24 July 2014

Enslavement of The Masses Who Think They're Free - Part Two

Enslavement of People who think they are free
This planet has enough resources for everybody if used in a sustainable way. Take the example of wasted food in developed countries and scarcity of food in underdeveloped countries. It's a matter of lack of access to resources for the latter. Used in a calculated, responsible way, everyone can have more than they need and destruction to the environment can end. Through effective resource management, use of the planet's resources can be truly sustainable. No one on earth need go hungry ever again. Through sensible local and global technological systems and scientific evaluation, it can be implemented. We have the technology today to accomplish all of it. 

(Here's part one of 'Enslavement of The Masses Who Think They're Free - Part One' if you missed it).

Now more than ever the great psychological manipulator known as the mass media keeps us on a treadmill. We even believe that we are free. We dare not be individuals, deviating from dictated societal or social norms, for fear of being laughed at or ostracized. We must comply with the media machine for profit. We must be fixated on the acquisition of material possessions so that the corporations can make a good turnover, sucking up resources. We're therefore obsessed with the acquisition of 'stuff', brainwashed by marketing from a young age, and distracted by sensational and entertainment style information interlaced with advertising to stimulate more sales.

We no longer realize who we are.

Anyone who meditates says it does something for the soul. Anyone who has experienced the uncontrollable energy of a kundalini awakening, learned about quantum mechanics or have received undeniable proof of spirit contact, will tell you that we no longer realize who we are.

Look at life going on around you and know that it's engineered for the benefit of those who profit from us. This makes us like farm animals. These animals are given shelter (often with questionable conditions), food water, lighting, warmth etc, and they pay back by providing meat. We are given similar provisions for our needs, and in return we spend and consume. More and more money is conjured up by governments, injected into the system, and consumers consume. We get into debt to consume. All the money goes up to the top of the pyramidal national/global hierarchy, and not so much comes down again.

Control is where the money is. We are cogs, very small ones, in the machine. Some people are quite happy in the system and they've done well for themselves. But what about those who have no way out? Take inequality; 'The poorest 40 percent of the world's population accounts for 5 percent of global income. The richest 20 percent accounts for three-quarters of world income. According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty' (Globalissues.org).

How do we get out of this?

Most of us comply with the illusion because it was sold to us from birth and we bought it. You see a young man full of energy and hope for the future. Fed a dream through media (TV shows, magazines, music and more), he wears his hair a certain way, dresses a certain way, will educate himself to join the financial race, buy the things he's supposed to buy and be compliant. Why would he want to change?

Most people in the western world are happy to fight for success and their place in the economical hierarchy. They'll stamp on the starving guy. We must attempt to change this mindset. Education has to be the first step. Educate people that we're all born equal, to share this world as we are all one race.

Those at the top are not going to want to do that. They want us to work hard in the system for profit. But here's the catch 22 - they need us. Without the drone bees, there's no honey. If we don't comply by buying oil based products, products from companies that destroy the environment and products from non-sustainable sources, then no profits are made. Companies must change their ways to suit us. The eco-friendly companies will then grow larger, and supply us in order to make profits, it's basic supply and demand. Moving our demand away from irresponsible corporations is good sense. They created us as consumers, we do have consumer buying power and we can redirect it more responsibly.

Trouble is, someone is still making lots of money and where there's lots of money to be made, the power balance is ever tipping, still leaving populations with nothing. One can go round and round in circles and see that under a capitalist system, which has indeed served many well for a long time, there will never be balance and equality among humans and effective resource allocation. Consumerism consumes the world's resources without end, all in the name of profit. In the future, threats over global resource allocation due to scarcity of resources will threaten global order and stability. There are too many of us and no system to oversee accurately the planet's overall resources.

How about this. Imagine there was no money. If everyone had a role to play and a job to do, and in return they had everything they needed, more than they needed. Manpower is wasted with the unemployed, everyone can be employed not for money, but to have everything they need - just by performing their role. We all perform roles now anyway, why not do it for everything you need? Not for money.

It's not trading, but having what you need so long as you perform your role. For example, the painter, through resource allocation receives a list of houses to paint and paints them. A woman having her house painted goes to work in a hospital because that's the role she chose. She needed her house painted and requested it. It gets done because she fulfills her role and she self-evaluated that her house needed painting and the painter confirmed this. The nurse needs food, she collects everything she needs from the store. The store owner gets everything he needs in life because he runs the store. The oat grower gets everything he needs in life because he grows oats.
We all do this today, except money is exchanged and resources are not equally shared (sharing is a dirty word for profit hungry resource hoarders!)

Likely everyone need only work a few days a week and the rest is leisure and learning time. Global trade would continue because an international computerized system would ensure correct transportation of resources to global areas that require it. The rest is done on local levels. Welcome back the (spiritual) community. When speaking of need, effective resource allocation would mean needs are met to a very high standard for everyone on the planet.

Because all needs are met, social problems can be alleviated. Plus plenty of human resources can be allocated to social professions. Roles can be decided through choosing, just like today, and roles can be changed or rotated from less desirable to more desirable ones, instead of being stuck in a dead-end job for your entire life. There are no leaders with power, no hierarchies, no rulers, no dictators. Just scientific, resource based decision making for the benefit of all and autonomy for the individual. Our planet is saved, thank goodness for that.

Two immediate problems are, that some people will want more than they need, and they will wish for power and control. Secondly that those currently with power and control would not wish for this kind of change to occur.

Without the proper technology, infrastructure and systems in place, the whole societal balance could be abused and power hierarchies emerge once more. Decisions may not remain primarily resource based forgetting that we are one with the Earth, the thing that keeps us alive.

There are enough resources available so long as we use them responsibly in a calculated way. Local level cooperation and monitoring is key so that needs are assessed and met to a very high degree in balance with the planet's resources. Resources are also monitored to optimize efficiency and eliminate waste. A global database for resource / fair needs based allocation of resources is required. No hoarding, power, manipulation or control can create an unfair bias toward any human, all people are equal. Crime rates should plummet as needs are met. Obviously roles are allocated for dealing with crime.

The Zeitgeist Movement is an amazing set of ideas for a relatively harmonious technologically optimized utopian sort of world. Please visit The Zeitgeist Movement site. We have to start somewhere. Capitalism, consumerism, profiteering, inequality and so on will be things of the past. It's not communism, it's not Marxism (for example there is no money or power structure) and it's okay to use the word utopia, it's not naive. It will take unity and collaboration to work out and implement finer details. All this is possible, but those currently at the top will say that it's not. 

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