14 August 2014

Account of a Real Kundalini Experience

A real Kundalini experience
I wasn't seeking a Kundalini experience, not trying to make it occur, I wasn't even thinking about it. Having written a piece on the theoretical aspects of Kundalini energy, how it occurs and the resulting spiritual awakening – I never gave a thought to whether or not Kundalini would happen to me. But then it did.

You've probably guessed by my writing and video making that I'm a very spiritual person, many now regard me as a kind of spiritual guide or spiritual friend. I believe that once you reach a certain level of balance or oneness with the universe, Kundalini can occur. Furthermore, it does produce awakening effects and I'll explain what that's like in a moment. There are those who seek a Kundalini experience and employ techniques in an attempt to initiate it for example, through tantric exercises or lots of meditation. It sometimes occurs early in life, for others later, or for many, not at all.

If seeking to awaken Kundalini through powerful tantric methods, it must be known that Kundalini should be approached with respect and caution because of possible negative effects. I was simply meditating when it occurred however, and for me it did have negative effects.

Kundalini can leave a person with varying effects. Some people experience a week, a month or even up to a year of happiness, joy, motivation and abundant vital energy. It awakens something in the soul that brings out the absolute best in that person. For others, Kundalini can be a negative experience. The person can be left with all kinds of negative emotions, such as fear, paranoia, anxiety, obsession, anger and more.

I personally believe, through my experience, that Kundalini raises the energies of the individual overall and enhances spiritual awakening, but it also produces heightened awareness of the self by bringing up perhaps one or two major aspects of personality to the surface and leaving them there for you to deal with. For example, if you've been self conscious all your life, even of you're starting to deal or come to terms with it, Kundalini will bring it up, place it in the forefront of your mind and leave you to writhe in it. It's a way of self cleansing, you have no choice but to actively confront, work thorough and resolve this aspect of yourself, else wind up in psychological distress! 

Often-times Kundalini does just that, it leaves a person stripped bare and out of control. It's possible that many with mental health problems are suffering due to the effects of Kundalini and an inability to resolve it's aftermath.  

Experiencing positive effects of Kundalini, such as increased happiness and vitality could be a way for those who do not appreciate or usually experience these aspects of the self, a chance to experience them. All for the purpose of learning and discovery of both the self and the world around them.

I also firmly believe that Kundalini can occur when a person progresses spiritually to a point where they realize they are one with all people, the Earth and the universe, and that they practice love and light in everything they do, everyday. Then, Kundalini is more likely to occur through meditation alone.

My Kundalini experience is another of those events that reaffirms for me that spirituality is the ultimate truth, just like receiving an unequivocally accurate message through a medium from a loved one who's passed-over, or the time both my friend and I saw a ghost as clear as day. The Kundalini was so vivid and unmistakeable, and the effects so profound, that there will never ever be doubt for me that there's far more to life than what is presented through our five senses. Here's what happened...

Account of A Real Kundalini Experience

I was meditating in the evening, sitting in the lotus position on the floor, as close as I could get my spine to the ground as possible as always. My body had been aching, especially my shoulders, so I was visualizing healing energy entering my body. I continuously visualized, as I sometimes do, a stream of gold-white glistening healing energy streaming down from the cosmos and flowing into the top of my head. It would then spiral down through the chakras and filter into every energy channel and farthest corner of my body. I had been doing this for I believe about 10 minutes, when I started slipping into a familiar trance.

During these trances I see all kinds of visions, meet all sorts of entities and gain a multitude of new notions to mull over in my mind. These trance states usually last about a half hour to an hour. But something different occurred this time.

I suddenly snapped out of the trance as I felt what seemed to be hot syrup being poured over the top of my head, creating a tingling, pins and needles sort of sensation. Of course it was not exactly like that, but with the limitations of the written/spoken word, it's the best way I can explain it. This lasted only a few moments, as the heat then traveled inside of my head and the whole process sped up.

It can only be described as an unmistakable wave of intense and powerful heat spreading from my head area and traveling quite quickly downward through my body like a wave of fire. I was frozen and unable to move as it burned its way down through my entire body. At the same time I became intensely dizzy and my head filled with pins and needles. It was as if my head area had shorted-out.

Still unable to move, my head fell backward and the heat filled my legs. After this, a slower, duller but hotter energy spread upward to the top of my head again. Still motionless, I was stuck in a state of constant hot-flush, burning hot, with a swirling static energy remaining from the waist down, and inside my head. There were no thoughts in my mind, only observations of the foreign sensations going on within my body. I wasn't afraid, but I knew that the experience unfolding was not of my own doing. There was undoubtedly higher forces at work, powerful ones.

This state must have lasted about five minutes before I managed to drag myself out of it. I couldn't believe what had occurred and it took a while to realize that it was a Kundalini experience. I felt amazed and privileged. However, the gratefulness was short-lived.

After the Kundalini Experience

Some people have positive effects from Kundalini. Mine, although ultimately positive, felt very negative indeed.

As I prepared for bed, I felt terribly ill. Like I'd caught the flu. The next day it was the same thing. None of the family seemed unwell, only me. Then, anxiety started to set in. It came from nowhere, uncontrollable anxiety about absolutely everything. I couldn't understand why I felt this way. I felt anxious about time pressures, events coming up, things I had to do, things to organize, people to see, even leaving the house! I'd never ever felt like that before.

Several days passed while I continued to assume I had caught a virus that was making me feel both physically unwell and bringing my mood down. However, a virus surely couldn't account for a complete personality change?

When my partner Paul and I were discussing my Kundalini experience and my resulting illness, we came upon the realization that the symptoms began immediately after it. Paul and I recalled, and re-read examples, of similar experiences had by various authors and writers who had also been through a Kundalini awakening.

I investigated the intense heat that I experienced as it was a dominant factor in my Kundalini experience and it turned out to be a classic 'tumo' experience, 'Tumo refers to the psychic heat that is related to Kundalini and is produced by certain meditational practices that do not have any known “trigger” and occurs regardless of the temperature you are in or the activity of your body', (Hyatt & Black, 1999).

So, why the anxiety? If there's one thing I've struggled with throughout my adult life it's anxiety. It's always been manageable and no one would ever know. Most people experience anxiety frequently, and like many people, I had learned to control and even eliminate much of it as I gained in years.

However, the 'seek and destroy' element of Kundalini energy had dug out and brought to the surface that very aspect of me, the thing that had been my bugbear for so many years. Kundalini brought it up and left it on the surface for me to experience and heal all on my own.

Upon realizing this, I knew that the Kundalini had happened for a reason. I had reached a certain level of spiritual progression and now it was time to cleanse the anxiety. So there it was, on the surface of my personality, right at the forefront of my mind, a truck load of anxiety about lots of silly things! Therefore, with Paul's help, I began to face and deal with every little thing I was anxious about. I did not cave in or falter, I faced and pushed forward through each aspect of personal anxiety until I had conquered it all.

It took about 4 weeks to feel right again but only because I meditated and faced the emotional release of anxiety head-on. For many people it takes a lot longer, especially if they don't realize what's happening to them – or they wind up requiring medical and psychiatric treatment if the problem cannot be recognized and faced at all.

So you see, there is no 'bad' Kundalini, the intent is only good. If you experience positive effects such as elation, happiness and feeling energetic, then that's great. I really hope I get that next time! But if the effects of Kundalini seem bad, they are only negative on the surface because once you have worked through those effects, you'll find you're cleansed and a more balanced person as a result.

- Hyatt C.S., Black J.S. (1999), Tantra Without Tears, USA: New Falcon Publications.

An Account of a Real Kundalini Experience, What Does Kundalini Do? | Nicky Sutton 

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