spirituality and spiritual potential do not fit into the picture.

The concept of the very wealthy being where they are today due to hard work and intelligence doesn't cut it, because even the most hardworking intelligent people cannot get out of poverty if circumstances prevent it. Usually you need money to make money. You need money to set up a business. You need money to put yourself through education, to then endure paying back the loan. What if there are no jobs after study is completed? It's a mathematical certainty that there cannot be a job for everyone, yet the unemployed are looked down upon by many. Education is not available to everyone, some people are born into slavery, a short life of starvation or neglect. 

The wealthy have children that want for nothing. But aren't we all simply born the same? Naked flesh with spirit attached. But the stamp of circumstance is immediately applied and the baby is damned or saved, or somewhere in between. How can this be real in our modern world? It doesn't have to be this way.

'Tough luck' say the privileged, we pull all the strings. 'We're better than you because we didn't get where we are today without hard work. My father worked hard and his father worked hard' and so on. There we are again, you need money to make money. You also need money to cause change it seems. For example, why are we still driving vehicles powered by fossil fuels? It seems ridiculous in these modern times. There have been new technologies of unlimited renewable super efficient energy, but they quickly disappear. How can profit be made from unlimited free energy? It can't, but oil derivatives are amazing for making profit, so it conveniently remains in use.

There is a clear conflict of interest between profit makers and those who want our planet to survive for future generations. But no one can say or do anything. If a new technology that produced unlimited free abundant energy came along, the biggest of the biggest corporations would be out of business overnight - it would mean a tip in the power balance unlike anything ever known. Everything would change, power would move to the people, poverty would end. Imagine unlimited free energy in a poverty stricken country – what they could achieve. There's no profit in that. Oil is here to stay along with current limited renewable energy, the good stuff suppressed and nothing will change that.   

You could work hard and get a good job and work your way out of poverty if circumstances in your country permit it. But what are you doing really? You're playing the capitalist game correctly, playing by the rules so you can work your way up – that's the idea of the idyllic lifestyle right?

Who constructed this dream? It's our reality, we have to play this game to live well or live in poverty. This system dictates our social values, routines, standards of living, our behaviors. Do we have to play the game? Yes, because everyone needs money to live. We must play the capitalist game to get money for bread, water, heat and so on. Or, for those who are winning the capitalist game, they work hard for money for a bigger house, nicer furniture, gold jewelery, top-brand clothes etc. Well done, you're complying with the capitalist rules. 

Capitalism has provided many people with plentiful lifestyles true, many have done well by it, but it can no longer work because there always has to be people with nothing.

Thing is, it's a mathematical fact that not everyone can have enough money to be comfortable, just like there are not enough jobs to go around. So if there's not enough money to go around, shouldn't there be a better system?

Furthermore, the top 1% are getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Income inequality is worsening, the gap is widening, meaning there is less and less money for the poor as the cost of living continues to rise.

'What does it take to end world hunger? About one week of United States military spending' (AnthonyGucciardi, 2013).

On a spiritual level, we're all the same. Why is it that some are entitled to so much, and some to so little? Never mind who you manage to marry, what promotion you get or how much money you inherit – why should there be people suffering in this day and age when there are enough resources to go around if managed properly? 1 billion people suffer from the mismanagement of resources due to the greed, power and control of those with the greatest wealth. Developed countries waste food and resources, underdeveloped countries suffer enormous scarcity - there is enough to go around. Abolish money, then equality and fairness will win through.

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