2 July 2014

Spiritually Awaken to Your 5 Senses & Take a Fresh Look at the World

Spirituality and your 5 senses
You might be in a bubble. Most of us are in a bubble. You could be using your five senses to perceive what you need or want from the world, but not using them to really perceive the world. Using sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch we perceive what we want to perceive. Daily, you might get up, go to work, come home and so on. Once or twice a year you might indulge your senses with a vacation, or on the weekends enjoy some recreation. Your brain needs the change in stimulation and your senses are devices for inputting that stimulation. However, have you really been paying attention to your senses? Or are they just a means to allow you to go about your daily life?

You can perceive the world in a completely different way if you pay attention to your senses and not just use them to function in your life. You'd pay a fortune for the latest computer with state of the art visual sensors, voice recognition, sensitive touch screen and so on. But, take a look at you and your human companions and see that you've already been upgraded with state of the art functionality, all for free.

The goal is seeing the world in a new way, as it really exists. If you use your senses you might find a lot more of what you are looking for in your constant quest for happiness. Before we think about how to pay attention to each of your senses, consider just a couple of things (if you haven't already).

Firstly, know that there is more to you and to the world than you had previously noticed. Consider that on the tiniest molecular level you, and everything around you, is scientifically proven to be made from pure energy. Secondly, that due to this, death is the biggest lie we are ever told. Thirdly, that because everything is made of pure energy on the smallest level, that everything you see is interconnected, one in the same – including you, other people, animals, plants and things.

Now you can reflect better on your new sensory inputs.

The electromagnetic spectrum is a range of wavelengths of energy ranging from long waves to short waves – like waves in the ocean. At the lower frequency are radio waves, then a little higher are microwaves, then infra-red, then visible light, then ultra violet, then x-rays and gamma rays. The only part of the electromagnetic spectrum that we can see is visible light – but the rest still exists around us, unnoticed. It follows that in addition to what we ignore in our lives, there is much that we do not have the ability to see. It seems like our reality is only part of the picture.

Focusing on what we can see, the visible light spectrum consists of all the colours of the rainbow and variations of color in between - together they create pure white light. Without light we see nothing.

Those who have experienced spiritual awakening often find themselves examining and contemplating objects and scenery. Regarding their form, shapes, angles, colors, textures, movements and so on. Why do they do this? Because the world is no longer a meaningless backdrop to life. Never again will the world be the constant in the background, while we focus on material gain, social climbing, entertainment and more. Awakened individuals stop and use their eyes. They do this upon realizing that the backdrop of life is in fact the fabric of life, part of us, we came from it and although we are dressed in clothes and live in houses, we were once outside, in and among it.

Take a look at an ordinary plant, regard every aspect of it and see if it means a little more now – feel that it is alive and not just a thing in the background.

This is not just about nature, it regards everything. A beautiful sculpture or amazing photograph holds such wonder if you care to look. Love and energy went into these creations and those with a passion for art are accustomed to using sight extensively to enrich their lives. This is why so many highly creative people are spiritual too, because they see the truth in the physical, in imagery and in form. That creation is an amazing thing to see, if you choose to look.

So take time to use your eyes and really regard things. There's more to it than the backdrop to the self, busily going about daily life.

Our ears can perceive sounds usually between 20 and 20,000 Hz, although different people have better hearing than others, and it can also decline with age (Wikipedia). Dogs can hear up to 60,000 Hz, that's three time higher than humans. So there's a lot that we don't hear, therefore again, there's more to our world than we can perceive.

So, not paying attention to sounds we can hear, combined with sounds we cannot hear, we seem to be missing out on a lot. Those who frequently listen to music love the way it makes them feel, it makes their body move or it relaxes them after a busy day.

Really listen to the music, you have the ability to know it through and through and appreciate it better. Listen to each note, each sound, perhaps pick out the instruments and think about how talented the artist is. This exercise can add a whole new dimension and appreciation to music. Many music lovers already do this and an immense love for music endures as a result.

Instead of living your daily life inside your bubble, open your ears beyond the sounds you normally hear. You might find a whole new realm of beauty. You are lucky to have hearing as many people do not.
Go outside and listen. Discern the real from the natural. There might be some traffic noise, an airplane and some voices nearby. There may also be birds chirping, some trees blowing in the breeze, or even the wind itself rushing past your ears. See how the sounds make you feel and realize that sound itself is energy, like light is energy. You are receiving universal energy and processing it in your mind. It's yours for now.

Smell can add a wonderful dimension to your experiences. Seeing beautiful flowers in a garden, instead of glancing at them and carrying on, why not go over and take a whiff. Sniff another. Think about the flower and the scent, and what they mean to you. In an antiques store, your sense of smell adds a vivid dimension to your experience. If you love collecting pre-loved items, instead of encouraging the use of resources to continually create new ones, you'll know that the smell of antiques adds to their character. The same is true of vintage items and books.

Observe the smell of the things you love. Even if you love shopping, what do the new clothes in the boutique smell like? The gardening store, florist, even the fish market! By observing your sense of smell instead of ignoring it, you are enriching your experiences.

Conversely, smells can warn of danger just like sound or sight. The smell of rancid food, or polluting chemicals – these smells can save your life as well as enriching it. But we take it for granted.

Food lovers know all about paying attention to taste in order to enrich their lives. Paying attention to taste has a number of benefits. Chew your food and observe the taste rather than swallowing it down as if competing in a race. By chewing and observing each mouthful you can gain enjoyment without eating too much, therefore avoiding health problems in the long-run. Really think about the taste of each mouthful and try to describe it in your mind, like a wine connoisseur describes various wines.

Observing taste not only enhances your culinary experience, but it gives your brain time to know how full you are. There is a delay between your stomach being full and your brain recognizing that you are full. So eating slower and enjoying yourself results in requiring less food – that's the right amount of food.

Additionally, it may spark further interest in cooking. Observing the taste of different ingredients, you may be able to make combinations yourself and create wonderful dishes. Feel uplifted by observing taste rather than quickly filling your hungry stomach.

Yet another dimension to experience is gained in feeling texture, temperature and pressure. Often-times, touch is barely picked up on at all. It's simply a by-product of life – but it doesn't have to be.

Granted, you needn't consciously observe the texture of your steering wheel while driving, or the softness of your favorite chair, but if you did so a little more often, don't you think life would be fuller? For example, take your favorite chair, when you sit, really observe how it feels on your body, how it hugs you after a busy day. Then, when you wake on a weekend, how does the bed really feel during your lay-in? Outside, feel the wind on your skin, the warmness of summer rain, the grass in your toes, or the bubbles in the bath, the soft towel. Other times, sense the delicateness of your child's hand in your hand, the fluffiness of the cats fur, or the warm cup of coffee on a weekday morning. Are you feeling what you've been ignoring yet?

Psychometry is holding an object and tuning into it's energies. It's a mediumistic skill using clairvoyance (seeing in the mind's eye) and empathic intuition. An object holds the energies of any entities, human or otherwise, who have come into contact with it. Or you can touch a living entity (person, animal, plant) and sense emotions, gain concepts or see psychic images. Everybody has psychic abilities to a more or lesser degree, they have just been ignored and not developed by most people. In this way, touch is an amazing sense, because it facilitates further intuitive senses.

As an exercise, go sit under a tree. Put your hands on the bark. Feel if it is warm or cold, feel the roughness or smoothness of the wood or bark. Know that the tree is a living, breathing, consuming entity just like you and try to tune in. By putting your hands on the tree you are exchanging energies with it. It's not a thing, it's alive. Feel it's being-ness through your hands and into your body. See how you feel – and know that this experience is you paying attention to your senses, and that you've awakened further to the oneness of all creation.  

Spiritually Awaken to Your Five Senses and Take a Fresh Look at The World - Nicky Sutton

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